At Princess Peach's Castle, we see ChrisMcLean. "Hello all viewers! This is Toon's Amazing Race, a race through the  world." A bus dropped off two girls. "Bridgette and Gwen, former TDI Contestants." The two were in their first confessional. Gwen said,"We just singed up for the million." "We do kind of want to win.", Bridgette told the ones watching. Now getting of the bus was Hines and Vanessa. "Doofenshirtzs are in our game!", announced Chris. "Yeah! Once we win this, I'll take over the TRI-STATE AREA!", Hines said crazily

in the confessional. Vanessa just went ' "Yeah!" The other 9 teams Aladdin & Jasmine, Kenny & Dawn, Homer & Marge, Peter & Lois, TK & Kari, Sora & Riku, Spongebob & Patrick, Shadow & Rouge, and Peach & Daisy arrived. 'Perfect. Everyone is here for the competition.", Chris said excitedly. "Where will our contestants go first? Will Hines really take over the Tri-State Area? How will we eliminate people? Check out next time on Toon's! Amazing! Race!

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