300,000 Pageviews Special is a fanfiction special short written by MarioFan65. The short honor MarioFan65's deviantArt account reaching over 300,000 pageviews. It was released on July 18, 2020.


(In a house, Axel check on his computer in his room, regrading on his deviantArt stats)

  • Axel: Ah, nothing much for a new day for me.
  • Super Stickman: Hey Axel.
  • Axel: Oh hey Super Stickman, i bet you got me any chips for lunch.
  • Super Stickman: We haven't been out for months.
  • Joe: Quarantine is really killing us. What you got in stock?
  • Axel: *check his pageviews* Wow. 300,000 pageviews? That's a big milestone.
  • Joe: Is that bad?
  • Axel: No. It's good. I can't believe i got 300,000 pageviews on deviantArt. I would like to thank all the users who contributed to my work after six years. Thank you so much all for favorting and commenting on my work.
  • Joe: It's the very best.
  • Super Stickman: So Axel, what do you want to do now?
  • Axel: I just wanna eat grilled chicken with broccoli and mashed potatoes tonight.
  • Joe: I'm up for it.
  • Super Stickman: I feel like a superhero.
  • Axel: Thanks again. I wish i can go for another milestone like 400,000 or something.

(At Terry's room, Terry is checking on his computer, finding out that Axel's deviantArt account reach over 300,000 pageviews)

  • Terry: Oh my gosh. He got 300,000 pageviews. He gets 300,000 pageviews. I'm the reason he's famous. It's me! It said SuperMarioFan65 to the freaking thing. It doesn't even say Terry. He's a freaking character i made up! That's bullcrap! I deserve the freaking milestone. It's freaking bullcrap! It's bullcrap! *slam camera*


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