You know James Bond is agent 007, right? Well this series is based on Agent 005. This is the first in the series about the spy who proceeded James Bond.

Prologue- the battery

The sniper rifle aimed forward. The man who held it was known only as 005. Only agents with 00 codes had a licence to use deadly weapons in their missions. He had been assigned to investigate the disappearence of a nuclear battery, only a day after it was fitted with security- obviously someone had attempted to steal it before. He had been camping here for hours, waiting for a possible suspect.  He was in a little stone building with a few holes for sniper rifles.  He saw nothing for an additional three hours- maybe this was all a mistake, a waste of time, 005 thought.

Then he saw him.

The man was in in a white uniform, had short black hair and- more importantly- was holding a grey cuboid with black lids capped at either end- the battery. There was someone else, in a helicopter, waiting for him.

"Here you go. I brought you the battery. Now... where is my reward?"

"Oh, here it is." The man with the battery took the green paper in the other mans hand. "All $200,000."

"That's it?"

The man in the helicopter grinned. "If you make it out of here alive you'll get the bonus..."

"Make it out alive? What do you mean?"

"It's obvious. MI6 obviously have a spy placed here. Right... THERE!!!"

He pointed in 005s direction. How he knew about him, he didnt know, but he took aim and fired, for this would be the only chance he would get. The bullet found its way into the man in the helicopters leg,

"Throw me the battery!"

The man with the battery threw it to the man in the helicopter. The man in the copter flew away, betraying his henchman. 005 sprinted towards the henchman, who replied by pulling out a long, black, slender object. A handgun. He fired two times. Both times he missed. 005 came and disarmed the man, then knocked him to the floor with a quick kick to the face.

"Who are you?" 005 asked, "What are you doing with that battery?"

"I work for SVH, thats all I know about this entire thing!!!"

This man, under other circumstances, would have killed himself, but because of the shock of what just happened, 005 knew he would start spewing information before he knew what he was doing.

"Thats very useful information." 005 picked up the mans handgun. "However, you are still a threat, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to put you down." And with that he shot four bullets into the mans chest and left.

To be continued

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