Performed by: Diana Kaarina (Alice Liddell)

Later in the afternoon, Alice Liddell and Gideon the Cat had put on their swimwear. And now, they were standing on top of a tall rock near the waterfall cave.

Alice was wearing a light blue one-piece swimsuit with a white frilly skirt.

Gideon was wearing yellow swimming trunks with purple lining.

Gideon was the first to grab a rope and swung in the entrance to the cave as he shouted, "Tallyho!" And he plopped in the water.

Alice giggled to see her boyfriend be first in the water and grabbed the rope and swung in the entrance before plopping in the water herself.

Gideon, who had popped his head up out of the water, saw that and held his breath as he dove his whole body back in the water. This time, he saw Alice ride on a platypus, holding it by the tail.

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