Rachel was very upset! She was very upset because she wasn't going to be good enough at playing the flute! Rachel was afraid! She figured that the only way to get rid of her fear was to jump off the bridge into the water! So Rachel went to the bridge and prepared to jump off the bridge into the water! But Rachel realized that it was the wrong thing to do! Rachel told her mother that she was afraid that she would not be good enough at the flute! Rachel's mother said "Don't worry, Rachel! Your fear will pass and you will be great at playing the flute!" Rachel smiled and said "Thanks, Mom!" Rachel and her mother went to LaGuardia Airport to catch a flight to Boston! The flight that they were catching was Flight 5302! When they got to the Airport, they met Kitty Pryde! Kitty Pryde was on her way to Boston to meet with her husband, Ben Tennyson, and their five children! Rachel, her mother, Kitty, and the others boarded Flight 5302! Flight 5302 then left LaGuardia Airport on a flight to Boston! It was a cold and snowy night! Ice had formed on the wings of the plane! The pilots of the plane were Darien/Tuxedo Mask and Serena/Sailor Moon! Despite being experienced pilots, Darien and Serena made a fatal mistake! Instead of pushing down on the steering yoke, they pulled up, causing the plane to stall! The plane rapidly lost altitude and then crashed into a house in Boston, just 10 miles short of the runway at Logan Airport! All 98 people on the plane and 1 person on the ground were killed! 3 days later, Jasmine was singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a basketball game! Suddenly, Jasmine screwed up "The Star-Spangled Banner" by mixing it with "O Canada"! Big mistake! The crowd was brutal! They booed Jasmine off the stage and she was never asked to come back! She never sang again! Her 5 minutes of fame were a great big BUST! Stink Pot A Rooney O Pancake! P.U.! What stinks in here? Oh yeah! It was Jasmine! She really stunk it up BAD!

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