Mrs. Armida Maldonado attends the annual FRED Conference, and (with the help of Trent the Intern) decides to distribute her students to different classes during the day.


March 2 (Day Before Conference)

After lunch, Mrs. Maldonado discussed tomorrow's lesson plans, as she and Mrs. Smith are going to the FRED Conference. Rather than hiring a substitute, she decided to distribute them to different classrooms for the day. Trent the Intern even helped her type up the classroom distribution list for tomorrow. After going through tomorrow's procedures (i.e. If any of her students give their temporary teachers a rough time, they will be sorry, like usual), Mrs. Maldonado decided that the Behavior Charts can be taken home today, but due back on Monday (like usual). This is because of what she mentioned before.

March 3 (Conference Day)

After breakfast and morning recess, Mrs. Maldonado decided to take attendance, and distribute the students to their designated classrooms.

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Ms. Flores Subplot

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Classroom Distribution

Students Temporary Classroom
Danny and Tyler Ms. Sims (Room 12)
Evelyn and Isaiah Ms. Flores (Room 11)
Damaris and Spencer Ms. Lund (Room 21)
James and Miranda Ms. Ozanich (Room 4)
Stephanie and Manuel Ms. O'Malley (Room 23)
Gus and Alex Mrs. Caywood (Room 24)
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