Episode 7R003

Vinny's First Owner. Hello, Paulie.

(ヴィニーの最初の所有者。こんにちは、ポーリー。, Vinī no Saisho no Shoyūsha. Konnichiwa, Pōrī.)

Vinny reunites with Paulie and Dianna
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Orange Range
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Orange Range
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"Vinny's First Owner. Hello, Paulie." (ヴィニーの最初の所有者。こんにちは、ポーリー。, Vinī no Saisho no Shoyūsha. Konnichiwa, Pōrī.) is the third episode of Flame Icejin 7R.




  • Eyecatch A - Vinny Griffin
  • Eyecatch B - New Brian


  • Vinny reunites with his first owner, Paulie Gualtieri, and his mother, Dianna.
  • Brian and Stewie see New Brian, alive and well, and find out he has a new owner.
  • New Brian erases Stewie's memory of murdering him with a forgetfulness spell.
  • Brian and Stewie catch up with Vinny and meet Paulie and Dianna.
  • Brian learns from Dianna that he has a daughter named Brianna.
  • Brian meets his daughter, Brianna, for the first time.
  • Brian, Stewie and Vinny meet New Brian and Brianna's owner, Arnold Schortman.
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