The following events took place in 17 B, the third year of the Imperial Period.


  • King Lorac and Queen Denira of Velmor are killed in a plot to place Imperial-back Prince Anod on the throne. The failure to kill and subsequent escape of crown-Prince Denid leaves Lord Regent Zelor as head of government
  • Navik the Red conquers Unknown Region planet Modia and institutes a vicious purge of the rival Tetsu Clan. Many are killed, including Greedo the Elder
  • Darth Vader defeats all of the Sa Cuis clones and defeats the rebellious Dark Jedi Sheyvan in a lightsaber duel
  • Missiles destroy the royal palace on M'haeli, creating a power vacuum that leads to Imperial occupation
  • The Summit Class graduates at the Universal Outdoor Survival School, breaking any previous record
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