7th Dragon 2020 is a spin-off game to the NDS game 7th Dragon. In addition, 7th Dragon 2020-II was released as a sequel.


In the year 2020, Dragons from space have invaded the planet Earth and spread a harmful flower called Flowaro which mutated animals into harmful creatures called "Mamono." In Japan, an organization made to defeat the dragons, Murakumo has dispatched a dragon hunter team named Squad 13 of Murakumo to fight off enemies. The story starts with the player as part of the Squad 13.


7th Dragon 2020 was developed by imageepoch and published by SEGA. The composer is Yuzo Koshiro that made the music in the NDS 7th Dragon and the character designer is Shirou Miwa, a illustrator and a member of "supercell".


When it released in JP, 7th Dragon 2020 sold 122,500 copies on its first week.

Additional Information

  • The VOCALOID Miku Hatsune appears as a guest NPC in 7th Dragon 2020. If one saves her from a dragon in her respective quest, DIVA mode will be unlocked in the Options Menu for alternate Vocaloid remixed background music.
  • The worlds of the original 7th Dragon and the 2020 series are different, although there are some names shared between characters in both games (ex: Emel and Aitelle).


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