‘Sonic X: the Movie’ (‘The Spongebob Squarepants Movie’ parody)


When Knuckles is framed for stealing King Silver’s golden crown, it’s up to Sonic and Tails to go to Dark City to get the golden crown or Knuckles will burn up.

Character Cast

Spongebob: Sonic the Hedgehog

Patrick: Tails the 2-Tailed Fox

Sandy: Amy Rose

Gary: Charmy Bee

Squidward: Espio the Chameleon

Mr. Krabs: Knuckles the Echidna

Ms. Puff: Ella, Chris Thorndyke’s house maid

Plankton: Shadow the Hedgehog

Karen: Rouge the Bat

Mindy: Blaze the Cat

King Neptune: Silver the Hedgehog

Dennis: Omega

Scuba Diver: Dr. Eggman

Thug Leader: Metal Sonic

Thug # 1: Mephiles the Dark Hedgehog

Gas Station Fish # 1: Crasher the Beefy Elephant

Lloyd: Mighty the Armadillo

Waiter: Vector the Crocodile

Talking Clock: Chris Thorndyke

Chapter 1: Oh, the big city

The movie theater screen opened to a nice blue sky where the clouds were moving around and bluebirds were flying around.

Dude899 presents

Sonic the Hedgehog and Pals: the Movie

The music began swelling and the camera zoomed towards Mario in the corner looking at birds through his telescope and he climbed up to see higher and through his telescope on a look-out post. He moves upwards to get a better look at something with his telescope. The screen then shows the view in the telescope of, there was Luigi carrying a treasure chest over to them on a dinghy.

Luigi: “I a got it, I a got it.”

Mario: “Let’s a go!”

Link: “You heard him, let’s go.”

Just as the Nintendo video game heroes prepared to get Luigi on board the pirate ship, Link knocked on the door marked ‘Solid Snake’s Quarters’.

Solid Snake opens the door and Link is slammed in the face by the door as he walks on deck.

Solid Snake: “Dinghy.”

Donkey Kong: "It's this way!"

Luigi: “I a got it!”

The Nintendo video game heroes lifted the treasure chest onto the pirate ship.

Solid Snake: “Well, where is it?”

Link: (dusting the box) “It’s right here, Solid Snake.”

Solid Snake opened the chest and a red and golden glow appeared.

Solid Snake: “I never thought I see it with my own eyes.

Donkey Kong: "Whoa!"

Solid Snake raises and pulls up to the sky revealing 2 movie theater tickets.

Solid Snake: “Tickets to Sonic the Hedgehog and Pals: The Movie!”

The Nintendo video game heroes and the Pokemon cheer for victory and the large pirate ships sails towards a large seaside town on the coast of Nick Jr.'s California while the Chipmunks and the Chipettes begin singing a familiar song.

[‘It Doesn’t Matter’ Plays In Background]

Chipmunks + Chipettes: (singing) ♫Oh yeah alright…♫

Brittany: (singing) ♫Well I don’t show off don’t criticize♫ ♫I’m just livin’ by my own feelin’s♫

Jeanette: (singing) ♫and I won’t give in won’t compromise♫ ♫ ‘cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold♫

Eleanor: (singing) ♫I don’t know why I can’t leave though it might be tough♫ ♫but I ain’t outta control just livin’ by my word♫

Simon: ♫don’t ask me why I don’t need a reason♫

Theodore: (singing) ♫I got my way my own way♫

Chipmunks + Chipettes: (singing) ♫it doesn’t matter now what happens♫ ♫I will never give up the fight♫

Brittany: (singing) ♫long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight♫ ♫it doesn’t matter who is wrong and who is right♫

[♫Music continues Playing♫]

Alvin (singing) ♫well I don’t look back I don’t need to♫ ♫time won’t wait and I got so much to do♫

Simon: (singing) ♫where do I stop now? it’s all a blur and so unclear♫

Theodore: (singing) ♫well I don’t know, but I can’t be wrong♫

Brittany: (singing) ♫it doesn’t matter now what happens♫

Jeanette: (singing) ♫I will never give up the fight♫

Eleanor: (singing) ♫long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight♫ ♫place all the bets on the one you think is right♫

[♫Music Playing Again♫]

Alvin: (singing) ♫oh it doesn’t matter now what happens I will never give up the fight♫

Simon: (singing) ♫long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight♫ ♫it doesn’t matter who is wrong and who is right♫

Theodore: (singing) ♫no, no, no, no it doesn’t matter…♫

The pirate ships stop in the largest shipyard right next to a nearby movie theater.

The Nintendo video game heroes run around inside and begin taking popcorn, cheese pizzas, milkshakes, ice cream, candy, grilled cheese sandwiches, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, french fries, chocolate milk, and soda pops and run around over to their seats right before the movie begins playing.

The entire movie zooms into the movie screen beginning the film and there are city streets just as Sonic X music begins playing in the background.

Narrator: Oh, Station Square, so mysterious, so beautiful, so....unrealistic.

The screen zooms in on the front of a fast food place called ‘Burger Prince’ made outta bricks and metal.

Narrator: Our story begins in Station Square at its most popular eating place, ‘Burger Prince’ where……

Officer Jenny: “Back away, back away!”

Narrator: Hey! Wait a minute, what’s going on around here?

The camera zooms out seeing ‘Burger Prince’ surrounded by police men and it zooms away towards Knuckles who’s the founder of ‘Burger Prince’.

Knuckles: “Please, settle down, we got an emergency situation in there, I rather not speak about it ‘til my manager gets here.”

Chi-Chi: “Look, there he is.”

The camera zooms in on a black and flame painted limousine driving into the scene and Sonic who’s wearing red sunglasses comes out of it.

The Station Square citizens cheer for victory just as Sonic comes outta the limousine.

Sonic: (taking off his red sunglasses) “Speak to me, Knuckles.”

Knuckles: “Oh, Sonic, it began with a simple order, a mushroom cheeseburger with American cheese on it.”

Sonic: “So what when wrong, Knuckles?”

Knuckles: “When the customer took a bite, there was no American cheese!!”

[Knuckles Weeps Uncontrollably]

Sonic smacks some sense into Knuckles.

Sonic: “Get a hold of yourself, Knuckles, I’m going in.”

Sonic runs around supersonic fast into ‘Burger Prince’ where Jerry is very nervous and he’s staring at the mushroom cheeseburger with no American cheese on it.

Sonic: “Take it easy, buddy, I’m the owner of this establishment, (he places a suitcase on the table) everything’s gonna be alright.”

Jerry: “I’m terribly frightened here, dude.”

Sonic: “You got a name?”

Jerry: “Uh…..uh...Jerry.”

Sonic: “You got a family member, Jerry?”

Jerry: [Whimpering In Fear]

Sonic: [Snapping Fingers] “Come on, Jerry, you gotta stay with me, let’s hear about that family member.”

Jerry: “I got a cousin named Knuckles, who is the founder of this place.”

Sonic: “That’s what it’s all about, I want you to do me a favor.”

Jerry: “What, Sonic?”

Sonic: “I found the American cheese to finish it off.”

There are various flashes between Sonic, Jerry, the mushroom cheeseburger and the American cheese on it while a beeping sound is going off.

Sonic kicked open the door.

All of the Station Square citizens gasp in amazement just as Sonic is with Jerry who is holding up the mushroom cheeseburger with American cheese on it.

Sonic: “Order up, Station Square citizens.”

The Station Square citizens cheer for Sonic and they run over and hold him up.

All Station Square citizens: “3 cheers for the manager, hip, hip [Alarm Clock Ringing] hip, hip [Alarm Clock Ringing]

[Alarm Clock Ringing Again] The ringing sound turned out to be Sonic’s red alarm clock again.

Sonic woke up from his dream and vision.

Sonic: (turning off the red alarm clock) “Yahoo, Charmy, I had that dream and vision again and it’s finally gonna come true today, sorry about this old calendar (he rips off the previous day of calendar) ‘cause today’s is the grand opening of the ceremony for ‘Burger Prince 2’ where Knuckles will announce the new manager.”

Charmy: “I can live with that, Sonic.”

Sonic: “Who's it gonna be, Charmy? [Chuckles] well, let’s ask my wall of 23 consecutive employee of the month awards!

All Sonic clones: “Sonic the Hedgehog will be the winner!”

Sonic: (sing song voice) ♫I’m prepared for this promotion……♫

Sonic headed to the bathroom, took a sbubble bath and a shower and brushed his teeth.

Sonic: “Cleanliness is always next to manager-liness.”

Sonic ran around supersonic fast and disco danced outside.

Sonic: (sing song voice) ♫I’m prepared for this promotion, la dee da, I’m prepared for this promotion……..♫

The camera zoomed in on Espio’s Victorian house right next to Sonic’s Victorian house.

Espio is taking a shower and singing and humming to himself.

Sonic is in the shower with him washing his back and singing along.

Espio notices that Sonic is in the shower tub too.

Espio: “Good grief, Sonic, what are you doing here?”

Sonic: “I gotta tell you something, Espio.”

Espio: “Whatever it is, Sonic, can’t it wait ‘til we get to work?”

Sonic: There’s no shower at work, Espio.”

Espio: “What do you want?”

Sonic: “Well, Espio, I just wanted to say I’ll be thanking you in my managerial acceptance speech today.

Espio: “Get outta here.”

Espio tosses Sonic right outside the window.

Sonic: (on the ground right next to Tails’ Victorian house) “Alright, I’ll see you later at the ceremony!

Tails: “Hey, that sounds just like the new manager of ‘Burger Prince 2’.”

Tails notices something in his mind.

Tails: “Whoops, hang on.”

Tails: “Congratulations, Sonic.”

Sonic: “Thanks, Tails, and right after my big promotion, we’re gonna party until we’re purple.”

Tails: “I like being purple, Sonic.”

Sonic: “Tails, we’re going to the place where all of the action is.”

Tails: “You don’t mean……” Sonic: “Oh, Tails, I think I mean.......

Sonic + Tails: (in unison) “Crazy Red Cherry’s ice cream party boat!”

Sonic and Tails are wearing Crazy Red Cherry hats.

Sonic + Tails: (singing in celebrity singers’ voices) ♫Yes I’m the Crazy Red Cherry♫ ♫you’re the Crazy Red Cherry♫ we are Crazy Red Cherries♫ ♫Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Red Cherry yes……♫

Sonic: (looking at the clock) “I gotta get going!”

Sonic runs around supersonic fast.

Sonic: (sing song voice) ♫I’m prepared for this promotion…..♫

Tails: “Good luck, Sonic, remember to look for me at the ceremony, I got a big surprise for you.”

Tails: (singing excitingly) ♫I’m the Crazy Red Cherry……♫

ToonBoyDan: “Well, it looks like Sonic’s on his way to the grand opening of ‘Burger Prince 2’, so just read and review.”

Chapter 2: Sonic is prepared for this promotion

The screen cuts to Scarlet Garcia who is reporting on the news about ‘Burger Prince 2’.

Chi-Chi: “Good morning, Station Square, Chi-Chi here, coming in live from in front of ‘Burger Prince’ where 49 years, the only place to get a tasty mushroom cheeseburger ‘til today that is, that’s right, you guys.”

Knuckles walks around into the scene.

Chi-Chi: “Long-time founder, Knuckles, is opening a new fast food place called ‘Burger Prince 2’.”

‘Burger Prince 2’ is just a copy of the original ‘Burger Prince’ only with a big blue glowing #2 and the sign that said ‘Grand Opening’.

All of the Station Square citizens applaud for victory.

Chi-Chi: “1st of all, congratulations, Knuckles.”

Knuckles: “Hi there, I like getting cash.”

Chi-Chi: “What made you think to build a 2nd Burger Prince right next door to the original version?

Knuckles: “With a lot of cash.”

Just as Knuckles laughs Shadow is spying on them.

Shadow: “Curses.” It is a very long telescope coming from another building called the ‘Dark Diner’

Shadow: “It’s just not fair, that red echidna is being interviewed by Goku's wife, Chi-Chi, and I never even had 1 single customer in here.”

The ‘Dark Diner’ has a lot of cobwebs, dust, and mold everywhere.

Shadow: [Silently Growling]

Rouge comes over to Shadow.

Rouge: “Quit complaining, Shadow, I just mopped up the tiled floor.”

Shadow: “Oh, my faithful assistant, if I had managed to steal the secret to Knuckles’ success, the secret recipe for the mushroom cheeseburger.”

Shadow imagines a thought bubble about a mushroom cheeseburger and he drools and tries to grab it, but it disappears.

Shadow: “Then everybody would line up to eat at my diner, my leader knows I tried my best.”

Shadow heads over to his file cabinet of foul plans in his secret laboratory.

Shadow: “I got every single foul plan in my filing cabinet….(he pulls out the drawer)...for 100-1.”

Rouge: “100-1?”

Shadow: “Yeah right, 100-1, you know the #s backwards.” Rouge: “What about plan 0?”

Shadow: “Plan 0?”

Rouge: “The # right before # 1.”

Shadow: (opening the drawer) “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, (he pulls out the folder) plan 0, here it is, just like you said.”

Rouge: “Oh brother.”

Shadow opens the folder like if he sees something he like.

Shadow: “It’s foul, it’s tough, [Sniffs] it’s even got lemon scent, this Plan 0 will never possibly fail me, (he runs around supersonic fast outside) so enjoy today, Knuckles, ‘cause by tomorrow, I’ll have the recipe, then everybody will eat at the ‘Dark Diner’ and I’ll rule the entire city, all bow to Shadow, all bow to Shadow…….”

Sonic runs around supersonic fast running into Shadow by accident.

Sonic: (sing song voice) ♫I’m prepared for this promotion♫ ♫I’m prepared for this promotion……♫

Shadow: “Ow, oof!”

Sonic: “Good grief, I think I ran into something.”

Sonic struggles to get up which is making Shadow silently grunt even more. Shadow: “Not into something, into somebody, you crazy blue supersonic hedgehog.”

Sonic: “Holy crap, sorry about that, Shadow.”

Sonic: “Are you on your way to the big opening ceremony?”

Shadow: “No way, I’m not going to the big opening ceremony, I’m busy planning to rule the entire city.”

[Shadow Silently Chuckles]


Sonic: “Well, Shadow, good luck with that 1.”

Sonic runs around supersonic fast.

Sonic: (sing song voice) ♫I’m prepared for this promotion……..♫

Shadow: “Crazy blue supersonic hedgehog kid.”

Meanwhile at the ceremony Knuckles is giving the speech to all of the Station Square citizens.

Knuckles: “Welcome, everybody, to the big opening of ‘Burger Prince 2’.”

All of the Station Square citizens cheer for victory.

Ella: “We paid $13 for this 1?”

Amy: “And I paid $14.”

Wild Female Eevee: "I paid $10."

Knuckles: “Now before we begin with the ribbon cutting, it’s time to announce our new manager.”

All of the Station Square citizens applaud and stop except for Sonic who is cheering and applauding.

Sonic: “Yeah, alright, yahoo, shh.”

Knuckles: [Clears Throat] “Well anyway, the new manager is a loyal and hard-working boy.”

Sonic: [Thinking] “Yeah right.”

Knuckles: “The right choice for the job......”

Sonic: [Thinking] “He’s absolutely right.”

Knuckles: “A name that you all know who is very supersonic fast…..”

Sonic: [Thinking] “That’s gotta be me.”

Knuckles: “Please welcome our new manager…….Espio!”

Sonic: “Yes, YEAAAHH, (Sonic laughs and shakes Espio’s hand) better luck next time, buddy.” Sonic runs around supersonic fast over to the stage.

Sonic begins running around supersonic fast and the crowd stares at him in amazement.

Sonic: (speaking on the microphone) “Citizens and Pokemon of Station Square, as manager of……”

Knuckles: “Uh, Sonic?”

Sonic: “Hang on, folks, I’m getting a news flash from Knuckles, go ahead, Knuckles.”

Knuckles: [Whispering]

Sonic: “I’m just making a complete what of myself?”

Knuckles: [Whispering Again]

Sonic: “The most embarrassing thing that you ever seen?”

Knuckles: [Whispering Again]

Sonic: “And now it’s worse ‘cause I’m repeating everything that you said into the microphone?”

Knuckles: “Doggone it, Sonic, you didn’t get the promotion.”

Sonic: “What the heck?” Knuckles: “You….did not...get...the promotion.”

Sonic: “But, but why, Knuckles?”

Knuckles: “Sonic, you’re a great fast food cook, but I gave the job to Espio ‘cause being manager is a very big responsibility, well, let’s face it, he’s a lot more mature than you.”

Sonic: “I’m not that mature?”

Knuckles: “Sonic, I mean this in the nicest of ways, but there’s a word for what you are which is uh……..”

Wild Male Flareon: (from the crowd) “Joker?”

Knuckles: “Not a joker, but uh......”

Wild Female Glaceon: “A goofball?”

Knuckles: “Closer, but no.”

Wild Male Growlithe: “A dork.”

Wild Male Eevee: "A loser."

Wild Female Vulpix: "A crybaby."

Wild Male Buneary: "A wimp."

Wild Male Espeon: "A dingling"

Wild Male Vaporeon: “A wing-nut.”

Wild Male Ninetales: “Dummy head.”

Wild Female Leafeon: “A crazy knucklehead McSpaztron.”

Knuckles: “Alright, everyone, that’s enough!”

Knuckles: “Look, Sonic, what I’m trying to say is that you’re just a young kid and to a manager, you gotta be a young man, otherwise they would call it ‘kidager’, do you understandager….I mean…..do you understand?”

Sonic: “I think so, Knuckles.”

Sonic walks away devastatingly.

Sonic: (devastating sing song voice) ♫I’m prepared for this devastation I’m prepared for this devastation…..♫

Knuckles: “That poor young kid.”

Tails comes in flying around in the X-Tornado with a ‘Sonic’ sign on the front.

Tails: “Yahoo for Sonic!”

Tails crashes into the ceremony which is causing it to be destroyed.

Tails: “Let’s hear it for Sonic!”

Tails noticed that all of the Station Square citizens were gone.

Tails: “Hello? anybody here? did I miss anything? did you see me flying around in the X-Tornado?”

ToonBoyDan: “Oh no, we hate it when Sonic, Spongebob or Lazlo are devastated, so just read and review.”

Chapter 3: Thank you, Blaze

Narrator: Later that 1 evening…...

Shadow is running around supersonic fast away from the sleeping city of Station Square.

Shadow: [Silently Chuckles] “It’s time to put Plan 0 into effect, beginning at the castle of King Silver.

Shadow runs around supersonic fast towards the castle window and hides behind a brave knight’s right foot.

King Silver is sitting on his throne along with his assistant, Blaze who is right next to him.

Daffy plays the bugle in honor of their appearance.

King Silver bangs Daffy right on the head.

Daffy: “Oh, yeah right, the royal court is now in session, bring the prisoner forward.”

The 2 guards bring in Big in chains.

King Silver: “So, you dare to touch the king’s golden crown.”

Big: “Yeah, but I…..”

King Silver: “But what?!?”

Big: “It's my royal job, Your Royal Highness, I’m the official golden crown polisher.”

King Silver: “Well, I guess I can’t destroy you, 23 years in the dungeon it is.”

Blaze: “Silver, please, (she removes Big’s chains) you’re free to go, Big.”

Big: “Thank you, Blaze.”

Big ran off in freedom.

King Silver: “Blaze, how dare you defy me!”

Blaze: “Why do you need to be so harsh to them?

King Silver: “‘Cause I’m the king here, and I enforce the laws of the city!”

Blaze: “Silver, I wish you would try to be more loving than harsh to those cartoon characters and video game characters.”

Daffy: “That would be pleasant.”

King Silver: (bangs Daffy’s head) “Squire, clear the room, I wish to speak to my assistant alone.” The entire castle subjects run away after hearing the word ‘alone’.

Knuckles: (showing Blaze his golden crown) “Blaze, what is this?”

Blaze: “Your...uh...golden crown.”

King Silver: “And does this golden crown do?”

Blaze: “It covers the blue zit on your forehead.”

King Silver: “It’s not bald, it’s thining, this golden crown shows all of the power that I got over the city, without it, I couldn’t control it.”

King Silver placed his golden crown on the red pillow.

Shadow appears right behind the golden crown.

[Shadow Silently Chuckling]

King Silver: “1 day, you will wear this golden crown.”

Blaze: “I’m gonna be bald?!?”

King Silver: “Thining, anyway, Blaze, the point is that you won’t wear it until you learn how to rule with an iron fist… (he puts the red pillow on his head) just like your master.”

Blaze: “Uh, Silver, your ‘golden crown’…….”

King Silver: (looking at the red pillow) “What the heck? (he notices that the golden crown is missing) my golden crown, AAAAAHHHHHH! somebody has stolen the royal golden crown!”

Meanwhile back outside Shadow is running off with King Silver’s golden crown.

Shadow: “I got it, I finally got it.”

[Shadow Silently Chuckles]

Just as Shadow runs away the camera zooms into the eating place of ‘Crazy Red Cherry’s Ice Cream Party Boat’ and there’s a lot of little children, kid aged Pokemon and bubbles and lots of ice cream treats, milkshakes, sodas, root beer floats, popcorn, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, candy, dessert, cake, cookies, cheese pizzas, french fries, and ice cream floats to desire.

[Clock Ringing]

Chris: “Hey, you guys, it’s time to say ‘Hi there’ to your favorite fruity character, Crazy Red Cherry.”

The curtains open up revealing a big red Cherry with white gloves on his hands, holding a big candy cane and he’s wearing a blue bow-tie.

Crazy Red Cherry: “Howdy, children!”

All Station Square children: “Howdy, Crazy Red Cherry!”

Crazy Red Cherry: “It’s time to sing, children.”

Crazy Red Cherry: (singing) ♫Yes I’m the Crazy Red Cherry you’re the Crazy Red Cherry we are Crazy Red Cherries Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, yes…..♫

Just as the Crazy Red Cherry and the children cheer for victory the camera zooms in on Sonic who was weeping and crying silently at the Fruit Bar.

Sonic: [Tearfully] “Alright, get it together, Sonic old boy, (he quits weeping silently) I know, I’ll just quit thinking about it.”

A minute of silence…….

Sonic: “Hey, you know, I’m actually feeling a little better, I don’t even remember why I was sad.”

Tails: (coming over to Sonic) “Hey, it’s the new ‘Burger Prince 2’ manager.”

Sonic: [Resumes Bawling and slams his head on the bar, sobbing]

Tails: “Whoa, I think the pressure’s already setting in.”

Sonic: “No, Tails, you don’t understand, I didn’t get the promotion.”

Tails: “What? Why, Sonic?”

Sonic: “Knuckles said I was just a young kid.”

Tails: “What?! That’s insane!

Sonic: “I know, Tails.”

Tails: “Well, saying you’re a young kid is like saying I’m a young kid.”

Vector: “Here’s your kids’ meal, Tails.”

Tails: “Hey, Vector, I’m supposed to get a little toy with this.”

Vector tosses the Crazy Red Cherry action figure to Tails.

Tails: “Thanks, Vector.”

Sonic: [Sighs Devastatingly] “I’m going back home, Tails, the celebration’s off.”

Tails: “Are you sure about it, Sonic?”

Sonic: “I’m sure about it, Tails, I’m just not in the red cherry mood.”

Sonic begins walking away from his stool in the Fruit Bar.

Tails: “Alright, I’ll see you later, Sonic.”

Vector: “And here’s your root beer float.” Sonic pauses for 1 single minute right after hearing the words ‘root beer float’.

Tails: “Alright!”

Sonic: “A root beer float, right? I could use 1 of those things.”

Tails: (putting his right hand on Sonic’s back) “Now you’re speaking my language, Sonic, hey, Vector, we need another 1 over here!”

Vector: “There you go, boys.”

Sonic: (holding up his root beer float) “Yahooooooooo!”

Sonic and Tails drank up all of their root beer floats and some of it splashed right on Vector.

[Sonic Belches The Ending To The National Anthem]

Sonic: [Sighs In Relief] “Well, Tails, that sure hit the spot, I’m feeling so much better already.”

Tails: “Yeah right.”

Sonic: [Banging On Table] “Vector, 2 more rounds over here!”

Vector brought in 2 more root beer floats and Sonic and Tails drank it down and Vector was all wet from the root beer floats.

Sonic: “Vector, 2 more, please!”

Vector brought in 2 more root beer floats.

Sonic and Tails: “Yahooooooooooooo!”

Vector was 1ce again wet with root beer floats.

Sonic: “Vector!”

Vector was still wet from the root beer floats.

Sonic: “Vector!”

Sonic: “Vector!”

Sonic: [Tiredly] “Vec-tor!”

Sonic: [Impatient] “Vector!”

Vector: (pouring more root beer floats) “Why do I always gotta do everything around here?”

Sonic and Tails (who are now drunk from the root beer floats) began performing on stage.

Sonic: [Drunk] “All right, folks, this goes to my 2 close friends in the entire city, Tails and this big red cherry dude, it’s a little performance called ‘Vector!’.” Sonic, Tails and the Crazy Red Cherry fell over.


ToonBoyDan: “Well, it’s a good thing typing up Sonic and Tails’s night in the Fruit Bar wasn’t a pain to our fingers, so just read and review.”

Chapter 4: King Silver’s Wrath

Everything is now dark.

Vector: [Voice Off Screen] “Hey, Sonic.”

Sonic opens his eyes a little bit and it is Vector from the Fruit Bar.

Vector: “Hey come on, Sonic, I gotta go back home, get up, dude.”

Sonic gets up and he’s got tired eyes and is very dizzy.

Sonic: [Tiredly] “Ow, my head.”

Vector: “Listen to me, Sonic it’s 9:32 in the morning, so go scape up your best friend forever and get going.”

Sonic: “My [Belches] best friend forever? (he sees Tails under table) hey, Tails, long time no see, what’s going on, buddy? (he falls over) wait 1 single minute, you said 9:32, I’m late for work, Knuckles is gonna be......”

Sonic pauses for 1 single minute remembering the events that happened just 2 yesterdays ago.

Sonic: [Angrily] “Knuckles……..”

Meanwhile back at ‘Burger Prince 2’, Knuckles places a ‘Manager’ sticker on Espio’s chest.

Knuckles: “Now pay real close attention, Espio, as the new manager of Burger Prince 2, you gotta keep a sharp eye out for some paying customers.

Espio: “Yawn.”

Knuckles looks through his green binoculars and sees King Silver and Blaze coming towards the fast food place.

Knuckles: “What’s this? King Silver’s riding over to Burger Prince 2 around lunchtime, ($ in his eyes) he’s got a lot of cash.”

Daffy parks the carriage right in front of Burger Prince 2.

King Silver: “Stay in the carriage, Blaze, this won’t take too long.”

Blaze: “Silver, please, I think you’re overreacting.

King Silver: “Silence, Blaze, I know what I’m doing.”

King Silver bumps into the ‘Burger Prince 2’ sign post.

King Silver: “Squire, destroy this sign while I’m gone.”

Daffy: “Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

Meanwhile back inside Knuckles is very busy changing the prices.

Espio: “$23 for a mushroom cheeseburger?”

Knuckles: “With American cheese on it, Espio, with American cheese on it.”

Daffy plays the bugle again.

King Silver: “Hello, royal subjects, I’m seeking the 1 called Knuckles, he must reveal himself to me at 1ce.”

Knuckles: “I’m Knuckles, Your Royal Highness, would you like to order something?”

King Silver: “No, I’m on to you, Knuckles, you have stolen the royal golden crown that you can’t deny, for sneaky as you are, you left 1 single piece of evidence at the scene of the crime!”

King Silver pulls out a hand written letter.

Knuckles: “I stole your golden crown, signed...Knuckles the Echidna?”

King Silver: “Reveal the royal golden crown to me at 1ce!” (he points his yellow chaos emerald at Knuckles)

Knuckles: “This is crazy, I didn’t do it!” The telephone rings and they hear Knuckles’ telephone messages.

Knuckles: (telephone messages) “Ahoy. This is Knuckles, please leave a message right after the beep.” [Beeping Sounds]

Shadow/Jimmy: “Hi, Knuckles, It’s me, Jimmy, the guy you sold the golden crown to. [Station Square Citizens Gasp In Shock] yeah right, I just wanted to thank you again for selling me the golden crown, King Silver’s golden crown. (King Silver’s face balls up and Knuckles begins breaking the telephone.) I sold it to some dude in Dark City and he wanted to tell you thanks again for selling the golden crown, King Silver’s golden crown, (Knuckles pulls the telephone away from the wall.) which is now in Dark City, goodbye, see you later.” Knuckles: [Chuckles Nervously] “Don’t you ever hate wrong numbers?”

King Silver: “My golden crown is in the forbidden Dark City?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Meanwhile back outside it is actually Shadow on the telephone pretending to be Jimmy and King Silver’s screaming can be heard on the telephone.

Shadow: “Plan 0, I like Plan 0.”

King Silver: AAAAAAAAAAAH! (he pulls out his red chaos emerald) “Get ready to burn up, Knuckles!”

Knuckles: [Begging] “Wait, King Silver, please, I’m begging you, I’m not a criminal, ask anybody, they’ll cover for me.”

King Silver: “Very well then, (red chaos emerald’s flame dies off) before I turn this red echidna into a stone statue, who’s got anything to say about Knuckles?”

Sonic who is still drunk came into the scene.

Sonic: [Dizzily] “I got something to say about [Gulps In Dizziness] Knuckles.”

Sonic drunkfully walks around towards Knuckles.

Knuckles: “Sonic, my pal, thank goodness you came.”

Sonic: (touching King Silver) “Pardon me, dudes.”

Knuckles: (grabbing Sonic) “Sonic, tell King Silver all about me.”

Sonic: “Well, you see, I have worked with Knuckles for....[Belches] many years and always thought he was a great friend and boss.”

Knuckles: “You see, you guys? a great friend and boss.”

Sonic: “I now realize that he’s a great big joker!”

[Knuckles Gasps In Shock]

Sonic: “I deserve to get that manager’s promotion, but you didn’t give it to me ‘cause you said I'm a kid, well I’m 100 % young man and this young man has got something to say to you!”

Sonic: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Sonic: “There, I think I made my point."

Knuckles stares at King Silver.

King Silver: “Anybody else? No? well then……”

King Silver zaps Knuckles with his red chaos emerald in his right hand.

Knuckles begin flying around and around the fast food place which is making Sonic return to his original self.

Knuckles: “Oh no, I’m on fire!”

Knuckles jumps right into the mop bucket.

Knuckles: [Sighs In Relief] “Now that’s more like it.”

King Silver: “And now, Knuckles, you will…..”

Sonic: “No, wait, stop!”

Sonic: “I’m delightful that you would do this on my account, but being manager isn’t worth destroying Knuckles over.

King Silver: “Silence, joker, Knuckles stole my golden crown and now it’s in Dark City, that’s exactly why he’s going down.”

Sonic: “Doesn’t it sound a little bit harsh to destroy somebody over a golden crown?”

King Silver: “You don’t understand, Sonic, my golden crown is the symbol of super powers and friendship and between me and you, I’m keeping my blue zit covered up.”

Sonic: “Oh, Your Royal Highness, I’m sure that nobody will ever notice your…..”

King Silver revealed the bald spot on his forehead.

Sonic: “Bald, bald!”

All Station Square citizens: “Bald, bald!”

Wild Male Growlithe: “My eyes!”

King Silver: “Bald spot, (covers bald spot) bald spot!”

Sonic: “Uh, King Silver, sir? would you spare Knuckles’ life if I went to get your golden crown back?

King Silver: “You? go to Dark City? [King Silver Laughs Crazily]

Sonic stared at him in disappointment.

King Silver: “Nobody who’s ever gone to Dark City has ever returned, what makes you think you can? you’re just a young kid.”

Sonic backed away from King Silver.

Sonic: “But I’m not a young kid, I can do it.”

King Silver: “Run along, Sonic, I got a red echidna to destroy.”

King Silver’s red chaos emerald flamed up.

Knuckles: “No, stop!”

Sonic: (blocking Knuckles) “No way, I won’t let you do it!”

King Silver: “Very well then, I’ll have to fry both of you!”

Blaze: “Silver, quit it, can’t you get through an entire day without destroying somebody?”

King Silver: “Blaze, I told to stay in the carriage!”

Blaze: “Where’s your kindness? (she looks right at Sonic who’s got an innocent face) Look that this blue supersonic hedgehog, he’s willing to risk his life to go to Dark City.”

King Silver: “But, Blaze, I…….”

Blaze: “But, Silver, at least let him try, what have you got to lose? might I remind you of your little problem?”

Blaze 1ce again revealed King Silver’s bald spot.

All Station Square citizens: “bald, bald, bald!”

Wild Male Flareon: My eyes!

King Silver: (covering his bald spot!) “Alright, enough of this, very well, Blaze, I’ll give him 1 2nd chance, but if your little supersonic action hero fails to return, I get to destroy this red echidna into the fiery depths of doom!”

Knuckles: “Huh, what?”

King Silver: (pointing at Sonic) “And as for you, Sonic, be back here with my golden crown in exactly 10 days!”

Tails: “He can do it in exactly 9!”

King Silver: “8!” Tails: “7!” King Silver: “6!”

Sonic + Knuckles: “Tails!”

Sonic and Knuckles beat him down to the floor.

King Silver: “6 days it is then.”

Tails: (all tied up) “7......”

Sonic: “Tails, quiet down!”

King Silver: “Until then, the red echidna shall remain frozen solid where he now stands!”

King Silver points his yellow chaos emerald at Knuckles.

Knuckles: “No, stop, I’m begging you!”

King Silver freezes Knuckles into an ice cold statue.

Espio: “Who turned on the air conditioner? (he notices Knuckles) AAAAH! Knuckles (he taps his ice cold solid body) good grief, this is bad, who’s gonna sign my paycheck?”

King Silver: “Come along, Blaze.”

King Silver leaves ‘Burger Prince 2’.

Blaze: “Listen, boys, the road to Dark City is very dangerous, there’s crooks, murderers, killers, terrorists, dictators, robots and monsters everywhere, even worse, there’s an evil scientist named Dr. Eggman who guards the road to Dark City and preys on innocent animals don't let him catch, because if he captures you he’ll take you to back to his lair in Dark City and you’ll never be seen again.”

Tails: “She’s beautiful, Sonic.”

Blaze: (pulling out the magical bag of winds) “Here take this 1.”

Sonic: “What’s in here?”

The winds in the bag blows right into Sonic’s face.

Blaze: (closing the magical bag of winds) “It’s a magical bag of winds, I stole them from my master.”

Tails: “You’re beautiful.”

Blaze: “1ce you find the golden crown, open the magical bag of winds and it will blow you back to Station Square.”

King Silver: [Voice Off Screen] “Blaze!”

Blaze: “I’m coming, Silver, good luck, Sonic.”

Sonic: “Wait, Blaze, how did you know my name?”

Blaze: “Well, Sonic, I’m gonna be the queen of the city someday, I learned all of the names of the cartoon characters and video game characters.”

Tails: “Then what’s my name?”

Blaze: “That’s easy, you’re Tails.”

Tails: [Chuckling]

King Silver: [Voice Off Screen] “Blaze!”

Blaze: “I gotta go, I believe in you guys.”

Sonic: “Thanks, Blaze.”

Sonic turns around over to the frozen Knuckles.

Sonic: “Don’t worry about it, Knuckles, Tails, Espio and I…….”

Espio: “Pass.”

Espio left ‘Burger Prince 2’.

Sonic: “Well, Tails and I......”

Tails: “Hi there.”

Sonic: “....are gonna get that golden crown and save you from King Silver’s wrath, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, your entire life is in our hands.”

The frozen solid Knuckles looks at Sonic and Tails, looking a little bit weird and he groans in devastation and depression.

Sonic: “Tails, let’s go get that golden crown.”

Sonic and Tails go into the kitchen, ride down the pipes, go inside the elevator, listen to the elevator music and stop in the screen looking more detailed than before.

Sonic: “Check this out, Tails.”

Tails: “What is it, Sonic?”

There are lights flashing on the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile.

Sonic: “The Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile, Tails, Knuckles uses it to promote the fast food place, let me show you some of its features.”

Sonic reveals all of the features of the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile.

Sonic: “Sesame seed finish, seal belted pickles, grill-leather interior, (he opens the hood) and a home fry overhead grease trap.”

Tails: “Whoa, awesome.”

Sonic: “Yeah, Tails, wow.”

Sonic jumped into the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile.

Tails: “Wait 1 single minute, Sonic, I thought you didn’t have a drivers’ license.”

Sonic: “You don’t need a drivers’ license to drive the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile, Tails.”

Sonic turns the spatula key around and shifts into gear. [Vroooom!] The Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile drives outta the side of ‘Burger Prince 2’ and it drives off.

Sonic + Tails: “Dark City, here we come!”

ToonBoyDan: “Well it looks like Sonic and Tails are on their way to Dark City, so just read and review.”

Chapter 5 Foul Plan 0

Meanwhile back ‘Burger Prince 2’, Shadow sees the frozen solid Knuckles.

Shadow: “Ding dong, hi there, old friend, freeze!”

Shadow silently chuckles then touches Knuckles’ frozen solid right arm. Shadow: “1 secret recipe to go, please, don’t worry about it, I’ll get it.”

There are some clanking sounds in the background.

Shadow: “I would like to hang around, but I got mushroom cheeseburgers to make over at the ‘Dark Diner’, Plan 0, I like you.” Shadow leaves with the secret recipe for mushroom cheeseburgers.

Just as Shadow silently chuckles,

Knuckles lets loose a little frozen tear drop on the tiled floor.

Sonic and Tails are driving in the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile until they stop at a little gas station and see Crasher and Zippy.

Sonic + Tails: (singing in celebrity voices) Yes I’m the Crazy Red Cherry you’re the Crazy Red Cherry we are Crazy Red Cherries Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, yes……

Sonic: [Honking Horn] “Fill ‘er up, please.”

Crasher: “What’ll it be, fellas? Mustard or ketchup?"

Crasher and Zippy slapped their knee caps and laughed crazily while Sonic and Tails stared at them.

Tails: “Are they laughing at us, Sonic?”

Sonic: “No, Tails, they’re laughing right to us.”

Zippy: “Where are you 2 crazy young kids going anyway?”

Tails: “Young kids?”

Sonic: “Now, Tails, for your information, we’re not young kids, we are young men, and we’re on our way to Dark City to get King Silver’s golden crown back.

Crasher + Zippy: “Dark City?”

Zippy: “Isn’t that the place guarded by Dr. Eggman?”

Sonic: “That’s right, Zippy.”

Crasher: “Zippy, it’s time to respect for the stone solid citizens. Respect for the dead!”

Crasher and Zippy slapped their knee caps and laughed uncontrollably again.

Crasher: “You 2 losers wouldn’t last 2 minutes over the country line.”

Sonic: “Not this time, Crasher!”

Sonic and Tails drive around past the country line until they bumped into Gamma.

Gamma: “Alright, boys, get outta the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile.”

Sonic and Tails take their stuff out and Gamma hijacks the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile and drives off.

Sonic: How many minutes was that?”

Zippy: “32.”

Sonic + Tails: “In your face!”

Sonic and Tails laugh again and slapped their knee caps just as Crasher and Zippy stared at them.

Tails: [Honking Bicycle Horn] “Who’s the young kid now?”

Crasher: “They’re dead.”

Sonic and Tails walk away down the country and continued their mission.

Meanwhile back in Station Square there was a very long line right in front of the ‘Dark Diner’.

Chi-Chi: “Chi-Chi here with a very good news flash, Shadow is selling mushroom cheeseburgers at the ‘Dark Diner’, how is this possible, you say? let’s go in there and find out.”

Chi-Chi and her husband, Goku both disappear into the ‘Dark Diner’.

Meanwhile Inside there are cartoon characters and video game characters eating mushroom cheeseburgers and some of them waiting in line.

Shadow: [On The Megaphone] “Step right up, buy spend of mushroom cheeseburgers, plenty for everybody.”

Chi-Chi: (reappearing) “Excuse me, Shadow, Goku and Chi-Chi, Station Square News, can I get 1 single minute?”

Shadow: (tossing away the megaphone) “Anything for you 2, Goku and Chi-chi.”

Goku: “Citizens and Pokemon everywhere wanna know, how did you get the mushroom cheeseburgers?

Shadow: “Well, Goku and Chi-Chi, right before my close friend Knuckles got frozen solid by King Silver, he confided in me a very secret wish: ‘Sell the mushroom cheeseburger in my absence at the ‘Dark Diner’ he told me, ‘Don’t let the fire go out’.”

Shadow: “And by the way, you get a free ‘Dark Diner’ helmet for every single purchase, here you go, Ms. Garcia.”

Shadow places the ‘Dark Diner’ helmet on Scarlet Garcia’s head.

Goku & Chi-Chi: “Thanks, Shadow.”

Goku and Chi-Chi both walk away from the ‘Dark Diner’.

Shadow: “Free ‘Dark Diner’ helmets for everybody.”

Shadow pulls the rope and an entire bunch of ‘Dark Diner’ helmets land right on the tiled floor and the Station Square citizens begin putting them on and Shadow goes back to his laboratory.

Shadow: “Yeah, finally, my dearest love, I haven’t felt this great since you agreed to be my assistant.”

Rouge: “I never agreed, Shadow.” Shadow: “Foul Plan 0 is working perfectly, nothing can stop me right now.”

Rouge: “Nothing except for Sonic and Tails (she shows him a picture of them on the monitor screen) my sensors believe that they’re heading for the golden crown and if they make it back, King Silver might find hand prints. Dirty hand prints. Very dirty hand prints”

Shadow stares at his hands.

Shadow: “Plan 0’s way ahead of you, pal, I hired somebody to take care of those boys, his name is Omega. He's a vicious cold hearted predator!!” Omega stops by the gas station.

Omega: (picking up the sesame seed) “Sesame seed.”

Zippy: “Hey, Omega, does that weapon take 32 lasers?”

Just as Crasher and Zippy laugh uncontrollably and slap their knee caps

Omega pummels them and he goes off searching for his target.

ToonBoyDan: “It looks like Shadow hired Omega to go after them, so just read and review.”

Chapter 6: The Robot and Monster Tug

The adventure continues in the dusty far-out desert where Sonic and Tails continue their adventure.

Sonic: [Tiredly] “Yahoo.”

Tails: [Tiredly] “Going on.”

Sonic: “Yeah right.” Tails: “Gotta get that golden crown.”

Sonic: “Yahoo.” Tails: “Alright.”

Sonic: “Yahoo.”

Tails: “Alright.” Tails puts down his bicycle horn on the ground.

Sonic: “Victory.”

Tails: “Are we there yet?”

Sonic: “We must be close by now.”

Sonic: “Tails, look at that.”

The big sign says ‘Dark City:

Only 9 Days Away’.

Sonic: “We’re doing great, Dark City’s only 9 days away.”

A big strong wind blows some grass away revealing the other words that said ‘By Car’.

Tails: “‘By car’.”

Sonic: [Sighs Disappointedly] “I wish we still had our car.”

Tails: “Sonic, look, (he points to the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile) our car.”

Sonic + Tails: “Whoa!”

Sonic and Tails raced over to the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile.

Sonic: [Gasps In Shock] “The key!”

Tails: “Where do you think it is, Sonic?”

Lightstorm is flung from a nearby bar called ‘The Robot and Monster Tug’ and fell over near Sonic and Tails.

Lightstorm: “Ouch, that hurts.”

Sonic and Tails look through the window of ‘The Robot and Monster Tug’ and there are a lot of robots and monsters fighting and doing very dangerous things. You Better Swim performed by Motorhead plays on the radios and speakers.

Radio: I got no reason to be paranoid!

Sonic: “Look, Tails, it’s the key, but how are we gonna get at it?”

Tails: “I know, Sonic, we go in and ask nicely for it back.”

Gamma: “What are you looking at?!”

There are sounds of fighting.

Sonic: “Tails, that’s a crazy idea."

Tails: “Sorry about that.”

Sonic: “Hmm...I got it, I’ll be the distraction and you get the key.”

Tails: “Wait 1 single minute, Sonic, I wanna be the distraction.”

Sonic: “Well, alright, it doesn’t matter who gets to be the distraction.”

Tails walks around into the bar looking all tough while Sonic sneaked inside and Tails is standing right in the middle of the bar.

Robot: You see me walking back!

Radio: Smile like a tiger shark!

Tails: “Can I please have everybody’s attention?”

All of the robots and monsters especially the 1s that were knocked out surrounded Tails.

Tails: “I gotta use the men’s restroom.” Gamma: “It is right over there.” Gamma spots Sonic who was trying to take the key away from him.

Sonic: (touching his contacts) “Stupid contacts, oh, there it is, I better wash it off.”

Sonic runs around supersonic fast into the men’s restroom. In the men’s restroom……..

Sonic: “Tails, you call that a distraction?”

Tails: “I had to use the men’s restroom,

Sonic.” Sonic: “Well, Tails, I got my hands dirty for nothing.”

Sonic pushes down on the soap dispenser and a lot of red and blue bubbles are flying around the entire room.

Sonic: “Yo, Tails, check this out!”

Tails: “Whoa, awesome!”

Sonic + Tails: “Yahoo, a bubble party!” A lot more red and blue bubbles come outta the soap dispenser and Sonic and Tails begin disco dancing around.

Sonic: “Alright!”

Tails: “Awesome!”

Sonic: “Oh yeah!”

Tails: “Alright!”

Sonic and Tails begin playing around with the red and blue bubbles and 1 bubble flies outta the men’s restroom.

Metal Sonic: “Hey, who blew this bubble in here?!?”

Sonic and Tails look at 1 another.

Metal Sonic: “We all know the # 1 rule about blowing bubbles in here!

[Metal Sonic Snaps fingers]

Robots and monsters: “All bubble blowing children will be beaten senseless by every powerful robot and monster in the bar.

Metal Sonic: “That’s right, so who blew it in here?”

Sonic and Tails quickly pop all of the bubbles in the bar.

Metal Sonic: “So, nobody knows about it?”

Mephiles: “Well, Metal Sonic, maybe it was…….”

Metal Sonic: “Shut the crap up!”

Metal Sonic tosses the red chair at Mephiles.

Just as the robots and monsters speak to 1 another Sonic and Tails quickly tiptoe towards the door.

Metal Sonic: “Somebody in here ain’t a real young man, (he spots Sonic and Tails) you, we’re on a child hunt and don’t think we don’t know how to weed them out, now everybody line up!”

Sonic, Tails and the robots and monsters line up right in front of Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic: “Metal Knuckles, it’s time for the test!”

Metal Knuckles puts on the record which is the ‘Crazy Red Cherry’ theme song.

Metal Sonic: “No child can resist singing along to this 1.”

Tails: [Whispering] “Sonic, it’s the ‘Crazy Red Cherry’ theme song.”

Sonic: “I know, Tails.”

♫Yes I’m the Crazy Red Cherry♫ ♫you’re the Crazy Red Cherry♫ ♫we are Crazy Red Cherries♫ ♫Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy yes…….♫

Metal Sonic walks around down the line searching for the bubble blowing child.

Monster # 1: [Coughs Silently]

Metal Sonic: “It was you, you’re the child!”

Monster # 1: “No, I just coughed silently, I swear!”

Metal Sonic gave the eye sign and walked off.

Sonic and Tails are sweating and turning red trying to hold in their craziness.

Sonic: [Straining] “Don't….sing along, Tails.”

Tails: “I’m trying, Sonic, I’m trying so hard.”

Metal Sonic stops at Sonic and Tails.

Metal Sonic: (singing evilly) ♫I’m the Crazy Red Cherry♫ ♫you’re the Crazy Red Cherry♫ ♫we are Crazy Red Cherries……♫

Just as Sonic and Tails are about to sing along, there is a familiar voice.

Monster # 2 + Monster # 3: (singing evilly) ♫Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, yes……♫

Metal Sonic: [Chuckles Evilly] “Well, which 1 of you children was it?”

Monster # 1: “It was him!”

Monster # 2: “I never ate at Crazy Red Cherry's yes!”

Monster # 1 and Monster # 2 covered their mouths.

Metal Sonic: “It looks like we got ourselves a double child.”

Metal Sonic and the robots and monsters crack their knuckles and begin beating up Monster # 1 and Monster # 2 while Sonic and Tails are sneaking away from the bar.

Sonic: “Whoa, that was super close.

Tails: “Guess what I got, Sonic?”

Tails pulls out the key to the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile.

Sonic: “Alright, they key, shh.”

Sonic and Tails go back in the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile and drive off into the night sky.

ToonBoyDan: “Well, Sonic and Tails found the key to the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile, but here’s where Shadow turns Espio, Amy, Ella and Charmy into mind controlled slaves, so just read and review.”

Chapter 7: All bow to Shadow

Meanwhile back in Station Square the camera zooms in on Espio’s Victorian house.

Espio: (peeking out the window) “Too bad Sonic’s not here to enjoy Sonic not being here.”

Espio comes out on his super-fast bicycle and rides off into the city and he notices Homer Simpson wearing a ‘Dark Diner’ helmet.

Homer: “Good morning, Espio.”

Espio: “Some people got no taste in head gear.”

Espio spotted other cartoon characters and video game characters wearing ‘Dark Diner’ helmets and Isabella (‘Phineas and Ferb) was cooing for her 6-month-old little brother, Trevor who was wearing a ‘Dark Diner’ helmet.

[Trevor Cooing]

Espio: “Babies too?”

Espio continues with his stroll and stops by Sparkles who is driving around in her go-kart.

Espio: “Excuse me, Sparkles, where’s everybody getting that mysterious head gear?”

Sparkles: “Who said that?”

Espio: “Down here, Sparkles.”

Sparkles: “Well, Espio, I got mine at the ‘Dark Diner’, Shadow’s selling them free with every single mushroom cheeseburger.”

Espio: “‘Dark Diner’? free? mushroom cheeseburger? Shadow? giving? with?”

The camera zooms inside of the ‘Dark Diner’ where more cartoon characters and video game characters with ‘Dark Diner’ helmets come out.

Espio: “So, you’re selling mushroom cheeseburgers, right, Shadow?”

Shadow: “That’s right, Espio and there’s a free ‘Dark Diner’ helmet with every single purchase, would you care for 1?”

Espio: “No way, you might’ve hoodwinked everybody in Station Square, but you can’t trick me, I happen to listen to public radio.”

Shadow: “What the crap is that supposed to mean?”

Espio: “That means you set up Knuckles, you stole the golden crown so King Silver would freeze him and you would get your hands on the recipe, it was you all along, but you made 1 terrible mistake, you messed with my paycheck and now I’m gonna report you to the greatest authority in the city, King Silver!”

Shadow: “Is that so? well then, we’ll see about that, Inspector Chameleon.”

Shadow pulls down the green lever.

Rouge: “Mind Control: fully functional.”

Espio: “Huh, what?”

Suddenly a big antenna grows from the roof of the ‘Dark Diner’ and all of the antennas grow from the cartoon characters and video game characters ‘Dark Diner’ helmets and cover their faces and they stand up from their seats.

All Cartoon characters + Video Game characters: “All bow to Shadow.”

Espio: “What the crap is going on in here?”

All Cartoon characters + Video Game characters: “All bow to Shadow.”

Shadow: (turning on the megaphone) “Get him, slaves!”

The cartoon characters and video game characters turn around towards Espio.

Espio: “Yikes, I’m getting outta here!”

Espio runs around supersonic fast towards the door, but more mind controlled cartoon characters and video game characters block the door and Espio is trapped in a corner where they surround him.


Shadow: [Silently Chuckles] “Who’s gonna stop me right now?”

Meanwhile Sonic and Tails are driving around in the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile laughing uncontrollably.

Sonic: “Oh, Tails, do that again.”

Tails: “Alright, Sonic.” [Mimicking Metal Sonic] “We’re on a child hunt and don’t think we don’t know how to weed them out!”

Sonic: “Yahoo!” [Sonic Laughs Uncontrollably]

Sonic and Tails drive around unknowing into a valley full of stone statues of other cartoon characters and video game characters.

Sonic: “Weed them out.”

[Sonic Chuckling]

[Tails Chuckling]

Sonic: “Whoa, the road’s getting kind of bumpy here.”

Tails: “You know, Sonic, there’s a lesson to be learned from all of this.”

Sonic: “What’s that, Tails?”

Tails: “A bubble blowing double child doesn’t belong out here in young man’s country.”

Sonic: “Yeah right, wait 1 single minute, Tails, we blew that bubble, doesn’t that make us the bubble blowing double child?"

Sonic and Tails give off weird looks on their faces.

Tails: “Hey, Sonic, look, free blueberry banana split sundaes.”

Sonic and Tails stop at the ice cream stand right in the middle of a field of rocks.

Sonic: “Alright!”

Sonic jumps right outta the Mushroom Cheeseburger mobile.

Sonic runs around supersonic fast into the field of rocks chuckling.

Tails: (looking at the stone statues) “How are you doing this evening? wait 1 single minute, wait 1 single minute, Sonic!”

Sonic: (turning around) “Huh, what?”

Tails: “Make mine vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, please.”

Sonic: “I got you covered, Tails, 2 blueberry banana split sundaes, please.”

Elderly Woman: “Certainly, you young kids enjoy.”

Sonic: “Yeah right, we’re young men, woman, alright, Tails, let’s…….”

Sonic’s hands are glued on the banana split sundae dish.

Sonic: “You can let go right now, I said let go, please, (he pulls the banana split sundae dish) ew, gross, what the crap is this?”

Just as Sonic continues pulling away a rumbling sound is heard in the background.

[Loud Rumbling Sound]

The stand falls apart revealing that the elderly woman is stuck to the ground.

Sonic: “What kind of elderly woman are you?”

The elderly woman turns more evil than usual.

Sonic: “Ew, gross, huh, what?”

A big green monster pops up outta places.

Sonic: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAAAAH!

Sonic: [Still Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAAAAH!

Tails: (looking at his reflection in the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile’s mirror) “Whoa.”

The green monster is about to close its mouth when Sonic karate chops the elderly woman’s arm, bumps off 1 single tooth and falls over in the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile.

Tails: “Did you get the banana split sundaes, Sonic?”

Sonic: “Step on it, Tails!”

Sonic pushes his right foot on the pedal and drives away from the green monster who is chasing them.

Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAAAAH!

ToonBoyDan: “Holy crap, it looks like Sonic and Tails are being chased by a big green monster, but here’s where Blaze shows up, so just read and review.”

Chapter 8: Just young kids

Meanwhile Omega arrives by the ‘Robot and Monster Tug’ and he sees a footprint with a bubble puddle in it and he shoots out some bubbles outta his bubble cannon and there are images of Sonic and Tails on the bubbles just like it’s a tape recording.

Metal Sonic: “Hey, you might not know it, robot, but we got a rule around here about blowing bubbles!” [Metal Sonic Snaps fingers]

All Robots + Monsters: “All bubble blowing children will be beaten senseless by……”

Omega shoots Metal Sonic with his laser cannon so hard that he flies right into the bar and makes it disappear just as the robots and monsters stare in amazement.

Omega races off.

Meanwhile Sonic and Tails are both screaming in fear just as they are being chased by the evil green monster.

Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAH!

Elderly Woman: “Come on, young kids, have some banana split sundaes.”

Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAH!

Elderly Woman: “I’ll let you pet Rosie.”

A little kitty cat named Rosie comes out from behind.

[Rosie Meowing]

Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAH!

Sonic: “Jump for it, Tails!”

Sonic and Tails jump outta the Mushroom Cheeseburger Mobile which is eaten by the green monster and more villainous monsters come up and eat the green monster too and Sonic and Tails stare in amazement.

Sonic: “Well, Tails, we lost our car again.”

Tails: “Forget about the car, Sonic, where’s the road? [Tails’s Voice Echoing ‘Road’]

Sonic: “There’s the road, it’s on the other side of this deep dark dangerous.......”

Tails: “Perilous……”

Sonic: “Spooky……..”

Tails: “Monster infected.”

Sonic: “Yeah right, monster infected trench.”

Tails: “Hey, Sonic, here’s a way down here.”

There was a pair of spooky looking stair steps.

Tails: “Well, Sonic, we’re not gonna get the golden crown standing here, on to Dark City.”

When Tails steps on the 1st stair step a familiar monster growls and he begins playing around with it.

Tails: [Chuckling] “Hey, Sonic, look, it’s making a lot of noise, Sonic?”

Tails sees Sonic walking around in the opposite direction.

Tails: “Sonic, where are you going?”

Sonic: “I’m going back home, Tails.”

Tails: “What about Knuckles?”

Sonic: “What about us, Tails? we’ll never survive in that trench, you said it yourself, this is young man’s country and let’s face it, Tails, we’re young kids.”

Tails: “We’re not young kids!”

Sonic: “Open your eyes, Tails, we blow bubbles, we eat and drink root beer floats and we even worship a singing and disco dancing red cherry for fruit sakes, we don’t belong out here!”

Tails: “We don’t worship him, Sonic.

Sonic: (showing the Crazy Red Cherry sticker on Tails’s right hand) “Tails, you had that Crazy Red Cherry sticker on your hand for 3 days straight, what do you call that?”

Tails: “Worship? [Tearfully] oh, Sonic, you’re absolutely right, we are young kids.”

[Tails Weeping Silently]

Tails falls over.

Sonic: “Control yourself, Tails, we’re going back home.”

Blaze: [Voice Off Screen] “But you can’t go back home, Sonic.”

Blaze appears riding in King Silver’s carriage.

Sonic: “Blaze, long time no see!”

Tails: “Blaze? huh, what?”

Sonic: “How much did you hear, Blaze?”

Blaze: “I just heard enough, Sonic.”

Billy: Did you see my sticker, Blaze?”

Blaze: “No, Tails.”

Tails: “Did you wanna see it?”

Blaze: “Look, you guys, you might be young kids, but you’re the only 1s to get that golden crown.”

Sonic: “What do you mean ‘the only 1s’, Blaze?”

Blaze: “Well, Sonic, a lot of things have changed ever since you and Tails left Station Square or should I just say ‘Shadow Town’.”

Blaze pulls out her laptop monitor revealing the entire city transformed into Shadow’s version and there are life size stone statues of Shadow and all of the cartoon characters and video game characters including Sparkles are being his mind controlled slaves.

All Cartoon characters + Video game characters: “All bow to Shadow.”

Shadow: (using his whip) “No resting around here, this monument celebrating my victory isn’t gonna build itself, move quicker.”

Sonic: “Holy crap, Shadow just turned everybody we know into mind controlled slaves, Espio......”

Espio who is wearing a ‘Dark Diner’ helmet is fanning Shadow.

Sonic: “Amy......”

Amy is running around on a gigantic hamster wheel.

Sonic: “Ella........”

Ella is mining on some rocks.

Sonic: [Gasps In Shock] “Especially Charmy!”

Charmy is pulling on a boulder.

Charmy: “All bow to Shadow.”

Sonic: “Can’t your master do something about it, Blaze?”

Blaze: “My master is too distracted by the blue zit on his forehead to do anything.

Daffy gets a spray can called ‘Blue Zit Be Gone’ and he begins shaking it.

King Silver: “Squire, will you hurry up?” (he gets sprayed in his eyes) AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Blaze: “So you see, Sonic, you can’t quit, the fate of Station Square rests in your hands.”

Sonic: “But, but, Blaze, we’re just……..”

Blaze: “Hey, Sonic, it doesn’t matter if you’re young kids and what’s wrong with being a young kid anyway? young kids rule, you don’t need to be a young man to do it, you just gotta believe in yourself, you just gotta believe!”

Blaze hovers up.

Sonic: “I believe…….”

Blaze: “That’s the spirit, Sonic.”

Sonic: “I believe that [Tearfully] everybody I know is gone forever!”

[Sonic And Tails Weeping Uncontrollably]

Blaze: “Come on, you guys.”

Sonic and Tails are still weeping uncontrollably and banging their heads on the ground.

Blaze: “You guys……..”

Sonic and Tails are running around and weeping uncontrollably.

Blaze: “You guys?”

Sonic and Tails begin spraying their tear drops into 1 another’s mouths.

Blaze: “Ew, gross.”

Narrator: Meanwhile......

Omega races around through the field of stone statues and crushes a stone statue in his fists and he chuckles robotically while a cross bone appears on the road.

Meanwhile back with Sonic, Tails and Blaze, Sonic and Tails are shaking and rolling around in their puddle of tear drops.

Blaze: “Good grief, hmm, think, Blaze, think, [Gasps In Shock] well, Sonic, I guess you’re right.”

Sonic and Tails look up at Blaze.

Blaze: “A couple of young kids can never survive this adventure.”

Sonic and Tails look at 1 another and resume weeping uncontrollably.

Blaze: “That’s why I gotta turn you into young men.”

Sonic and Tails stand up.

Sonic: “You can do that? how exactly are you gonna do that, Blaze?”

Blaze: “With my super powers, Sonic.”

Sonic: “Did you hear that, Tails? Blaze will use her super powers to turn us into young men.”

Sonic + Tails: “Yahoo, we’re gonna be young men, we’re gonna be young men, we’re gonna be young men!”

Blaze: “Good, now let’s begin, close your eyes.”

Sonic and Tails close their eyes.

Sonic: “Are we young men yet?”

Blaze: “Not yet, Sonic, now spin around 3 times.”

Sonic: “Tails, I think it’s working.”

Blaze: (pulling out 2 big blades of grass) “Now with my super powers…...”

[Tails Chuckles]

Blaze: “I command you to turn into young men.”

Sonic and Tails have tall grass mustaches.

Sonic: “Huh, what? I don’t feel any……holy crap, Tails, you got a mustache!”

Tails: “So do you, Sonic!”

Sonic and Tails touch their tall grass mustaches and gaze cheerfully.

Blaze: “So now that you’re young men, can you make it to Dark City?”

Sonic and Tails are acting crazy and rubbing their tall grass mustaches.

Blaze: “I said, now that you’re young men, can you make to Dark City?"

Sonic + Tails: “Heck yes!”

Blaze: “Are young men terrified of anything?”

Sonic + Tails: “Heck no!”

Blaze: “And why’s that?”

Sonic + Tails: “‘Cause we’re invincible!”

Sonic and Tails run around and jumped down into the trench.

Blaze: “I didn’t say that, you guys!”

ToonBoyDan: “The ‘Young Men’ song is in the next chapter, so just read and review.”

Chapter 9: Young men

Sonic and Tails are falling over into the trench thinking that they’re young men.

Sonic: “Alright!”

Tails: “Awesome!”

Sonic: “Yahoo!”

Tails: “Alright!”

Sonic: “Awesome!”

Tails: “Yahoo!”

Sonic: “Alright!”

Tails: “Awesome!”

Sonic + Tails: “Alright!”

Tails: “Yahoo!”

Sonic: “Awesome, uh, Tails?”

Tails: “Yeah, Sonic?”

Sonic: “Why did we jump off the mountain instead of taking the stair steps?”

Tails: “‘Cause we had to take the short cut, Sonic.”

Sonic and Tails look down seeing that they are getting closer to the ground. Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

A tree branch catches Sonic and Tails and lowers them on the ground safe and sound.

Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAHHH! AAAAHHH!

Sonic: “Tails!”

Tails: “Huh, what? are we turning into stone statues?"

Sonic: “No, Tails, far from it, my close friend, we’re safe and sound at the sight of this trench.”

There are evil looking monsters in the background of the mysterious fog.

Tails: “The mustaches worked, Sonic.” Sonic: “Do you know what this means, Tails? we’re invincible!”

Just as marching band music comes on Sonic and Tails march on.

Sonic + Tails: (singing in celebrity voices) ♫We are young men we can do anything♫ ♫we are young men we are invincible♫ ♫we are young men we’ll go to Dark City♫ ♫get the golden crown, save the city and Knuckles♫ ♫we are young men we got facial hair♫ ♫we are young men♫

Tails: (singing in Billy West’s Freddie Mercury impersonation voice) ♫I got rid of the sticker on my hand♫

Sonic + Tails: (singing in celebrity voices) ♫we are young men we got a manly flair♫ ♫we got the stuff♫ ♫we’re tough enough to save the day♫ ♫we never got a chance when we were young kids♫ ♫no, no, no,♫ ♫but take a good look at what the cat girl did♫ ♫yes, yes, yes♫

A red monster lifts Sonic and Tails up and is about to eat them ‘til Sonic and Tails begin slapping their knee caps.

Sonic and Tails slap them in an awesome looking way.

[Tails Slapping Knee Caps]

Sonic: “Alright, go, Tails.”

More of the monsters watch them.

[Sonic Slapping Knee Caps]

Tails: [Slapping Knee Caps] “Alright!”

Sonic: “Awesome!”

Tails: “Way to go, Sonic.”

Sonic + Tails: (stopping) “Awesome!”

All Monsters: “Yahoo!” All Monsters: (singing) ♫they are young men♫ ♫we can’t bother them♫ ♫they are young men♫ ♫they’re now our close friends♫ ♫they are young men♫ ♫there’s gonna a cheerful ending♫ ♫and they’ll pass the test and finish the quest for the golden crown♫ ♫they’ll pass the test♫ [Slapping Sounds] ♫and finish the quest♫ [More Slapping Sounds] ♫they’ll pass the test and finish the quest for the golden crown…….♫ Sonic, Tails and the monsters cheer for victory when they get to the end of the trench.

Sonic: “We did it, Tails, Dark City’s dead ahead, we made it passed everything even the disgusting monsters.”

Monster # 1: “Huh, what?”

Monster # 1 groans devastatingly and walks away from Sonic and Tails.

Sonic: “Not you guys, you guys are awesome, well, Tails, we should be there in 1 more verse.”

Sonic + Tails: (singing in celebrity voices) ♫We are young men……♫

Omega: [Voice Off Screen] “I have finally found both of you.”

It is Omega finally meeting Sonic and Tails.

ToonBoyDan: “Good grief, Sonic and Tails have been spotted by Omega, but here’s our next chapter where Dr. Eggman appears, so just read and review.”

Chapter Ten: Bigger foot

Sonic and Tails finally encounter Omega.

Omega: I got you right where I want you.”

Sonic: “Can I help you with something, Mr. Robot?”

Omega: “I am E-123 Omega, I was hired to destroy you.”

Sonic: “You’re gonna destroy us?”

Sonic and Tails look at 1 another and laugh uncontrollably with Omega who isn’t amused.

[Sonic And Tails Sigh In Disappointment]

Sonic: “Listen here, Omega, you caught me in a good mood today, so we’ll let you go with a warning, step aside and you won’t need to feel the awesome wrath of our mustaches.”

Omega: “Do you not mean those mustaches?”

Omega tears off Sonic and Tails’ tall grass mustaches off their faces.

Sonic + Tails: “What the crap?”

Omega: “I thought you guys had a piece of kale stuck on your mouths from dinner time.”

Omega flings the tall grass mustaches on the ground in slow motion.

Sonic: “They were frauds?”

Omega: “Of course they were frauds, this is what a real mustache looks like.”

Omega draws a picture of a red haired man with a blue mustache.

Tails: “Is he a talented artist?”

Omega: “Now enough jabber yapping.”

Omega walks around towards Sonic and Tails who are shaking in fear.

Sonic: “What are you gonna do to us, Omega?”

Omega: “Shadow was very specific.”

Sonic: “Shadow?”

Omega: “For some reason, he wanted me to eliminate you.

Tails: “Eliminate us?”

Omega: “Yeah right, that way you will never know that he stole the golden crown.”

Sonic and Tails look at 1 another.

Omega: “Maybe I said a little too much.

Spikes grow from Omega’s feet and he puts his right foot over Sonic and Tails.

Tails: “That’s 1 big foot.”

Omega: “Do not worry about it, this will hurt for just 1 2nd, I like this job.”

Suddenly a bigger foot crushes Omega real flat.

Tails: “Bigger foot!”

Sonic: “Wait 1 single minute, Tails, this bigger foot saved our lives!”

Tails: “Yahoo!”

Sonic + Tails: “Thank you, complete stranger.”

The camera zooms up to see Dr. Eggman looking down at Sonic and Tails.

Sonic: “Uhh, complete stranger?”

Dr. Eggman: “Alright, Sonic and Tails, I got you right where I want you.”

Sonic: “It’s Dr. Eggman, let’s attack him!”

Sonic and Tails run around attacking Dr. Eggman, but Dr. Eggman catches them in 2 giant butterfly nets.

Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Sonic: “Help us!” Tails: “Get us away from him!”

Dr. Eggman who is with Sonic and Tails slowly walks away into the other side of the city.

ToonBoyDan: “Holy crap, Sonic and Tails got captured by Dr. Eggman, but here’s the next chapter where they realize Dark City is a stone statue museum and gift shop, so just read and review.”

Chapter 11: Dark City

The movie theater screen opens up with Sonic and Tails asleep on the shelves.

Sonic: (waking up from his slumber) “Huh, what?”

Tails: (waking up) “Are we turning into stone statues, Sonic?”

Sonic: “I don’t think so, Tails, (picks up a gummy worm) artificially flavored gummy worms?”

Tails eats a red gummy worm.

Sonic: “I just don’t know where we are, Tails, (he bumps into some glass) what the crap is this?”

Tails: [Tapping On Glass Wall] “It’s got some kind of psychic wall energy.”

Sonic: “No, Tails, it’s a giant glass cabinet.”

The camera zooms out revealing that Sonic and Tails are in a giant glass cabinet.

Sonic: “Hey, Tails, look, there’s some close friends of ours!”

Tails: “Get us outta here!”

Sonic: “Hey, you guys, a little help here?!? we’re stuck in this……(he looks around) wait 1 single minute, Tails!"

There were stone statues of other Sonic characters from all of my favorite Sonic games.

Sonic: “Those guys are stone solid.”

Sonic and Tails shake in fear just as Dr. Eggman appears.

Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAAAAH!

Sonic and Tails run around the giant cabinet bumping into it while Dr. Eggman chuckles evilly and walked away.

Sonic: “What the crap is he gonna do to us?”

Dr. Eggman opens up the glass displays which contains the stone statues.

Sonic: “Oh crap, he’s getting them outta here!”

Dr. Eggman finds Tiffany’s stone solid body.

Sonic: “Tiffany?” [Sonic And Tails Whimpering In Fear]

Dr. Eggman gets out Daisy’s stone solid body too.

Sonic: “Daisy too? Tails, he’s turning everybody we know into stone statues and I think we’re next!”

Tails: (being captured) “You really think so, Sonic?”

Sonic: “Tails, no!”

Sonic was now being captured.

Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Dr. Eggman places Sonic and Tails in a stone statue display and they are turning into stone statues.

Sonic: (turning into a stone statue) “That machine is so powerful that I can’t move around.

Tails: (turning into a stone statue) “Tell me about it, Sonic.”

Dr. Eggman chuckles evilly just as he grabs a Nickelodeon magazine and goes into the men’s restroom.

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “This doesn’t look so good, Tails.”

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue) “You mean we're not gonna get the golden crown, save the city and Knuckles?”

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “I don't think we can save ourselves, Tails.”

[Sonic Sneezing]

Tails gave Sonic a paper towel.

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “Thanks, Tails.”

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue)

“Don’t mention it, Sonic.”

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “I guess what everybody said about us is true, Tails.”

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue) “You mean that we’re crazy, Sonic?”

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “No, Tails, that we’re just young kids, a couple of young kids in way over our heads, we were doomed from the beginning, I mean, look at us, we didn’t even come close to the golden crown, we let everybody down, we failed.”

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue) “Dark City……”

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “Yeah right, we never made it to Dark City.”

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue) “Dark City………”

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “Exactly right, Tails, the place that we never got to.”

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue) “Dark City…….”

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “Alright, now you’re beginning to bum me out, Tails.”

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue) “No, Sonic, look at the sign.”

Tails pointed to the sign.

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue) ‘Dark City: Museum and Gift Shop’.

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “Dark City’s a museum and gift shop? but if this is Dark City, then where’s the……”

The camera zooms out seeing King Silver’s golden crown on a red pillow on sale.

Sonic + Tails: (still turning into stone statues) “Golden crown……”

Sonic: (still turning into a stone statue) “King Silver’s golden crown, this really is Dark City, Tails, we did made it.”

Tails: (still turning into a stone statue) “Yeah right, Sonic, I guess we did.”

Sonic: [Sniffs Tearfully] “We did alright for a couple of jokers.”

Sonic and Tails smile cheerfully just as tear drops came outta their eyes.

Sonic: (singing weakly) ♫I’m the Crazy Red Cherry♫

Sonic + Tails: (singing weakly) ♫you’re the Crazy Red Cherry♫ ♫we are Crazy Red Cherries♫

Sonic and Tails’ tear drops form 1 tiny little heart.

Sonic + Tails: (singing weakly) Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, yes…….

Sonic and Tails finally turn into stone statues.

The camera zooms outta the movie theater screen seeing the Nintendo video game heroes and Pokemon Trainers from the beginning weeping and bawling uncontrollably along with the Pokemon.

Solid Snake: [Tearfully] “That’s the end of Sonic and Tails.”

Link: [Tearfully] “Come here, you!”

[Solid Snake And Link Weeping Uncontrollably]

[Team Rocket are heartbroken and weeping as well]

Jessie: [weeping] This is a sad scene ever.

Meowth: [weeping] Poor Sonic and Tails. Isn't it sad, James?

James: [weeping] This is very horrible!

Brock: [weeping with his Vulpix] I can't believe Sonic and Tails are gone! Isn't it sad Vulpix?!

Vulpix: [bawling and crying a hugest fountain of tears] Vuuuuul...! Vuuuuul!

Ash Ketchum: [weeping] I miss them!

Pikachu: [weeping] Piiiiiii....

Max: [weeping] This is so horrible.

Wild Male Eevee: [weeping] It is so sad!!

May: [weeping with her Eevee and Max] I cannot believe Sonic and Tails are gone for good! Isn't it sad, Eevee?

May's Eevee: [bawling and sobbing a hugest fountain of tears] Eeeeveeee!!! (It's very sad! We miss them!)

Donkey Kong: “Duh, shut the heck up you crybabies and look at the screen.”

Solid Snake: “Donkey Kong’s right, it’s the tear drop of the Crazy Red Cherries!”

The tear drop heart rolls off the table and goes into the bag of magical dust which revives Sonic and Tails.

Sonic: “Alright, we’re back to our original selves!”

The other people and the Nintendo video game heroes cheer for victory just as Sonic and Tails escape from the glass prison.

Sonic: “Let’s go get that golden crown!”

Tails: “Right on, Sonic!”

Sonic and Tails jump on every single side of the golden crown.

Sonic: “On 3, Tails, 1, 2 and 3 (they’re now being lifted) Hey, it's lighter than I thought....whoa!"

It is revealed that Dr. Eggman is grabbing the golden crown with Sonic and Tails hanging on to it.

Sonic + Tails: [Screaming In Fear] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Dr. Eggman: “Alright, Sonic and Tails, now I got both of you.”

Suddenly the entire shop and all of the stone statues are shaking.

Sonic + Tails + Dr. Eggman: “Huh, what?”

The magical dust revives Tiffany and Daisy and they karate chop Dr. Eggman to get their revenge on him.

Tiffany: “Take this and that!”

Dr. Eggman: “Uh oh.”

Daisy: “And some of this and some of that!”

Daisy zaps Dr. Eggman with her blue chaos emerald which is causing him to fall over.

ToonBoyDan: “Well, it looks like Sonic and Tails are fighting against Dr. Eggman right now, but here’s where Speedy the Frog takes them back to Station Square, so just read and review.”

Chapter 12: Speedy the Frog

Sonic and Tails who are carrying the golden crown escape from the museum and gift shop.

Sonic: “Come on, Tails!”

Sonic and Tails stop by a crate of hover-boards. Sonic: “Let’s get back to Station Square (he puts the golden crown down on the ground) do you still got that magical bag of winds?”

Tails: “I sure do, Sonic.” [Sonic And Tails Chuckling In Unison]

Tails: “Here you go, Sonic.” Sonic stares at Tails.

Tails: “What, Sonic?”

Sonic: “Nothing, Tails, nothing at all, (he pulls out the list) alright, let’s go over the instructions, let’s see, it says here, ‘Step 1: Point Bag far away from home’.”

Tails: (pointing the magical bag of winds away from Station Square) “Alright, Sonic.”

Sonic: ‘Step 2: Plant your feet on the ground.’

Tails: (planting his feet on the ground) “Right, Sonic.”

Sonic: ‘Step 3” Remove the string from the bag releasing the winds.’

Tails: (removing the string) “Got it.”

The magical bag of winds flies away.

Tails looked around.

Sonic: “Well, that seems quite simple enough, ‘Point the bag far away from home, plant your feet on the ground and pull the string, releasing the winds’, alright, let’s do it, Tails.”

Tails: “Uh, Sonic? (he points at the magical bag of winds flying around)

The magical bag of winds flies around and goes right into the dumpster.

[Sonic And Tails Gasp in Shock]

Sonic: “Oh no, how are we supposed to get back to Station Square right now?”

Speedy: [Voice Off Screen]: “I can take you back there.”

It is Speedy running around into the scene with his red hover board.

Sonic: “Who the heck are you?”

Speedy: “I’m Speedy the Frog, just call me Speedy.”

Sonic + Tails: “Yahoo!”

Sonic and Tails stare at Speedy for 1 single minute.

Sonic: “So, Speedy, where’s your sport’s car?”

Speedy: “Sport’s car?”

[Speedy Chuckles]

Meanwhile Speedy is hover boarding back to Station Square with Sonic and Tails following him and the golden crown in Sonic’s right hand.

Sonic: “Go, Speedy, go!”

Tails: “Next stop, Station Square!”

Meanwhile back at the so called ‘Shadow Town’

Shadow arrives at ‘Burger Prince 2’ where the frozen Knuckles is still standing.

Shadow: “Well, Knuckles, you know what today is? sorry about this calendar (he rips off the calendar) it’s March 19th, wait 1 single minute, that’s not right, it should say ‘The Day the Red Echidna burns up’.”

[Shadow Silently Chuckles]

Meanwhile back outside King Silver comes in his carriage.

Shadow: “Perfect, guess who’s here.”

Sonic, Tails and Speedy hover board further which destroys an evil robot army.

Sonic: “Yahoo for Speedy, nothing gonna stop us right now!”

Tails: (looking back) “Huh, what? unidentified object off the foot.”

Sonic: “It looks just like……”

The object turns out to be 1 of Dr. Eggman’s feet.

Sonic: “Bigger foot, but how can it be?”

The foot flips over which is revealing some red goo peeling off and it was actually Omega on the foot.

Sonic: AAAAAAAAHH! “Omega!”

Omega: “Did you miss me?”

Daffy is playing the royal drums while King Silver walks around into the fast food place where Knuckles is centered right in front of the target.

Shadow: “This is the best seat in the house, alright, Silver, let’s get it on. (he eats caramel popcorn)

King Silver: “Knuckles, your 3 days are up and it’s time for you to burn up.”

Knuckles: (losing frozen tear drops) “Please, I’m begging you, I didn’t do it!”

King Silver: “Sorry, Knuckles, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.”

Blaze: “You can give Sonic and Tails a little more time.”

King Silver: “Except give Sonic and Tails a little more time…….what the heck? Blaze, will you get outta here? I won’t have you stalling this destroying!”

Blaze: “Stalling? I’m not stalling anything.”

King Silver: “Yes you are.”

Blaze: “No I’m not.”

King Silver: “Yes you are, you’re doing it right now.”

Blaze: “I’m stalling?”

King Silver: “Yes you are!”

Blaze: “Stalling?”

King Silver: “Stalling!”

Blaze: “Stalling?”

King Silver: “Stalling!”

Shadow: “Holy crap.”

Meanwhile back with Sonic and Tails Omega comes around towards them.

Omega: “Now, where were we?”

Sonic: “Tails, run for your entire life!”

Tails: “No, Sonic, I’m tired of running around, if we run around now, we’ll never stop and……."

Omega blasts Tails to Speedy’s hover board.

Tails: “Run for your entire life, Sonic!”

Sonic runs around supersonic fast and slides off his hover board missing Omega’s blast attack.

Speedy: “Take it easy, dudes.”

[Speedy Sighs In Disbelief]

Omega chases Sonic and Tails around.

Tails: “Sonic, be careful!"

Omega: “Come on, blue supersonic hedgehog, give it up, I always get my young man.”

Sonic: “Never!”

Sonic jumps around supersonic fast in slow motion.

Sonic: “Alright, I did it!”

Omega: “You got guts, young kids.”

[Sonic Gasps In Fear]

Omega: “Well, too bad I gotta blast them outta you.”

Sonic: (pulling out Crazy Red Cherry tokens) “Well, I don’t know what Shadow’s paying you to do, but if you let both of us go, I can make it worth your living.”

Omega: (taking out the tokens) “It’s gonna take a lot more than 32……(he looks at the tokens) what is this?”

Sonic: “That’s 32 Crazy Red Cherry tokens, legal tender at any participating Crazy Red Cherry…………”

Omega grabs Sonic by his shoulders.

Sonic: (pulling out the bubbles) “I got bubbles, they’re fun at disco parties.”

The big strong wind blows the bubbles right into Omega’s face.

Omega: “Oh crap, I should just surrender right now.”

Omega tosses Sonic away, but luckily he is caught by Tails.

Tails: “I got you, Sonic!”

Sonic: “Thanks, Tails, (he sees Omega’s right foot over them) thanks a lot.”

Omega: “That does it, I am finished with messing around with you jokers!”

Omega turns himself around to see a metal pillar coming towards him.

Omega: “Yikes!


Speedy continues to hover-board back to Station Square with Sonic, Tails and the golden crown still following him.

Tails: “Bye, Omega!”

Meanwhile back at ‘Burger Prince 2’ Blaze has annoyed King Silver too far.

Blaze: “So, Silver, you really think I’m stalling?”

King Silver: AAAHH! “Where am I? Crazy Town? I had quite enough of this (he turns to Blaze) you are to wait in the carriage until the destroying is finished!”

Blaze: (walking around towards the door) “But, Silver, I…….”

King Silver: “Now, Blaze!”

Blaze walks around out the door where King Silver locks it with a giant sized lock.

Blaze: “Good grief, no, Sonic, wherever you are, you better hurry up!”

ToonBoyDan: “Well, it looks like Sonic and Tails are almost back with King Silver’s golden crown, but the ‘Crazy Red Cherry Rock’ song is in the next chapter, so just read and review.”

Chapter 13: Yahoo for Sonic!

Speedy who is with Sonic, Tails and the golden crown finally comes to the place closer to Station Square.

Speedy: “Alright, dudes, this is your stop, Station Square, the closest.”

Sonic: “But we’ll never be able to hover back in time.”

Speedy: Who said anything about hovering?"

Electronic Voice: “Initiating launch sequence…………”

Speedy prepares to launch a great big rocket missile.

Sonic: “Whoa, did you see that?”

Tails: “The rocket control.”

Speedy: (grabs Tails and King Silver’s golden crown) “All hands on board.”

Speed prepares to launch Sonic and Tails back to Station Square.

Electronic Voice: 10 2nds to liftoff, 9, 8................7…………”

King Silver: “Knuckles, the time has come..........”

Blaze: “No………..”

Shadow: “Yes……….”

Electronic Voice: “...6……..5...”

King Silver: “…….for you........”

Blaze: “No…………”

Shadow: “Yes…………”

Electronic Voice: “……….3 2...........

King Silver: “….....to burn up.

Blaze: “No!” Shadow: “Yes!”

Electronic Voice: “………..1……….”

Speedy shoots Sonic and Tails back to Station Square heading for Burger Prince 2.

Knuckles: “No!”

Sonic and Tails crash right through the ceiling and King Silver shoots at Knuckles, but it is reflected off the golden crown and it beams up to the surface.

Speedy: “You did good, Speedy, you did…….”

The explosion blasts Speedy which is leaving him all burned up.

Speedy: “Ow……….” Knuckles opens his frozen eyes to see that he isn’t burned up.

Sonic: (jumping for victory) “Yahoo, we made it!”

Tails: (jumping and laughing for victory)

Then the frozen Knuckles jumps along with them smiling and laughing.

King Silver: “My golden crown, my powerful golden crown!”

Blaze comes into Burger Prince 2.

Blaze: “Sonic? Tails? (she cuddles them) I knew you guys could do it.”

Tails: [Chuckling]

There is a slapping coming from Shadow.

Shadow: “Yes, well done, blue supersonic hedgehog.”

Sonic: “We’re sorry to rain on your parade, Shadow.”

Shadow: “Oh don't worry about me, my parade should be quite dry underneath my........umbrella.”

Shadow pulls the red lever.

Sonic + Tails + Blaze + King Silver: “Umbrella?”

A trap door above King Silver drops another Dark Diner helmet on his head.

King Silver: “What the…………..”

King Silver tries to pull off the Dark Diner helmet.

Blaze: “Silver, no!”

Shadow: “Silver, yes!”

Shadow pushes the green button and the antenna appears on the Dark Diner helmet.

King Silver: [Mind Controlled] “All bow to Shadow.”

Sonic + Tails + Blaze: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

All of the brainwashed Station Square Citizens break into Burger Prince 2 trapping them into the wall with King Silver preparing to burn them up with his red chaos emerald of doom.

Tails: “Sonic, what just happened?”

Sonic: “Shadow cheated.”

Shadow: “Cheated? hold it, joker, oh, grow up, what? you think this is a game of kick ball on the playground? you never had a change to defeat me, joker, and you know why?”

Sonic: “‘Cause you cheated?

Shadow: “No, it’s not because I cheated, it’s because I’m an evil genius and you’re just a young kid, a crazy young kid.”

Shadow and the mind controlled slaves laugh uncontrollably at Sonic who sighs devastatingly.

Sonic: “I guess you’re right, Shadow, I am just a young kid.”

Shadow: “Of course I’m right, alright, Silver, time to zap.”

Sonic: “And you know, I been through a lot in the past 7 days, 6 minutes and 28 ½ 2nds, and if I learned anything from this, it’s what you are who you are.”

Shadow: “That's right, Sonic, alright, Silver………..”

Sonic: “And no amount of super powers............”

Blaze: (looks down) Sonic: “...or managerial promotion…………..”

Knuckles: (staring)

Sonic: “........or some other 3rd thing can make me what I really am inside: a young kid.”

Shadow: “Alright, that’s great, now get back against the wall.”

Sonic: (on the microphone) “But that’s alright.”

Shadow: “What the crap is going on?”

Sonic: “‘Cause I did what everybody said a young kid couldn’t do, I made it to Dark City, and I beat Dr. Eggman, and I hover-boarded with Speedy, and I brought the golden crown back!”

Shadow: (runs around supersonic fast) “Alright, we get the point.”

Sonic: “So yes, I’m a young kid, and I’m also a joker, a goofball, and a wingnut and a knucklehead McSpazamtron.”

Blue smoke and multicolored lights appear right behind where Sonic is standing.

Shadow: “What the crap? [Coughs Silently] what the crap is going on?”

Sonic: “But most importantly, I’m...............”

Shadow: “Alright, settle down.”

Sonic: “I’m...........”

Shadow: “Take it easy.”

Sonic: “I’m...........”

Shadow: “What the crap?”

Sonic: (singing in Steven Tyler’s rock singer’s voice) ♫I’m the Crazy Red Cherry………rock♫

The force blasts Shadow right into the wall.

Sonic: (singing in Steven Tyler’s rock singer’s voice) ♫you’re the Crazy Red Cherry……..rock we are Crazy Red Cherries……..rock.......crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy…rock…..♫

Sonic: (singing in Steven Tyler’s rock singer’s voice): ♫put your games away well all I gotta say when you tell me not to play around I say no way no way no, no doggone way I’m a young kid you say when you say I’m a young kid I say ‘say it again’ and I say thanks a lot thanks a lot thanks a lot so if you’re thinking that you would like to be like me go ahead and try the young kid inside will set you free at last I’m a Crazy Red Cherry…….rock……♫

Shadow pops up outta the red barrel.

Shadow: [Groaning] “What the crap is happening? (he sees Sonic using his rock and roll magic) huh, what?”

Sonic is disco dancing around in the middle of the room.

Shadow: “His disco dance moves are impressive, but, I’m in mind control, (he pulls on the red microphone) grab them.”

The mind controlled slaves surround Sonic just as he continues singing his smash hit song.


Just as blue smoke clears away there is Sonic in a sorceress outfit with high-heeled sneakers and he’s playing a red electric guitar and he magically went up to the ceiling where Shadow and the frozen Knuckles watched him.

Tails: “Yahoo!”

Sonic magically plays the red electric guitar just as he begins sweating real hard and a green laser beam blasted from the red electric guitar destroying a Dark Diner helmet for all of the Station Square citizens.

Sparkles: “I’m free at last, I’m finally free at last!”

Shadow: “What the crap?”

Sonic begins blasting the Dark Diner helmets off the Station Square citizens.

Shadow: “No!"

Sonic continues to rock on and finally frees the Station Square Citizens at last.

All Station Square Citizens: “Yeah, alright!”

Sonic spins around and around blasting faster and releasing the other Station Square Citizens.

Shadow: “My precious Dark Diner helmets!”

Espio: “Alright!”

Ella: “Oh my goodness!”

Amy: “Yahoo, awesome!”

Charmy: “Here we go!”

Sonic blasts the antenna releasing the Station Square citizens from the outside.

All Station Square Citizens: “Yahoo!”

The Station Square citizens cheer for victory just as if they are at a rock and roll concert.

Shadow: “His karate chops are too crazy, the Dark Diner helmets can’t handle this level of rock and roll, hey, you, do something, where’d she go?”

There is Rouge doing her disco dance moves with the Station Square citizens.

Rouge: “Alright!”

Shadow: (silently growls) “That does it, Silver, I command you to………..”

Sonic blasts King Silver’s Dark Diner helmet off King Silver’s head.

Blaze: (handing over the golden crown) “Here you go, Silver.”

Shadow: “I gotta get outta here.”

Shadow runs around supersonic fast to the door preparing to escape ‘til the Station Square Citizens outside blocked the way.

Jet: “Hey, look, it’s the sorceress who saved our lives!”

Shadow: “Outta my way, jokers.”

The Station Square citizens run over Shadow by bumping into him.


ToonBoyDan: “Well, this is the end of chapter 13, so coming up next is the final chapter, so just read and review.”

Chapter 14: The greatest day ever

The movie theater screen opens up to Shadow being taken to the jailhouse.

Shadow: “Come on, I was just joking around.”

A police man puts Shadow in his police car.

Shadow: “Come on, you guys knew that, didn’t you?”

The police man drives Shadow around in his police car.

Shadow: “With the helmets and the great big monuments...[Silently Chuckles] wasn’t that hilarious, you guys?(the police car drives off) I will get my revenge on all of you……”

King Silver: “Well, Blaze, I gotta admit, you were right, your compassion for those cartoon characters and video game characters proved a most admirable trait, without it, I would have never again seen my beautiful golden crown, I believe you’ll make a great queen of the city some other day, now let’s go back home.”

Blaze: “Silver, haven’t you forgotten something?

King Silver: “Oh, yeah, right, (he turns over to Knuckles) Knuckles, I forgot to unfreeze you.”

King Silver blasts Knuckles with his blue chaos emerald which turns him light green all over.

Knuckles: “What the……” King Silver: “Whoops, I guess I accidently set it to ‘light green echidna’ ending.

King Silver tries again and turns Knuckles back into his original red echidna self and unfrozen.

Knuckles: “Alright, I’m me again!”

King Silver: “Knuckles, I’m terribly sorry for falsely freezing you, and might I say, you’re a very clever fellow to have in your employ such a brave, faithful and heroic young dude, where is he anyway?”

Sonic: [voice off screen] “I’m up here.”

Everybody looks up to see Sonic who is still in his sorceress outfit hanging on a tight rope.

Tails: (in hip hop boots) “I’m on it.”

Tails lowers Sonic down to the tiled floor.

King Silver: “Go to him, Knuckles, embrace him.”

Knuckles: “Sonic, my close friend, I’m terribly sorry I ever doubted you, that’s 1 mistake I’ll make again.”

Sonic: “Oh, Knuckles, you old cheapskate.”

Knuckles: “And now, Sonic, I’m gonna do something that I should’ve done 7 days ago…………Espio, front and center, please, I think we all know who rightfully deserves to wear that manager sticker.”

Espio: “I couldn’t agree more, Knuckles.”

Sparkles: “Yahoo for Sonic!”

All of the Station Square citizens cheer for Sonic who is still frowning about what happened near the beginning.

Sonic: “Wait 1 2nd, everybody, there’s something I need to say 1st, I just don’t know how to put it in.”

Espio: “I think I know what it really is, right after going through your life-changing adventure, you now realize you don’t want what you thought you wanted, what you really wanted was inside you along.

Sonic: (grabs sticker) “Are you crazy? I was gonna tell you that your heart is beating like a drum………manager? this the greatest day of my entire life.”

End credits

City man

Patton Oswalt as Sonic the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic (voices)

take us by the hands

Katie Leigh as Miles "Tails" Prower the 2 Tailed Fox (voice)

lead us to the lands

Matthew Fox as Espio the Chameleon (voice)

that we understand

Ben Stiller as Knuckles the Echidna and Metal Knuckles (voices)

city man

Russi Taylor as Charmy Bee (voice)

the voyage to the corner of the universe

Jason Marsden as Shadow the Hedgehog/Jimmy and Lightstorm the Parrot (voices)

is 1 real trip

Frank Welker as E-123 Omega (robotic voice)

city man

Adam Young as King Silver (voice)

the grains of a sweaty dude caused by the sand

Anne Hathaway as Blaze the Cat (voice)

speedin’ up the thirst of the universe

Jennifer Hale as Amy Rose (voice)

city man

Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman and Ella (voices)

can you see through the wonder of excitement?

Bailee Madison as Sparkles the Ferret (voice)

Danny Cooksey as Forrest the Skunk (voice)

Jim Carrey as Speedy the Frog (voice)

Dustin Hoffman as Crasher the Beefy Elephant (voice)

Jason Liebrecht as Link and Mighty the Armadillo (voices)

Sandra Bullock as Rouge the Bat (voice)

Megan Hollingshead as Scarlet Garcia (voice)

Maurice LaMarche as E-102 Gamma (robotic voice)

John Goodman as Vector the Crocodile (voice)

Suzanne Goldish as Chris Thorndyke (voice)

Kyle Herbert as the Crazy Red Cherry and various monster villains (voices and sound effects)

Dionne Quan as Shelly the Turtle (voice)

Charles Martinet as Mario and Luigi (voices)

Tara Charendoff as Bunnie Rabbot and Metal Bunnie (voices)

David Hayter as Solid Snake (voice)

Bill Fagerbakke as Donkey Kong (voice)

at the upper-hand

city man

the crust is elusive when it cast forth

to the child-like man

city man

the sequence of the life form

risin’ in the sand

soakin’ up the thirst of the lands

city man

city man

city man

city man

the sequence of the life form

risin’ in the sand

soakin’ up the thirst of the lands

city man…………..

The movie theater curtains close the movie theater screen where the Nintendo video game heroes remain in their seats while Zelda cleans up the caramel popcorn on the movie theater floor.

Nintendo Video Game Heroes: [Sighing Heavilly]

Solid Snake: “You know, Speedy the Frog is 1 of the greatest Sonic game characters.”

Zelda: “Excuse me, kind sir, you guys need to leave.”

The Nintendo video game heroes stare at Zelda.

Solid Snake: “What? (he takes out his laser gun) say that again if you dare.”

Zelda: “You guys need to leave.”

Solid Snake: “Alright, we’re leaving.”

Solid Snake and the other Nintendo video game heroes get up and leave the movie theater while Zelda continued cleaning everything up.

The End (for real now)

ToonBoyDan: “Coming up next is a deleted scene, so thanks for reading and reviewing.

Deleted Scene: Sonic and Tails Meet Amy in the action figure universe

Sonic and Tails are escaping outta the stone statue museum.

Sonic: “Come on, Tails!”

Tails: “Which way now, Sonic?” Sonic and Tails see action figures of other people doing their original stuff

Sonic: “I don’t know, Tails.”

Amy Action Figure (voice off screen): “Sonic, Tails, is that really you?”

Sonic: “Amy, is that really you?”

Sonic + Tails: AAAAAHHHHHHH!

There is Amy as a 3 inch action figure.

Sonic: “For the love of Station Square, Amy, wherever you are, save us from this hideous creature!”

Amy Action Figure: “You guys, it’s me, Amy Rose, this is what I look like in the action figure universe.”

There is a short pause.

Tails: [Sneezes]

Sonic: “I’m terribly sorry, Amy, but you look so, uh, 3D lookin’.

Tails: [Sneezes Again]

Amy Action Figure: “What are you guys doing out here anyway?”

Sonic: “No time to explain, Amy, we gotta get back to Station Square in such a hurry, it’s a great big emergency.”

Amy Action Figure: “Well, you guys can catch the 12:47 charter bus down at the charter bus station, I would go with you, but I’m having a fantastic adventure of my own.”

3 secret agent action figures appear in the distance.

Agent Action Figure # 1: “We located the pink hedgehog girl, we’re moving in to apprehend.”

Amy Action Figure: “Oh dear, (she pulls out her laser gun) take cover, you guys, this could get crazy.”

Amy begins shooting at the secret agent action figures with red and blue lasers.

Agent Action Figure # 2: “Laser bombardment, send back up!”

Amy runs around and shoots at them ‘til she climbed up the telephone pole.

Amy Action Figure: “You can’t stop me right now!”

Amy runs off avoiding them.

Sonic: “You ready, Tails?”

Tails: “Ready, Sonic.”

Sonic and Tails move around underneath their action figure counterparts.

Sonic: “Whoa, this place is nothing like Station Square.”

Tails: “I’ll say to that 1.”

Just as Sonic and Tails move on 2 action figures of Sonic and Tails watch over them. Sonic Action Figure: “Did you just see that?”

Tails Action Figure: “What’s that?”

An Espio action figure drives past them on his motor-bike.

Espio Action Figure: “Get outta my way, you jokers.”

End of deleted sequence………

ToonBoyDan: “Well, that’s the end of ‘Sonic X the Movie’, so thanks for reading and reviewing and putting in the Crazy Red Cherry to the mix.”

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