Chris: Welcome to a Christmas special of TOTAL DRAMA CARTOON! You just saw Shnitzle get the axe. Who will get the axe next? We decided to just do this episode on Christmas Eve.


Chris: Morning campers, did you give gifts to your buddies today?

Mandy: I don't have a buddy.

Chris: Before we start the next chall… (gets interrupted by Justin taking the case) Justin, what are you doing here?

Justin: Just taking the case.

Amy: Wow. He's a hottie.

Chomper: What's a hottie?

Izzy and Gwen: Chomper?

Chomper: Izzy? Gwen?


Jinx: What is a T-Rex doing here anyway?

Chomper: I haven't seen you since TDV.

Chris: Guys, this is Chomper. He is today's guest star. Oh, and he brought presents for you remaining campers.

Chomper: What do we do with him? (pointing at Justin)

Cream: Um, excuse me Mr. Hot Guy, can we please have the case back? (giving him a cute look)

Justin: No.

Cream: Ok then. (kicks him in the wrong spot)

Justin: Here's the case.

Cream: Than… (something takes the case and puts a fish on Justin's hair) Huh?

Justin: Oh, my hair. My hair! Someone get the smell of fish out of my hair.

Courtney: Did you really think I'd leave? Hahaha. You'll never get back. Not even from a little runt.

Chomper: I'm not little!

Izzy: I'm not let her get away with this.

Goo: I'm not letting Izzy get all the glory.

Dee Dee: (sees remote control Chris dropped when Justin took the case) Ohhhh, what does this button do? (presses button)

Chris: Dee Dee, stooooopppp!

(ground below them blows up, sending them flying while still holding they have)

(everyone lands at different spots with different people)

Katie: Wow. I feel like I just woke up from a bad dream.

Sadie: I know.

Katie: Where are we anyway?

Sadie: I think we're on the Dock of Shame.


Chris: Okay, we were originally going to do a spook challenge for this, but Dee Dee missed up the controls, so the new challenge is to find all your teammates, by the way, Chomper is assisting the Stars.


Chomper: Oww. Even a sharptooth can get hurt.


Dexter: I can't believe my stupid sister messed up the controls.

Numbah Five: Hey, Sharptooth, where are we?

Chomper: Looks like the bonfire.

Coco: Cococococococo (One of my least favorite places)

Goo: (on Izzy) Ughh.. What am I sitting on?

Izzy: Get off me, you…

Goo: Oh, sorry. Maybe I'm not so sorry.

Chomper: (to Coco and Numbah Five) Tell Leshawna that I said she's pretty loud.

Leshawna: Yo, what did you say tyrannosaurus?

Starfire: No, he's a triceratops Leshawna.

Chomper: No, I'm a sharp tooth.

Starfire: No, you're a triceratops for sure.

Leshawna: Come Star, we have to find everyone before the day ends.

Starfire: That's the way to use the Christmas spirit Leshawna.

Leshawna: No, I just want some new kicks after the big crash we had.

Chomper: I think some landed in the west side, since it is the larger area.

Numbah Five: Good thinking, Sharptooth.

Coco: Cocococococococococo (I thought you were dumb)

Chomper: I found Panini, Gwen, Trent, and Sonic already.

Panini: Hey, T-Rex boy, have you seen Chowder?

Chomper: Who's Chowder?

Gwen: Her insane crush.

Numbah Five: Gwen, Trent, you're under a mistletoe.

Coco: Cocococococo (You two must kiss)

Gwen: I'm alright with that. (Gwen and Trent kiss)

Goo: Fine, I'm stuck with you crazy. Let's go to the west since it is a large area.

Izzy: No it's the east.

Jack: Do you know where to go Bubbles?

Bubbles: No, but I'm afraid to be alone in the forest, Mr. Jack.

Jack: Something is here. (bush rattles)

(bunny hops out)

Jack: There you are, I've been looking all over for you.

Bubbles: Is that for me?

Jack: Yes.

Bubbles: Ohh, I'm going to name it Cuttie.

Blossom: We found you, Buubles.

Buttercup: Even though she's not on our team.

Blossom: Be kind to our sister.

Buttercup; I know.

Cream: Do you know where we are going Ed?

Edurado: All I know is that we are in a very scary cave. Where is senioreta Amy?

Amy: I'm all alone. Hello? Any one there?

(Izzy and Goo find Amy)

Izzy: Amy!

Amy: Izzy, what are you doing?

Izzy: Me and Goo we're having trouble figuring out where to go.

Amy: Ohh, Izzy, stay with me. I'm afraid of the dark parts of the woods. I think I saw a bear.

(Rouge, Bloo, Dexter, Numbah One, Mac, Leshawna, and Starfire find Katie and Sadie)



Chris: Okay Stars, pick your favorite loser to send home.

Chomper: See you guys soon.

Gwen: We'll all see you at the finale.

(Chomper leaves presents for everyone to have)

Mandy: How nice. Coal.


Chris: Shame, shame, shame. Come on stars can you just a challenge for once, jeez. Instead of cookies, we'll just hand out presents. Isn't that nice?

Goo: Yeah, presents, presents.

Chris: Okay, Goo, Buttercup, Gwen, Mandy.

Mandy: More coal.

Chris: Couldn't find one suitable for you. Blossom, Numbah Three, Panini, Jinx, Coco, Cyborg, Sonic, Trent, Grim, Raven, Numbah Five, and….. Dee Dee.

Chowder: Rats.

Panini: Don't worry Chowder, I'll win for you.

Mandy: Curses.

Cream: Ed, we have to stop the Goo-Izzy Conflict, it is annoying.

Edurado. Si, I have a plan.

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