A city bus was driving along the road. A blob of white crème was on the bus with many passengers, including a teenage boy with a baseball cap, a mother and her baby son. A black middle-aged bus driver was driving the bus. The bus driver picked up 2 cookies! The 2 cookies headed for the creme! 1 cookie said "Excuse me!" and the other cookie said "Pardon me, buddy!" and they squashed the creme into a CremeWich! The 2 cookies and the creme then started to sing the "Squeezed in the Middle" jingle! The bus driver and the others joined in! The baby boy wrested free of his mother's hold and took a bite out of the cookie! The cookie said "Hey! He bit me!" The bus arrived at the house where the girl band from the ConAir Quick Wrap commercial was. The girl band was practicing. There were 4 girls in the band: a guitarist/singer, a bass guitarist, a keyboard player, and a drummer. The bus driver and the others got off the bus. The girl band invited the bus driver and the others to stay for a week. The bus driver and the others said yes and the girl band let the bus driver and the others into the house. It was a great day!  

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