The Machine Empire, despite being an empire, does not have any: Decepticons, Cybermen, Borg, Toclafane, Daleks, Cylons, Replicants, Terminators or any other mecha from other franchises. And I will not explain any of these creatures to them. Nor will I attempt to get them any.

You're right, because if you do, then the bus will go off a cliff and explode, killing all inside.

The bus from the Chips Ahoy CremeWiches commercial was driving on the road. The black middle-aged bus driver was driving the bus. The white creme and the 2 cookies, squashed together, were talking to the teenage boy with the baseball cap. The baby boy was resting in the warm and loving embrace of his mother. The old lady with the glasses was filing her nails. Suddenly, the bus driver saw ice on the road. The ice was created by the evil Emperor Maximus. The bus went on the ice. The bus driver tried to get out of the ice, but the bus slid on the ice and went out of control. Everyone screamed. The bus went off a cliff and crashed into the ground below. The bus burst into flames, killing the bus driver and everyone else.   

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