Chris: "Welcome to Total...Spongebob...Island. 22 campers will compeat for 1,000 clams (Thats what they use for money). Here comes the first two now."

Spongebob: "Yay, I can't believe were going camping, can you Patrick?" Patrick: "No I can't."

Suidward: "Why do I have to do this." Chris: "Because you signed up." Squidward: "Who signed me up?" Spongebob: "We did!"

Mr. Krabs: "I'm just here for the money." Chrs: "That's good for you."

Sandy: "Do you have any karate gear?" Chris: "No Sandy. Now go over there."

Barnicle Boy: "Were to old for stuff like this." Mermaid Man: "No were no...(Falls Asleep)."

Doodle Bob: "Doodle Bob must win." Doodle Patrick: "No, Doodle Patrick win."

Manray: "I hate this."

Squilium: "I'm obviously going to win."

Plankton: "Ha ha ha, it's time for me to win." Karen: "Whatever you say honey."

Bubble Buddy floats on to the island. Squidward: "Is this guy gunna do anything?"

Mindy: "This will be fun, I think."

Gary: "This is so cool." Larry: "I know right, EEEEEEEEE."

No Name: "Bzzzzzt." Chris: "Oh yeah, were this so we can understand you."

Mrs. Puff: "Well, this is safe." Spongebob: "HI MRS.PUFF!" Mrs. Puf: "AHHHH, Turn left, watch the tree." Spongebob: "Were not driving." Mrs. Puff: "Oh yeah."

Pearl: "5,6,7,8 who should realy win this game, Me, Me."

Old Man Jenkens: "I'm so glad to be here." He said this facing the wrong way.

Jim: "I deffanetly am going to win."

Chris: "Since everyones here, let's put you on teams. If i call your name, go over there. Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Barnicle Boy, Mermaid Man, Manray, Karen, Plankton, Bubble Buddy, No Name, and Old Man Jenkens, you are the Crazy Clams. The rest of you, Squidward, Sandy, Doodle Bob, Doodle Patrick, Squilium, Mindy, Gary & Larry, Mrs. Puff, Pearl, and Jim, you are the Super Sharks. Meet me at the beach in five minutes."

Larry: "What will they make us do?" Squidward: "It's our first challenge, how hard could it be."

Then the camera changes to show everyone at the top of a 100 foot cliff. Squidward: "I hate this."

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