12 Legendary & Immortal Primordial Guardians of The Universe- Sailor Neo Moon Primordial X- Blade Storm: The Legendary War Of Light & Darkness For The Future Of The Universe, A New Path To A New Destiny Of Eternal Light For All Multiversal Dimensions is a fanfictional series / franchise based on Sailor Moon.

This is a retelling of trhe anime with major alterations in the anime as well.

This story focuses more on the dark past of The Silver Millenium & The decisons that will change The destiny of the entire galaxy.


Sailor Senshi

Neo Senshi

  • Sailor Neo Moon
  • Sailor Neo Sun
  • Sailor Neo Solar
  • Sailor Neo Earth
  • Sailor Neo Mercury
  • Sailor Neo Mars
  • Sailor Neo Jupiter
  • Sailor Neo Venus
  • Sailor Neo Pluto
  • Sailor Neo Uranus
  • Sailor Neo Neptune
  • Sailor Neo Saturn


Primes / Prime Leaders






The 9


Cybertron Elite Guard


Time-Space Administration Bureau

Keyblade Order Of Light

Keyblade Masters

Keyblade Warriors

Winx Club

Sonic Heroes / Freedom Fighters

Battle Brawlers


Television Shows


Video Games


  • Princess Trinity & Princess Felicity are Princess Serenity's sisters & Heiresses to The Sun Kingdom.
  • Princess Terra is Prince Orion's older sister & sole heiress to The Earth Kingdom & Elysian Kingdom, she is the master of The Golden Earth Crystal.
  • All 12 princesses are the true decendants of The Primordial Beast Gods: The ones who defeated & destoryed Chaos in the Great War.
  • The Neo Senshi are The Sun Triplets true bodyguards & true heirs of all the planets of The Solar System.
  • The canon senshi are nobles of The Neo Senshi Kingdoms, they also fought alongside The Dark Kingdom during the fall of The Silver Millenium.
  • The Neo Senshi all lived together in Los Angeles, California.
  • The Neo Senshi are also close allies of The Time-Space Administration Bureau. They help the Neo Senshi defeat The Dark Kingdom in the first season.
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