As part of a crackdown on the continued lawlessness in the Hutt Sectors, the Galactic Empire assembled and launched a task force against Ylesia, one of the major spice and smuggling ports in the Science Dimensions. This task force was commanded by Admiral Winstel Greelanx, commander of all Imperial naval forces in the Hutt regions. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, however, with the assistance of the Corellian Resistance and a smuggler fleet led by Star Trek pirate Harcourt Mudd, managed to defeat and throw back the Imperial expeditionary force, blunting the Empire's attack. An enraged Emperor Palpatine ordered for the Imperial Bounty Hunters to conduct a full-scale hunt for Solo and Calrissian. The Empire finally cornered the two smuggler heroes at Nimban. Solo and Calrissian put up a fierce resistance, but were ultimately overrun by the superior Imperial warships. The Empire captured the two rogues, who were then executed. A jubliant Emperor Palpatine, pleased at the death of the "vile Rebels", announced in a speech addressed to the public that the Empire was "plucking the life out of rebellion in the Universe". Their deaths however, dealt a severe morale blow to the Corellian Resistance.    

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