Previously on the amazing race, 11 teams raced out from Driftwood Day Camp to the local Six Flags. Once there, a roadblock proved to be trouble to sisters team Catherine & Sarah.

Catherine: "I couldn't see a thing up there."

Sarah: "Shit, that meens we have to wait."

while Nick & Jack were able to soar throuhg the leg with the use of a well purchased map. Cashmiere and her mom had to race through some family issues.

Cashmiere's Mom: "See hunny, I told you we should have gone my way."

Cashmiere: "Oh shut up mom, let me just do the frickin road block."

But still managed a tenth place finish. And it was brothers and youngest racers ever Anthony & Vinny, who couldn't navigate their way around the park and fell into last place.

Phil: "Anthony & Vinny, you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you but you've both been eliminated from the race."

Ten teams remain, can Nick & Jack hold their quick lead. Will Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom be able to settle their differences. And what will happen tonight?

The intro kicks in with the music playing and the logo being shown. We then see Nick & Jack shooting hoops in the basketball court, followed by the two smiling at the camera. Frank & Diann are seen cooking dinner before looking up at the camera. Emily and Becky were shown biking down the street, they then turned to the camera and smiled. Alex and Ritchie were putting their baby to sleep, they then looked up and smiled. Cashmiere was being picked up from school by her mom before looking at the camera. Catherine & Sarah were working at McDonalds, they turned to the camera and smiled. Sarah & Jessica were shown dancing in a ballet class before smiling. Anthony & Vinny were doing their homework, they looked up and smiled. Billie & Amanda were now walking home from school, they were then shown looking twords the camera. Stephany & Jessica were seen playing volly ball, they were then sitting and smiling at the camera. Lastly, Jinna & Anya were seen working on the computer. They turned around to look at the camera. The music ended and the logo was shown again.

This is King Da Ka, the biggest steel roller coaster in the entire world. And it was also the first pitstop in a race around the world. The ten awaiting teams must find their way to the next pitstop by following clues in conceled envalopes. Nick & Jack who were the first to arrive at 8:20pm, will depart at 8:20am.


Nick: "Make your way to the airport and book a flight to...Isle O' Hags."

Jack: "Whosit O' What?"

Nick: "I don't know, let's just go."

The teams must now fly twenty miles to the Isle O' Hags, an island home to one of the most famouse video game duos in history, Banjo & Kazooie. Once they land, they must make their way to Gruntilda's lair where they'll find their next clue.

Jack: "We better hurry, the twins are right behind us."

Sarah & Jessica: 2nd to Depart 8:21

Sarah: "...once there, find Gruntilda's lair for your next clue."

Jessica: "Hey guys, you wanna wait up. It's not like it'll make a difference. The airport dosen't open for another half hour."

Jack: "How do you know that?"

Jessica: "I can see the sign."

The teams turn around to see that the airport was directly across the street from them.

Nick: " how did we miss that?"

Catherine & Sarah: 3rd to Depart 8:30

Catherine: "I guess we're waiting."

Stephany & Jessica: 4th to Depart 8:45

Stephany: "Let's get going, we can win this time."

After a couple minuets, the 4 waiting teams are let into the airport, where the go charging for an airline.

Billie & Amanda: 5th to Depart 8:55

Billie: "Book a flight to Isle O' Hags..."

Billie: "Looking at how well we did last leg, I'm surprised how good of a team me and Amanda make. Now that I'm here, I might as well try to win it."

The girls walk into the airport to see everyone running like crazy searching for a flight.

Billie: "What are they doing?"

They were looking at the airline sceduel, Amanda turns around and calls to them.

Amanda: "Hey guys! You do know there's only one flight leaving today right?"

All 4 teams stop and run up to the sceduel.

Jack: "Damn it, she's right. And it's leaving at midnight."

Stephany: "Everyone will be here by then."

Jinna & Anya: 6th to Depart 8:57

Emily & Becky: 7th to Depart 9:01

Frank & Diann: 8th to Depart 9:15

Alex & Ritchie: 9th to Depart 9:20

Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom: Last to Depart 9:30

All teams are now on the same flight to Isle O' Hags. It is leaving a 12:00am and is sceduled to arrive at 8:45pm.

The flight lands and all ten teams are racing out of the airport.

Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom: Mother/Daughter

Cashmiere: "So where do you think this lair is?"

Cashmiere's Mom: "I don't know sweety."

Cashmiere: "After last leg, me and ma mommas arguin' got us nowhere. I've descided to try to work things out for now and hope we can work togethar."

Sarah & Jessica: Twin Sisters

The twins were walking out of the airport and went to the travel agent.

Sarah: "Excuse me sir, can you tell me...AAAAHHHHH!"

To their suprise, a man with a skull for a face was sitting behind the counter.

Mumbo: "Me Mumbo. Me travel agent. Me help you how?"

Jessica: "Uh...well...we need to get to the witch's lair."

Mumbo: "Oh there. It just outside. Looke for witch head."

Sarah: ""

The two girls walk out, still uneasy about what they had seen.

Jessica: "So what do you think he meant by 'Look for witch head'?"

The girls look up to see a giant witch's head carved into the mountain.

Sarah: "I'm guessing that's it."

The girls climb up the mountain and enter the "mouth" of the witch to find the clue box.

Sarah & Jessica: Currently in 1st


Sarah: "Make your way to Jolly Rodger Bay and find Jolly's inn."

The teams must now locate Jolly's Inn at Jolly Rodger Bay where they will be staying over night. Once there, they must take one of the three departure times from the board.

Sarah: "...and take one of three depature times from the board."

Jessica: "Let's hurry, I think we're in first."

As the twins climb back down, another team climbs up.

Nick & Jack: Currently in 2nd

Nick: "I could've sworn I saw the twins up here."

Jack: "I don't know about that, but there's the clue."


Nick: "Make your way to Jolly Rodger Bay."

Jack: "And the weirdness continues."

Catherine & Sarah and Stephany & Jessica: Currently in 3rd & 4th

Sarah: "Make your way to Jolly Rodger Bay..."

Jessica: "...and take a time from the board."

Catherine: "We better hurry, who knows how many teams are ahead of us."

At Jolly Rodger Bay, the twins come out of a taxi.

Sarah: "Good thing we found a taxi driver."

Jessica: "Yeah, hey look it's the inn."

The girls run in and take the first time off the board.

Sarah & Jessica: 1st leaving at 6:30

Jessica: "Sweet, first out."

Sarah: "Great job sis."

It was then that the guys run in.

Nick & Jack: 2nd leaving at 6:30

Jack: "Yeah, we caught up to the twins."

Jessica: "Was there anyone behind you?"

Jack: "I don't know, but it looks like a another taxi is coming."

The taxi stops in front of the Inn and a team climbs out. They start running in and take the last 6:30 off the board.

Stephany & Jessica: Last leaving at 6:30

Stephany: "Yes! The first one out!"

Jessica J.: "Awsome!"

The sisters run in and notice the earliest time was gone.

Catherine: "Damn it, we missed it."

Catherine & Sarah: 1st leaving at 7:30

Jinna & Anya: Currently in 5th

Jinna: "Let's hurry, hopefully we can still get a good time."

At the foot of the mountain, Emily & Becky were walking by the airport.

Emily: "Damn it, we've walked around in a giant circle trying to find this place."

Becky: "Hey Em, isn't that another team up there."

Emily: "Shit that is, let's get up there."

Billie & Amanda: Currently in 6th

Billie: "And we're off to Joly Rodger Bay."

Amanda: "Let's find it, and fast another team is here."

Emily & Becky: Currently in 7th

Becky: "...once there, pick a departure time from the board."

Emily: "Let's hurry, we don't know what times are left."

Becky: "I hope we can at least beat the girls there."

Jinna & Anya: 2nd leaving at 7:30

Anya: "Well, I guess it's not that bad."

Jinna: "Yeah, at least we're not in last."

As the YouTubers sit go to their room, another two taxis pull up. Bothe teams run out and make a bealine for the Inn.

Emily & Becky: Last leaving at 7:30


Emily: "GREAT JOB BECK! Sorry girls."

Amanda: "It's ok, we'll be fine...I hope."

Billie & Amanda: 1st leaving at 8:30

As the two start to go to their room, Jack is seen at the bar drinking a soda.

Becky: "Hi, I don't beleive we've met yet. I'm Becky and this is my sister Emily."

Jack: "Hello yourself, names Jack."

Emily: "Where's your partner?"

Jack: "Back at our room sleeping."

Emily: "I think I'll do the same. You comin' sis?"

Becky: "No thanks, I think I'll stay here. I'm not too tired yet. Besides, I wanna see the look on everyone's faces when they see their in last."

Frank & Diann: 2nd leaving at 8:30

Alex & Ritchie: 3rd leaving at 8:30

Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom: Last leaving at 8:30

The next morning, all the first departure teams were in the lobby holding their clues. They were waiting for the signal to open them.

Sarah & Jessica, Nick & Jack, Stephany & Jessica: Currently in 1st


Sarah: "Make your way..."

Nick: "...underwater..."

Jessica J.: "...and find the sunken UFO for your next clue."

Teams must now dive into the only oxygenated water in all of Isle O' Hags. Once under, they must locate this sunken UFO to find their next clue.

Jack: "Like i said, the weirdness continues."

The three teams run out to port and jump into the water. Amazed at how they can breath under it, they start looking around for the UFO.

Sarah: "Now if I was a UFO, where would I be?"

Stephany: "You guys wanna check down that cave."

Jessica M.: "Sure, it might be easier if we stick together for a while anyway."

The girls walk down the cave Stephant pointed at while the guys are searching around som coral.

Nick: "I have no clue where to look for this thing. Hey, where'd the girls go?"

Jack: "I have no idea."

Nick: "Shit, they may have found it allready."

Jack: "Well, last I saw they were over there."

The girls were swimming through an under water city when Sarah spotted something.

Sarah: "Hey guys, look over there."

The twins swam over to what Sarah saw with Stephany & Jessica behind them.

Sarah & Jessica: Currently in 1st

Sarah: "Yes this is it."


Sarah: "Detour, Sink or Swim..."

Stephany & Jessica: Currently in 2nd

Stephany: "Which way out of here do you want to go."

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with their own pros and cons. In this detour, the teams must chose between two routes to get to their next destination, Glitter Gultch Mine. In Sink, the teams must board a submarin and navigate through and underwater labarynth leading to the mine. This is the essentialy the faster route, but navigating through the maze, could take some time. In Swim, the teams must locate a nearby pipe and swim through it to the Mine. This is the longer route, but it is a straight forward path. At the end of each task, the teams must then locate the crushing shed to find their next clue.

Sarah: "What do you girls think?"

Jessica J.: "We're going to do the submarine, it's less work and a faster route."

Jessica M.: "That sounds like a good idea."

The girls board the submarines and enter the maze as the next team swims in.

Nick & Jack: Currently in 3rd

Nick: "Damn, this UFO is epic."


Jack: "Hmm, you any good at mazes?"

Nick: "Not in the slightest."

Jack: "Then I guess we're swimming it then."

As the top 3 teams are doing their detours, the next group is waiting back at Jolley's Inn

Catherine & Sarah, Jinna & Anya, Emily & Becky: Currently in 4th


Catherine: "We're going underwater too look for a UFO."

Becky: "This place just keeps getting weirder."

Catherine & Sarah and Emily & Becky run into the water. Jinna was about to when Anya stoped.

Anya: "Wait."

Jinna: "What."

Anya: "Look at this, it's a Fast Forward."

This is the first of three Fast Forwards hidden in the race, and it will allow whichever team that claims it to skip all tasks and go directly to the pitstop. For this Fast Forward, the teams must leave Jolly Rodger's Lagoon and search for Jinjo Village. Once there, they must find a puzzel piece know as a Jiggy and bring it to Master Jiggy Wiggy. If it's correct, they'll receive the Fast Forward.

Jinna: "You don't think anyone's gone for it yet?"

Anya: "Well we know those two teams haven't and I don't see why the other 3 would have."

Jinna: "Ok, let's go then."

Emily & Becky: Sisters

The girls were swimming through the cave that lead to the UFO.

Emily: "So, how was it last night?"

Becky: "What do you meen?"

Emily: "You know, with Jack. Did you two hook up yet?"

Becky was shocked by this statement.

Becky: "I'm not gunna hook up with Jack!"

Emily: "It didn't seem that way last night."

Becky: "Listen, as a strong woman once said. If you liked it then you should of put a ring on it."

Emily's only responce was a blank stare.

Emily: "Uh Beck...did you just quote Beyonce?"

Becky: "Hey look, there's the UFO."

Emily & Becky: Currently in 4th

Emily: "I say we do the swimming one. There's no way we can navigate a maze."

Becky: "Good choice, let's go before the others show up."

As they say that, the next team swims out.

Catherine & Sarah: Currently in 5th

Sarah: "You wanna do the submarine?"

Catherine: "Sure, seems faster."

Jinna & Anya: YouTubers

The two girls climbed out of the halted taxi and walked into Jinjo Village.

Jinna: "Ok, so what dose a Jiggy look like exactly."

Anya: "The clue said something about a golden puzzel piece?"

Jinna: "Hmm, mabey we should ask around?"

Billie & Amanda, Frank & Diann, Alex & Ritchie, Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom: Currently in Last

Ritchie: "Come on, we need to pick up the pace."

Cashmiere: "Come on momma, we can do a this!"

Billie: "Let's go Amanda, we need to make up some seriouse time."

As the three teams run in, Frank & Diann were staring at the water.

Frank: "There's no way I can go in there with my leg."

Frank: "This is what I hate about having an artificial knee. It prevents me from doing a lot of stuff and now its hindering us on the race."

Diann: "Don't worry honey, we can try the Fast Forward. That way mabey we can avoid the water."

Sarah & Jessica and Stephany & Jessica: Currently attempting Sink

Sarah: "This maze is confusing, I feel like we've been here allready."

Jessica: "Yeah, wait what's that?"

The girls see a light and steer twards it.

Stephany: "Quick follow them Jessie."

The two submarines submerge in Glitter Gultch Mine.

Sarah: "Yes, now let's find the Crushing Shed."

Stephany: "8 eyes are better then 2."

Billie & Amanda: Currently in 7th

Amanda: "Which one do you think."

Billie: "I say the maze, it's easier."

Amanda: "I'm not really good at mazes. I think the pipe would be easier."

Billie: "Flip a coin."

Amanda: "Ok."

Billie pulls out a coin and flips. Allthough she forgot they were underwater, so the coin floats up to the surface.

Amanda: "Hmm, this might take a while."

Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom: Currently in 8th

Cashmiere's Mom: "What are they doing?"

Cashmiere: "I daknaw, but let's do da submarine."

Cashmiere's Mom: "Ok, let's go."

Billie: "Great, now we droped a place."

Amanda: "And here comes mom and dad."

Alex & Ritchie: Currently in 9th

Alex: "Hi girls, what are you doing?"

Billie: "Waiting for our coin."

Ritchie: " good luck. Come on hon, let's do the swimming."

Billie: "Ugh! Now we're in last. Let's just take the submarine and be over with this."

Amanda: "All right, fine."

Sarah & Jessica: Currently in 1st


Sarah: "Make your way to your next pitstop, Grunty Industries..."

Teams must now exit the mine and make there way to Grunty Industries, a giant factory that makes up the main economy of Isle O' Hags. This is the pitstop for this leg of the race. The last team to arrive here, may be eliminated.

Jessica: "We let's get going, we'll get first."

Sarah: "Ok, girls it's over here."

Stephany & Jessica: Currently in 2nd

Stephany: "Oh, the pitstop. Let's go."

Jinna & Anya: Currently attempting Fast Forward

Jinna had picked up a jiggie and the girls were looking for Jiggy Wiggy.

Anya: "Ok, now who the hell is Jiggy Wiggy."

Jinna: "Mabey he's in that place with the giant puzzel pieces."

The girls walk inside to see a guy with a puzzel piece for a head.

Anya: "Um, hi. Are you Jiggy Wiggy?"

Jiggy Wiggy: "That would be me. You must be from the race. Here you go."

Jiggy Wiggy hands the girls their clue.

Jinna: "Yes!"


Anya: "Congradulations, you have won the Fast Forward. Make your way to the next pitstop, Grunty Industries."

Having won the Fast Forward, Jinna & Anya may now skip all tasks and go straight to the next pitstop, Grunty Industries. The last team to arrive here, may be eliminated.

Jinna and Anya run out and pass Frank & Diann.

Diann: "Oh no, girls did you get the Fast Forward?"

Jinna: "Yeah, sorry!"

Frank: "Damn it! Now what!"

Diann: "Should we just take a penalty at the pitstop and follow them."

Frank: "That seems to be the only option. Let's go."

At the pitstop, Phil was standing next to Gruntilda the Witch.

Gruntilda: "I still don't know how you talked me into this."

Phil: "Hey, I'm paying you aren't I?"

Gruntilda: "No your not!"

Phil: "Shut up, a team is coming."

The first team climbs out of a taxi and starts running up to the mat.

Gruntilda: "Welcom to Isle O' Hags...I guess."

Phil: "Jinna & are team number 1."

Jinna & Anya: 1st Place 9:15am

Jinna: "YES!"


Phil: "Congradulations, as the winners of this leg of the race you have both won a free X-Box Kinect and a copy of both Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie."

Jinna: "Sweet!"

The next two taxis drive up and the teams run up.

Sarah: "Damn it, where did they come from?"

Phil: "Sarah & Jessica, you are team number 2. Stephany & Jessica, that makes you team number 3."

Sarah & Jessica: 2nd Place 9:16

Stephany & Jessica: 3rd Place 9:16

Stephany: "Well, that's still pretty good."

The next taxi drives up and Frank & Diann walk up.

Phil: "Frank & Diann, you are the 4th team to arrive. But as you know, since you've skipped the detour of this leg I'm affraid you've incered a 60 minuet penalty. Please go sit and wait over there."

Frank: "Hopefully we got here early enough."

Nick & Jack: Currently in 5th

Nick & Jack emerge from the pipe and race to the crushing shed.


Nick: "Make your way to the next pitstop, Grunty industries."

Jack: "Great, let's go."

Grunty: "Ugh...more people."

Phil: "Nick & Jack, you are team number 4."

Nick & Jack: 4th Place 9:25

Nick: "Well, that's still good."

Jack: "Yeah, we're still at the top."

Alex & Ritchie: Currently attempting Swim

Alex: "Uh, honey. Are you sure this was the better option?"

Ritchie: "I don't think either you or me would be good with a submarine."

Alex: "I just hope someone's behind us."

Billie & Amanda: Currently in 6th

Billie: "And we're off to Grunty Industries."

Amanda: "Yes, we're still in this."

As they leave, the two sisters teams emerge.

Emily & Becky: Currently in 7th

Becky: "Make your way to Grunty Industries."

Catherine & Sarah: Currently in 8th

Sarah: "Warning, the last team to arrive may be eliminated."

Catherine: "Let's beat those siters, sister."

Sarah: "Oh, please tell me you did not just say that."

Billie & Amanda: Best Friends

The taxi drops the girls off.

Amanda: "Um sir, are you sure this is the place."

Driver: "Yup, bye."

The driver speeds off.

Billie: "Well, I guess we look around."

Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom: Currently in 9th

Cashmiere: "Here's the clue momma."

Cashmiere's Mom: "Make your way to Grunty Industries."

Cashmiere: "Hurry up momma, there's not a lot of teams behind us."

Gruntilda: "Oh my god, how many teams are there!"

Another taxi had pulled up and the next team ran to the mat.

Phil: "Catherine & Sarah, you are team number 5."

Catherine & Sarah: 5th Place 9:53

Catherine: "Well that's ok for now."

Sarah: "At least we're not at the bottom. Hey, here come the girls."

Phil: "Emily & Becky, you are team number 6."

Emily & Becky: 6th Place 9:54

Becky: "Yay, up one place."

Emily: "I wonder what happened to Billie & Amanda?"

Billie & Amanda: Best Friends

Amanda: "Billie, I think we're in the wrong place."

Billie: "Excuse me...mole...whatever, do you know where Grunty Industries is?"

Bottles: "Oh, you're a while away. It's like 20 minuets up the mountain walking."

Billie: "F***ing taxi driver drove us to the wrong place!"

Amanda: "Well, we better start walking."

Phil: "Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom, you are team number 7."

Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom: 7th Place 9:57

Cashmiere Mom: "That's a lot better then last time."

Cashmiere: "Yah, we gunna do awsome!"

Frank & Diann penalty time: 39:27

Frank: "This isn't looking good for us."

Alex & Ritchie: Currently in Last

Alex: "Uh oh honey, there's only one clue left."

Ritchie: "Let's hurry, hopefully we can make it."

Billie: "Ugh! I hate walking!"

Amanda: "Hey Billie look, I see Phil!"

Gruntilda: "And there's more."

Phil: "Billie & Amanda, you are team number 8."

Billie & Amanda: 8th Place 10:17

Billie: "WHAT!"

Phil: "You're surprised."

Aman: "We got lost and we're not even second to last!"

Frank & Diann's penalty time: 12:05

Diann: "Please let this be non-elimination."

Frank: "Uh oh, look."

Diann turns to see Alex & Ritchie running up to the mat.

Diann: "And we're screwed."

Gruntilda: "And it's the last one."

Alex: "I knew we were."

Phil: "Alex & Ritchie, you are the last team to arrive."

Ritchie: "We know Phil."

Phil: "But...since Frank & Diann failed to complete the detour, they incered a 60 minuet penalty time. And they still have 12 minuets to wait."

Alex: "What!"

Phil: "So congradulations, you guys are team number 9."

Alex & Ritchie: 9th Place 10:24

Phil: "Frank & Diann, can you please come over here."

Frank & Diann get up and walk over to the mat.

Phil: "Well, as you know you guys are now the last team to arrive."

Frank: "Yup."

Phil: "I'm sorry to tell you, but you've both been eliminated from the race."

Frank & Diann: Last Place 10:36 (Eliminated)

Frank: "Thank you for having us anyway."

Phil: "Good luck with the leg."

Frank: "Thank you."

Frank: "It sucks to be eliminated so early, espescially the way we were eliminated. I hate to be the reason."

Diann: "It's not your fault you couldn't go in the water, we did pretty good I feel."

Frank: "The one thing my son told me before going on this was to not be eliminated first. I'm glad we got that acomplished but eliminated second is still upsetting."

Diann: "Goodbye amazing race."

Current Standings:

1st: Jinna & Anya

2nd: Sarah & Jessica

3rd: Stephany & Jessica

4th: Nick & Jack

5th: Catherine & Sarah

6th: Emily & Becky

7th: Cashmiere & Cashmiere's Mom

8th: Billie & Amanda

9th: Alex & Ritchie

10th: Frank & Dianna (Eliminated)

11th: Anthony & Vinny (Eliminated)

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