This is a show with different tv show characters in random episodes full of laughs from Drawn Together, Total Drama Series, American Dad, Stoked, Kids Nextdoor, The Simpsons, Glee (in animated form) and a whole lot of others. If there is anybody in real lie they are animated!


Season 1

  1. Losing BFFs
  2. Downloaded
  3. Don't Feed The Dog
  4. Crazy People Call People Crazy
  5. Ling-Ling Meet Pokemon
  6. Foxxy Love Vs LeShawna
  7. Put Your Gun Down
  8. Sing Or Feel The Pain
  9. Celebrity Walk Off
  10. Eating Things
  11. A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend
  12. Princess Meet Queen Bee
  13. Saving Private Emma
  14. Who Is The Best Superhero Of All
  15. Aliens Land

Season 2

  1. Kill The People
  2. Ezekiel's A Monster The Untold Story
  3. I Am So Stoked
  4. A Magic School Bus As If
  5. Blah Blah Blah I'm a CIA Agent Blah Blah Blah I'm An Ugly Girl
  6. Be Careful What You Wish For
  7. The Fish Needs A Life
  8. Not Dead Not Alive
  9. 20 Minutes
  10. Episode 10 The Musical
  11. Homer's Angels
  12. Go Kendra Go Kendra
  13. A Day With The Celebrities

Season 3

  1. Eating Things Twice
  2. Roberta Causes Trouble
  3. Stewie And Izzy A Life Of Insaneness
  4. Where Is My Cupcake
  5. Death Comes To Town
  6. Live Life Like Glee
  7. Well I Guess It Is A Season Finale So Uh Yeah

Season 4

  1. Bart Is Nice
  2. Codename: R.O.B.O.T
  3. Christmas Coal
  4. Whitches in Town
  5. Revenge
  6. A Cat In A Hat A Mose In A House
  7. Hayley Goes Physco
  8. NoCo Sails To Shore
  9. Fashion Starz
  10. Super Mario Comes To Town