Season 2: 2014-2015

  • These episodes are not in order of airing date.
  • This show got on a 12-month hiatus, making the fans of the show worrying the show was cancelled. However, it was a long hiatus and the show will air on August 9, 2015 with an episode where Teddy and Kitty divorce. It will later air on the Thanksgiving week, 2015. Due to this hiatus, episodes that were to air on late 2014 got delayed to late 2015.
  • Kitty won't appear on the show anymore as she is working on The Teddy Movie, which is set for a summer 2017 theatrical release.
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Title Original air date
53 27a Bart Simpson Goes to the Waterpark August 8, 2014
The gang go to the waterpark, and are involved in a fight for the closing of the waterpark, and make it on a mall.
54 27b Bart Simpson Moves Away August 14, 2014
When he overhears Teddy and Kitty, thinking that all of them will move, Bart tells the gang (excluding Teddy and Kitty), and the gang try to do the most of it before they move (jumping off a cliff, going to the pool). In the end, they are not really moving and are just going on a road trip, and the boxes that look like they were packing their belongings is really packing junk and were just to throw.
55 28a Bart Simpson and the Pokémon Match November TBA, 2015
Bart has a Pokémon match against Teddy, the so-called "PokéMaster"-will Bart win?
56 28b Bart Simpson and Gang Are In a Reality Show November TBA, 2015
Bart and the gang win a chance to be in a reality show, but the host wants to keep them apart...forever.
57 29a Hallywho! Bart Simpson and Faux Alike! November TBA, 2015
Bart finds there's an impostor impersonating him, and is on the search to see who is it.
58 29b Bart Simpson Meets the Bad Stuffies November TBA, 2015
59-60 30 Bart Simpson's Birthday Special!! November TBA, 2015
61 31a Bart Simpson Paparazzi November TBA, 2015
Bart takes humiliating pictures for his paparazzi blog, and soon everyone starts to hate him.
62 31b Bart Simpson in Frosty and BMO's Date Late November, 2015
Frosty and BMO finally go on their first, romantic date, but everything doesn't go as planned.
63 32a Bart Simpson Roughs It Late November, 2015
Teddy, Kitty and the gang go camping so Teddy and Kitty can show the gang nature and its beauties, but are in the run for their lives!
64 32b Bart Simpson's Stuffy Ancestor (Part 1) Late November, 2015
Bart claims that he has a stuffy ancestor in Times Square, and the gang help him find him.
65 33a Bart Simpson Helps Frosty on a Date Late November, 2015
66 33b Bart Simpson and The Meaning of Death II Late November, 2015
67 34a Bart Simpson Finds Frank Cap the Rap Moose's Bucket List Late November, 2015
68 34b Bart Simpson Meets Tiger Tony December 2015
69 35a Bart Simpson and the Grudge Match December 2015
70 35b B@RT $!MP$0N December 2015
71 36a Bart Simpson Finds Teddy's Diary December 2015
72 36b Bart Simpson Goes Hollywood December 2015
73 37a Bart Simpson in Angry Birds December 2015
74 37b Bart Simpson: A Very Merry Yellow Christmas Near Christmas, 2015
75 38a Bart Simpson Into Frank Cap's Bunker 2016[citation needed]
The gang find a bunker, with files about his life, stuff of his, albums of his...and a animatronic puppet version of Frank Cap is out to get them there.
76 38b Bart Simpson and Bloody Mary 2016
Bart and the gang do the "Bloody Mary" chant as a joke. Unfortunately, it's not a joke anymore.
77 39a Bart Simpson Goes To Teddy and Kitty's Tahitian Honeymoon 2016
The gang go to Teddy and Stellas's honeymoon in Tahiti, but it was a mistake bringing them here, because they disturb the couple's romantic night.
78 39b Bart Simpson Works at Stuffybahn 2016
Bart gets a job at Stuffybahn after his boss fires him for the 2nd time. But, Bart and Kitty battle to get the most highest check from their boss.
79 40a Bart Simpson's Trip to Teddy's Home Planet -
Bart and the gang insist on going to Teddy's home planet, so he and the gang go there, but everyone in there mistake Bart for their enemies, the Yellowies.
80 40b Bart Simpson Finally, Finally, Finally Finds His Stuffy Ancestor (Part 2) -
Bart finally finds his ancestor, but he's not what Bart expected.
81 41a Bart Simpson and The Secret of Bunnyman April 2016
The gang find a secret in the urban legend of the Bunnyman. Rated TV-PG-DV.
82 41b Bart Simpson: Dream Boat -
Bart builds his big dream boat.
83 42a Bart Simpson's Facebook -
Bart finally gets his Facebook account so he can have his own Facebook page.
84 42b Bart Simpson in Movie Night -
85 43a Bart Simpson and the Nerf Showdown -
86 43b Bart Simpson's National Tapioca Pudding Day -
It's National Tapioca Pudding Day, which is a day in New Stuff City when everyone eats only tapioca pudding!
87 44a Bart Simpson, Little Reddie and the Future of Their Love Relationship -
When Bart befriends a girl and spends too much time with her, Little Reddie gets jealous, and their future relationship is put to the test.
88 44b Bart Simpson Valentine's Day February 2016[19]
When Valentine's Day rolls around, Bart finds the secret of why Bibi hates girls.
89 45a Bart Simpson Is a Brainiac! -
Bart Simpson finds glasses that make him smart. Unfortunately, he goes insane.
90 45b Bart Simpson Meets Superman! -
91 46a Bart Simpson's 13 Scary Stories -
92 46b Bart Simpson's Stepmother and Stepfather Divorce?!? August 9, 2015
Teddy and Kitty file for divorce after a tax season fight, which shocks everyone else and it overcomes them to grief.

Note: This episode marks the last show appearance of Kitty, who will leave the show to finish acting on The Teddy Movie.

93 47a Bart Simpson MysteryBusters -
94 47b Bart Simpson in Silence of D. Lamb -
When Camilla McStuffy escapes from jail along with an unexpected accomplice, and threatens to kill the Teddy family. Bart must save his beloved family, and also, learns a secret.
95 48a Bart Simpson and Yeti May 2016[18]
96 48b Bart Simpson, Rock Star May 2016[19]
97 49a Bart Simpson in Frosty and BMO Propose!? May 2016[20]
98 49b Bart Simpson and the Bad Case of Stuffitis May 2016[21]
99 50a Bart Simpson Finally Beats the Aliens!!! May 2016[22]
100 50b Bart Simpson: Glee Club May 2016[23]
101 51a Bart Simpson: New Stuff City Lives May 2016[24]
102 51b Bart Simpson in Little Miss Cutie May 2016[24]
103 52a Bart Simpson, More Secrets Are Revealed Summer 2016[25]
104 52b Bart Simpson And Gang Are Stalked by a Secret Enemy Summer 2016[26]

Season 3 (2015-)

On 2014[when?], the series was renewed for a season 3. Production will start in late 2014, and it will consist of 40 segments, 20 episodes. It will premiere in summer 2016.

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Title Original air date
105 1a Bart Simpson in: PillowTanic July 2016[26]
106 1b Bart Simpson And The Falling July 2016[26]

Season 4

The series was renewed for a fourth season. It will air probably in 2016. It will consist of 26 segments, 13 episodes. Due to running-out-of-ideas, the creator says it might be the last season. But 2 more seasons got renewed.

Season 5, 6 AND 7

On Summer 2015, the creator of the show announced 3 more seasons, bringing The Bart Simpson Show one of the longest shows to ever air on The Teddy Channel.

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