The following events took place in 18 B.

The year is the second year in the Imperial Period.


  • TIE/ln starfighters are first used in the Second Battle of Mashyyyk
  • The Orman Massacre occurs.
  • Jedi Master Plett turns his fortress in Plawal on Belsavis into a sanctuary for fugitives from the Emperor's Jedi purges
  • Emperor Palpatine constructs the Eye of Palpatine
  • Callista Ming transfers her spirit to the Eye of Palpatine's computer system
  • Han Solo meets his cousin Thrackan Sal-Solo, who sells him back to Garris Shrike
  • Stormtrooper armor and weapons are first used in the Second Battle of Raboo
  • Apailana and her Jedi protectors are killed by the 501st Legion. Raboo is placed under Imperial control
  • Kylantha succeeds the late Apailana as Queen of Raboo, but an Imperial puppet ruler
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