Narrator: And now, Fillmore. Today's episode, A Crime Doing Time.

(Leshawna sees Ben and Chomper)

Gwen: Ben? Chomper? What are you…

Ben: We heard that you'd be here. Who are they?

Mac: They're Fidget and Olivia.

(bus comes with Meg driving and everyone gets on)

(while on bus Bloo lights Meg's hat on fire without Meg knowing)

Bloo: Wow, I didn't know you were the hottest girl ever.

Meg: (turns around) What?

Numbuh One: Is it getting hot in here?

Meg: What?

Fidget: (sniffs) I smell smoke.

Meg: (screams loudly after Fidget gives her a hint on her hat being on fire)

Chomper: Ugh. (pours water from bucket on Meg's head)

Meg: Good thing we're here. (stops bus)

Gwen: Wow, there is a lot interesting stuff in San Francisco.

Cream: Tails and Chris said we can't use the confessionals this episode.

(all get off the bus)

Chomper: We made to X Middle School.

Principle Folsom: Welcome guests. We have a case to solve.

Olivia: We're on out. (she and Fidget were about to go the other way)

Principle Folsom: All of you, with the Safety Patrol.

Ben: Safety Patrol?

Bubbles: I know who they are. They're those detectives that are all recognized by orange belts they wear around they're shirts.

Chomper: What's the problem?

Principle Folsom: Can I show the Safety Patrol first?

Jack: We'd be honored to.

Starfire: Are you sure?

Jack: (walks towards door)

Buttercup: Come on, let's just go okay?

Mac: Can I talk to some one for a moment?


Ash(through TV screen): That's great. I heard that you're starting to gain some progress.

Mac: Thanks, I'm gonna have to go now.

Ash(through TV screen): Good luck on Total Drama Cartoon.

(TV screen turns off)

Mac: I'm coming. (runs towards stairs)


Fillmore: Hey, I'm Fillmore, and here's my partner Ingrid.

Ingrid: Good to meet you all.

Chomper: Have you been ever yelled at before?

Vallejo: Fillmore! What did you do taking done the identity thief?

Ben: I guess yes, a lot.

Cream: So you haven't even checked on where the identity thief hit? You guys are bad.

Vallejo: He was caught, but Fillmore destroyed some stuff trying to catch him.

Cream: Are you sure it was a he?

Vallejo: He was Edward Fries, and he's currently taking detention.

Starfire: Well, have you even checked on who is connected to this Edward person?

Fidget: I think I know. My former master Ratigan.

Vallejo: Okay, let's stop with the memories people. Fillmore, you, Ingrid, and two others check the gymnasium. The rest of you, check the music room.

Fillmore: I pick her and her.

Cream: Sure.

Starfire: I'll be glad to help.

Mac: Let's go you guys. (runs off followed by Ben, Fidget, Numbuh One, Leshawna, Gwen, Buttercup, Jack, Olivia, Jinx, Bubbles, and Bloo)


Satoshi McClemens: Hello?

Starfire: We know what you did so just confess already!

Cream: Starfire, that's not a polite way to ask if they did it.

(Satoshi runs away from them causing a chase to start)

Cream: Oh no you don't. Lockrama. (everything in the gym is locked and Satoshi runs towards the basketballs and shoots them towards Fillmore and Ingrid)

Ingrid: Look out.


Chomper: (opens door) Can we have a word with you?

Juliet Davis: Can I listen to some music first? (turns the volume really loud to run away from them and start a chase)

Ben: (activates Omnitrix)

Olivia: What are you doing?


Starfire: (grabs Satoshi) Tell us why you disguised yourself as Ratigan, made one of my friends your sidekick before I meet him, and hired the identity thief?

Cream: Um, Fillmore, Ingrid, I'm just gonna check that other girl over there. (transforms into some school reporter named Blair)

Satoshi McClemens: I didn't do anything. Edward happens to be my rival.

Starfire: LIAR! You tell me now or I'll blast you into the galaxy or maybe even planet, and you will lose all you're air on the way.

Cream: May I speak to you?

Tiffany Nemo: Name's Tiffany, and you are person?

Cream: Um, Blair. Yah, I'm Blair the school reporter. Mind if I take an interview?

Tiffany Nemo: Sure, it will help with my social skills. Maybe even my moves in karate.


Juliet Davis: Do you guys give up? (grabs record from a record player and throws it like throwing star and gets caught on Gwen's sock)

Bubbles: That's it. I have a killer voice too. Watch. (uses Hyper Voice)

Juliet Davis: (covers her ears) ARGH! I'M OUT OF THIS NONSENSE!


Cream: Thank you for the review Tiffany. I'll put on the papers that you didn't disguise yourself as a rat named Ratigan.

Tiffany Nemo: Who's Ratigan?

Cream: It's my pet, (brief pause) cat. I lost her on my way to X, see you later. (leaves)

Tiffany Nemo: Strange girl.

Ingrid: Who are you?

Cream: (changes back to Cream)

Ingrid: Oh, well, what info did you get, did you have to give her a chase?

Cream: Nope, I got all the info on her right her and didn't have to chase her.

Ingrid: (checks notes) Looks like she's innocent.

Cream: I know, but she is very interested in karate. She evens wears a karate uniform and acts like she got bumped on the head.

Ingrid: Well, Satoshi is innocent as well. Fillmore is talking with a guy named Eugene Penn.

Cream: Okay, but I think Blair can get something out of him as well. (changes into Blair)

Ingrid: You really do magic.


Spidermonkey: Take this. (shoots web from his butt and Juliet Davis gets caught in it)

Chomper: Tell us what you were doing here.

(a mysterious man in black clothes goes out the window)

Eugene Penn: (walks towards door)

Fillmore: (wears disguise as reporter) Excuse, me and Blair are here for another interview. Do you have a few minutes?

Eugene Penn: Hmm, will I get a good review punks?

Cream: Oh everyone gets a good review.

Eugene Penn: Cool. So I'm Eugene Penn and I'm part of a rock band. My mother is deceased, and my father abandoned me.

Cream: (starts crying)

Fillmore: Hey Blair, what's wrong?

Cream: That story is just, so sad. (continue whining)


Juliet Davis: Believe me now? (shows picture of Juliet fighting Ratigan)

Fidget: Yes.

Olivia: I wonder how the others are doing, they must've gotten more people than we did.


Man Disguised As Ratigan: (takes off mask to reveal a human face that looks like a nerd with glasses and takes off tail to reveal it is really a whip attached to tape)


Joseph Anza: It doesn't add up, all the suspects seem to be innocent.

Danny O' Farrell: Does this Ratigan is the real deal?

Cream: Hey, I found something at the interview, can you check what it is?

Karen Tehama: Sure, so what do you got?

Cream: A little glove that changes the size of any person wearing it.

Karen Tehama: I'll see who owns this glove, check back later.

Cream: Okay.

(hidden person hides behind corner with a squirt gun)

Cream: Hum? I know you're behind there.

Hidden person: (just shows hand with squirt gun)

Cream: Opalmea Teleportay Universal Disspair (squirt disappears)

Chip Ramirez: Hello suckers. (runs away)

Cream: You get back here. (pulls out walkie talkie) Starfire, I found who did it, he's headed towards the cafeteria.


Chip Ramirez: I have been teased by bullies for too long, so I invented a change size glove and made a rat mask. I traveled to London to kill the queen as a minor objective, I wanted to be wealthy and take down those who hurt me.

Cream: Sorry Chip, looks like my friends are coming in five, four, three…

Starfire: (bursts doors open)

Cream: They're here.

Fillmore: Stay here, cause our friend over here can scorch but we don't that to happen do we?

Chip Ramirez: If it isn't my ex-partner and the girl. I've been expecting you to come here.

Starfire: I don't believe we've met.

Cream: He's been in a lot of places.

Starfire: I do remember a scorny kid fighting Cyborg. Big glasses, buck teeth, it's you all right.

Olivia: It's payback for trying to kill me.

Bloo: (throws knife and gets stuck on Chip's cape and get attached to the wall)

Mac: You could've killed him.

Bloo: I didn't bring my light saber.

Cream: You're going to be in detention for a long time.

Chip Ramirez: One question, how did you do that magic?

Cream: A good magican never tells her secrets.

Chip Ramirez: I'll be back.

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