Octonauts Harbor is known to be one of most largest Octonauts naval bases in Pokemon Island, Nick Jr.s Hawaii.

Attack on Octonauts Harbor

Attack on Octonauts Harbor
Part of the Pacific Theater of Pre-World War II

Photograph from a German Luftwaff of Battleship Row at the beginning of the attack. The explosion in the center is a torpedo strike on the Octonauts Battleship Coral. Two attacking German Luftwaffe planes can be seen: one over the Octonauts Battleship Manta Ray and one over the Naval Yard.

Date November 15, 1935
Location Primarily Octonauts Harbor, Nick Jr.'s Hawaii Territory, United States
Result *German and Gangnamese major tactical victory

  • Preschool World declaration of war on Nazi Germany and the Kingdoms of Kali and Eugene.
  • Germany, Gangnam, the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire began their attack on Korea, Greece, Africa, London, Egypt, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and China of Nick Jr. by sea

Nick Jr.

Rebel Alliance


[1] Nazi Germany

[2]Galactic Empire

Galactic Republic



Commanders and leaders

Luke Skywalker

Wedge Antilles

Indiana Jones

Han Solo

Leia Organa

[3] Adolf Hitler

Darth Vader

Heunya Pae Kiwako


94,000 battleships 86,175 cruisers 98,530 destroyers 94,960 submarines 18,000USCG Cutters[nb 1] 964,749 other ships[1] 90 billion aircraft

50 billion Rebel Transports

50 billion Rebel Cruisers

100 billion X Wings

100 billion Y Wings

100 billion A Wings

100 billion B Wings

100 billion Naboo Starfighters

100 billion Octonaut aircraft

780,000 Anti Aircraft Cannons

Mobile Unit: 20 aircraft carriers 2 battleships 2 heavy cruisers 1 light cruiser 9 destroyers 8 tankers 23 fleet submarines 5 U-Boats

1,000 aircraft

1,000 Tie Fighters

1,000 Tie Bombers

20 Gunships

10 Republic Star Destroyers

10 Imperial Star Destroyers

1 Massive Enourmous Tamagotchi UFO

10 Imperial Shuttles

500 Tamagotchi UFOs

Casualties and losses
4 battleships blown

3 battleships damaged 1 battleship damaged 50 other ships blown[nb 2] 3 cruisers damaged[nb 3] 3 destroyers damaged 3 other ships damaged 10,188 aircraft destroyed 159[3] aircraft damaged 200,000 killed

80,247 wounded[4][5]

24 German U-Boats destroyed

10 U-Boats grounded

All aircraft destroyed 90,000 killed

All Gangnamese aircraft destroyed

All Tie Fighter's destroyed

All Tie Bombers destroyed

10 Republic Star Destroyers destroyed

10 Imperial Star Destroyers destroyed

1 Massive Enourmous Tamagotchi UFO destroyed

All Tamagotchi UFOs and rockets destroyed

10 Imperial Shuttles destroyed

600,000 Gangnamese captured

Civilian casualties

Between 48 - 68 killed[7][8]

35 wounded[4]

On November 15th, 1936 during the 4th Nick Jr. Civil War, Peso Penguin, Petunia and Kwazii are stranded on a largest and massive desert island at Nick Jr,'s Hawaii while the Gangnam Air Force, the German Luftwaffe, Galactic Republic, the Tamagotchis and the Galactic Empire launched a surprise aerial attack on Octonauts Harbor, Nick Jr.'s Hawaii, killng more than 200,000 Octonauts, blowing up 20 Octonauts battleships, destroying 150 Octonauts warplanes, but over billions of them managed to survive, take down all of the enemy aircrafts

The Final Strike on the Massive Tamagotchi UFO

After taing down all of the enemie aircrafts, Luke Skywalker and his comrads began their Trench Run. Wedge Antilles fled from the battle after Darth Vader hits him and his other friend got blown up. Han Solo finally came to he rescue and Luke finally fires the Proton Torpedos and destroys the Massive Tmagotchi UFO, kling 999 billion Tamagotchis. Captain Barnacles arrived with the Gup A and rescued Peso, Petunia and Kwazii.

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