12 Legendary Sailor Primes & The Ancient Great Sailor Civil War--Pretty Soldier Sailor Neo Moon Sailor Prime Infinity Deity Zodiac Celestial Divinity Warrior Zone / Bestial God Slayer / Supreme Holy Dragon King Grand Revolutionary Millennium Zone Xi-Storm is a fan fictional franchise inspired by Transformers and based on Sailor Moon.

The main focus is on the Ancient Great Sailor Civil War of the Great Sailor Wars..

The Neo Soldiers are Princess Serenity's bodyguards & the true princesses of The Solar System.

Sailor Galaxia is the Arch Sailor of all Sailor Soldiers on Kinmoku.

The canon Sailor Scouts are the ones who started & waged the Great Sailor Civil War against their fellow sisters.


The Silver Millennium, a grand age of peace in the universe is plunged into a legendary war called The Legendary Great Sailor Wars of The Great Sailor Civil War bringing destruction to many kingdoms including The most powerful of all Kingdoms' The Moon Kingdom into its knees. This war is between The Sailor Soldiers, lead by The 12 Legendary Sailor Primes & The Dark Army; lead by The traitorous Dark Scouts. They have brought destruction all across the galaxy forcing all Sailor Soldiers from many multi-star kingdoms to fight their traitorous sisters.

Over 1,000 years later, the war still continues with no signs of stopping. The Neo Soldiers, The Infinity Soldiers, The Zodiac Soldiers, The Divinity Soldiers, The Celestial Soldiers, The Deity Soldiers, & The Kaiju Soldiers have to defeat their former sisters before they destroy the entire universe

Sailor Soldiers

Divine 3 / Universal Sailor Entities

  • Sailor Order
  • Sailor Chaos
  • Sailor Void

Neo Soldiers / True Heirs of The Solar System

Infinity Soldiers / Grand Council

Zodiac Soldiers

Divinity Soldiers

Kaiju Soldiers

Celestial Soldiers

Deity Soldiers


Pretty Cures

Sector 9

Holy Knights

Digi Destined

Bakugan Battle Brawlers



Keyblade Light & Dark Guardians

Winx Club




Fallen Angels


Mythological Deities / Mythological Factions

T.S.A.B. / Time Space Administration Bureau


Extra Info

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