"War is Hell"

Subject X is a collaboration FIP (Fiction-in-progress) by Alsojames and oOTheUntitledoO. It features two parallel storylines in one.

The first is 'Fires of War' by Alsojames, following a squad of Canadian CANSOF (CANadian Special Operations Forces) Task Force Arrowhead commandos after they're base is destroyed by an unknown enemy force.

The second is 'The Fires Within' by oOTheUntitledoO, about a pyrokinetic girl who is captured by an army of clone soldiers for powers that she doesn't know she has.

Fires of War

Viam Inveniemus--We will find a way.

This is the part by Alsojames. It covers the 'War' aspect of the story.

Fires Within

This is the part by oOTheUntitledoO. It covers the 'Emotion' aspect of the story.

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