All the fighting Cheep-Cheeps are sleeping in their cabin, when Rouge wakes up.


Rouge: "So I figure, to get far in this game, I'm going to start an alliance with 2 other campers. Now, all I need is 2 people who are stupid or desprit enought that I can play like a violyn. But who?"

All the campers are eating breakfast. For some reason, Peach is hanging upside-down from a bar. "What are you doing?" Rouge asked. "Toadsworth says that hanging upsidedown wile eating makes the food taste better." Peach answered. "Can I do it to." Candy asked. "Sure." Peach said to Candy.


Rouge: "Perfect." Dose a quite evil laugh.

"Peach, Candy, can you 2 come over here a second." Rouge asked. "Sure Rouge, what is it." Peach asked. "I was thinking, why don't we form an alliance, then we can make it to the top 3." Rouge sugested. Both peach and cany nod there heads. "Good, now let's not let anyone know about this." Rouge said. They both nod again.

"Everyone, meet me outside right now for your challenge." Chris said over the loud speaker.


"Welcome ladies and not so gentelmen. Today is a pretty basic challenge." Chris announced. "You will each be battling in an all out brawl. First off, the battling goombas must sit out a player." "I guess I'll sit out." Zelda voulenteired. "Ok, so the first match is Link vs. Rouge. See you in 10."


"All right, heres the rules. You each have 3 lives. Once you get down to one life, your special can kick in. You can only use your special once. The team with the most wins get's immunity. The losing team, say goodbye to one of your camper. Link and Rouge, 3...2...1...GO!!"

Link starts off the match by trying to hit Rouge with his sword. But Rouge dodges every time. At the last try, she dodges and accidentaly falls off stage. "Wow, that was almost too easy." Link said, not realising Rouge came back from losing her first life. Rouge then grabs Link and throws him off the stage. "That's what I call a surprise attack!" Chris annoounced threw a megaphone.

The battle whent on and it came down to both having one life. Rouge was aboout to knock Link off stage. "ROUGE!" Dixie cried out. Rouge turns her head. "What." "LOOK OUT!" Dixie cried back. It was too late, Link raised his sword. Then he used same light power and shot a beam of light at Rouge, witch knocked her off the cource. "Round 1 goes to the Battling Goombas."

A mantage kicks in of all the battles, It shows Amy pounding Dixie with her hammer, Mario throwing fireballs and lighting Sonic on fire, Fawful annoying Starfy so much he quits, Candy moving out of the way of King Ping and making him fall off the edge, Luigi sucking Tails into his Putrogust3000, Jigglypuff throwing a bomb at Peach who runs away screaming, and Samus getting distracted by Dedede and getting knocked off by Starly.

"All right, the scores are tied and were on our last battle. Dedede & Tiny, your up." Chris announced. "Wow, were actually going to win this." Rouge said to herself. "And...GO!!!" Chris yelled through the megaohone.

The match starts, and King Dedede was too busy trying to flirt with Samus. "Dedede, the match started." Samus said. "Oh." Dedede rebidled, but it was too late. Tiny had allready knocked Dedede off the edge of the course. "GO TINY!!!" Dixie screamed out loud. Some how, the scream was loud enough to make the stage shake. This caused Tiny to fall off. Dedede and Tiny both got back after dying, when Dedede tackled Tiny. Unfortunatly, this knocked both Tiny AND Dedede off the edge of the cource. "All right, next person to die, their team is at the bonfire." Chris announced. "TINY." Dixie yelled. "YEAH." Tiny yelled back. "BEHIND YOU." Dixie yelled. Tiny turned around, and Dedede had used his special mecha-hammer and sent Tiny flying off the course. "THE BATTLING GOOMBAS WIN." Chris said through the megaphone. "Fighting Cheep-cheeps, see you at the bonfire ceremony...again."


"Welcome back Cheep-cheeps, miss me?" Chris said. "Oh just get on with it." Rouge complained. "Fine, here." He said as he threw Rouge her marshmallow. "I've also got one for Daisy, Candy & Peach." The 3 catch there marshmallows. "Mario, Luigi, Starfy, and Starly are also safe." Dixie and Tiny look nervously at the last marshmallow. "And the final marshmallow...goes to....." Dixie hold on to her hat, wile Tiny is praying that she stays. ".................................................................................. TINY." Tiny let's out a sigh of releif. "What, why me." Dixie asked. "Beacause, you caused me and Tiny to lose by your loud mouth." Rouge answered. "Fine, good luck Tiny and Candy." Dixie said, hugging her friends. "Well, that was a not so dramatic exit. Who cares, I still get payed. See you next time on TOTAL NINTENDO ISLAND."

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