"What in the world are we doing up here." Rouge asked Chris.

"Up here, is your first challenge." Chris said back. "You guys will have to jump out of this airplane. If you look below, you will see 2 rings in the lake. The outer ring, we have stocked with killer Sharpedos. The inner one, were pretty shore it's safe."

"What do you mean 'pretty' shore?" Daisy asked. Chris just smiled an evil looking smile.

"Cheep-cheeps, you up." Chris announced.

Dixie looks down. "So, who's first?" she said nervously to her team.

"Ladies first." Captain Falcon said reluctantly.

"Fine, it's just a crazy sky dive into a group of killer sharpedoes." Dixie anounced right before she jumped and made it.

"Cool, she a made it. My a turn." Luigi told his team. He jumped, and hit a rock in the middle of the water. "MAMA MIA THAT A HURT." he yelled.

"Ok, there is no way I'm doing this." Rouge told her team. "Oh, and why not." Daisy yelled back. "National T.V., my make-up will run." Rouge told Daisy. Rouge and Daisy continued arguing untill Daisy threw Rouge off the plane. Rouge plumits to the safe zone and screams "DAISY, YOUR SO DEAD."

"Hey, I threw you into the safe zone didn't I?" Daisy yelled "Now I just hop I can make it." She said before she jumped and makes it.

"Umm, I'm not really comfortablr doing this." Starly told Chris. "Thats cool, but that makes you a chicken. So you'll have to were this for the rest of the day." Chris said putting a chicken hat on Starly's head.

"I thaught this was saposed to be a talent contest?" Peach asked Chris. "Yeah, no." He said as he 'accidentally knocked peach off.

Peach plumits to the water screaming.

"MAMA MIA." Shouted Mario as he jumped.

"I'M NOT READY TO DIEEEE!" Candy yelled out falling.

"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..." Shouted Starfy when he made it into the safe zone. Captain Falcon jumps, but shows no emotion.

"Thats 10 jumpers and 1 chiken. Goombas, your up."

"Hey, if you don't want to go. I'll walk down with you." Dedede said, trying to flirt with Samus. "Uh, I'll go first." Samus said quickly, and jumped. "She so whants me." Dedede said to himself. He jumps and they both make it.

"Oo, oo, oo, me next." Jigglypuff said. She jumped off and screamed "YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"Sonic, let's go together." Amy said, trying to impress sonic. Sonic runs off the plane and Amy follows, both land in the safe zone.

"I SHALL RULE THE WORLD!" Fawful yells as he falls.

"KING PING RULES." King Ping yelled.

"THIS SI GUNNA HURT WHEN I LAAANNDDD!" Tails shreiked at the top of his lungs.

"I HATE YOU CHRISSSSSS!!!" Zelda yelled.

"This isn't as bad as I'm used to." Lik camly said falling.


"All right Kirby." Chris said. "For your team to win, you must jump. No pressure." Kirby looked releived. "Ok, there's pressure."

Kirby ran out the plane and somehow made a huge splash when he landed. Everyone leaned closer to see if he made it.


Chris announces "THE BATTELING GOOMBA'S WIN!!!!"

The Battleing Goombas cheer.

"Fighting Cheep-cheeps, see you at the bonfire."


"So, who do we loose tonight." Rouge asked.

"Why not the pink star thing." Captain Falcon said, pointing at Starly.

"What, why." Starly said, worried.

"Because, if I'm not mistaking. YOUR THE ONLY ONE IN THIS CAMP WEARING A CHICKEN HAT." Captain Falcon rebudded.

"WELL THERE'S NO REASON TO YELL AT ME." Starly yelled back.

"GUYS, just stop fighting. or we'll vote both of you off." Daisy yelled back.


Daisy: "That might have been a little harsh, but they were so annoying. Captain falcon dose have a point, I guess I vote off Starly."

Starly: "That Falcon guy is so mean. I vote him off."


"Welcome to the first ever bonfire ceremony." Chris announced to the Battleing Goombas. "I have 11 of you in front of me, but only 10 marshmallows. When I call your name, come claim your marshmallow. If you do not receive a marshmallow, you must walk the dock of shame, catch the boat of losers, and never come back, EVER. Marshmallows go to, Mario and Peach." The 2 claim there marshmallows and Peach congradulates Mario with a kiss. "Rouge, Luigi, and Starfy are safe." The three claim there marshmallows. "Dixie, Candy, and Daisy are safe." Daisy sighs with relief. "Starly and Falcon, the final marshmallow goes to....."

Falcon looks confident, but Starly is shaking.


"YAY!!!" Starly cheers. "What, are you seriouse." Captain Falcon says in shock. "Sorry Falcon, thems the rules."

"Fine, I hope you just relized that you just voted off the BEST PERSON ON THE TEAM."

"Well, that was kind of a shocker. Any way, see you next time on TOTAL NINTENDO ISLAND!"

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