7thdragon.jpg 7th Dragon is a role playing video game for Nintedno DS developed by Imageepoch and published by Sega in Japan on March 5, 2009.


7th Dragon takes place in the world of Eden where 80% is ruled by dragons, so the premise of the game is simple: Kill all the dragons, or the human race is going to be wiped out of existence.


The game was developed by Rieko Kodoma and design team consist of the character designer Mota, monster designer Akifumi Yamamoto, the composer from Etrian Odyssey Yuzo Koshiro and the director Kazuya Niinou.


The Japanese Famitsu scored 7th Dragon 9/8/8/8 for a total 33 out of 40 points. 7th Dragon was the second best-selling game on the week it released at 80,000 sold copies. At the following week it sold 22,000 units.

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