Season 2 episode 9 of Nightwing & Batgirl.

"Okay, Shadow-Thief. You'll get to play the game", Paran Dul told Shadow-Thief.

"I will do what I do best", he replied.

Now, Shadow-Thief disappeared. Paran Dul made an evil laugh.

The next day, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Firestorm fought Dr. Phosphorus in his attempt to burn Gotham Times Square. They defeated his henchmen and Firestorm fought Dr. Phosphorus while Nightwing and Batgirl saved the people trapped in burning buildings. Later, Firestorm defeated Dr. Phosphorus and they brought him to the police. Nightwing and Batgirl said goodbye to Firestorm.

Then,the scene moves to Nightwing and Batgirl once again patrolling crime in Gotham City, this time. They were patrolling empty streets and saw some random crooks doing usual things, and they saved people. After they meet a few more or those random crooks, Nightwing notices something mysterious with his shadow. His shadow was missing. He told the others. And their shadows were missing as well. They looked behind them,and they saw Shadow-Thief, who turned their shadows into his minions.

"I was tasked in capturing you, Shayera Hol", he told Hawkgirl.

"Who sent you here?", she asked.

"None of your business. The only business you'll be dealing with is staying alive", he answered.

The four heroes fought their own shadows.

"The Dimensiometer he wears. Let's grab it", Nightwing said.

He ran at Shadow Thief and he grabbed his Dimensiometer but he cannot touch it. His hand just phased through it.

"Only I can touch it", Shadow Thief said.

He knocked down Hawkman and Hawkgirl and stole their maces. Now, he and his shadow minions disappeared, in the sewers. They opened another manhole. They used a ladder to climb down it. But there, they encountered Solomon Grundy, and an army of shadows.

"Oh my", Batgirl said.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl fought Solomon Grundy while Nightwing and Batgirl fought the Shadow minions. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were knocked down by Solomon Grundy.

"This is my territory. You can't win here!", he said.

"You sure?", Nightwing challenged.

Batgirl and Nightwing threw a lot of Batarangs at Solomon Grundy, and he was weakened. Then, they tied him with a rope. Now, they continued to beat the army of shadows. They threw Batarangs and Birdarangs at those. Hawkman and Hawkgirl destroyed the shadows using their sharp wings. They saw a circle door, which Shadow-Thief phased through. Nightwing, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, and Hawkman ran at it. Then, to get to the door, they used explosive Batarangs to destroy it. Now they entered it. But, Shadow-Thief threw shadow boomerangs at them, which hit them very hard.

"In order to beat your opponent, you have to think like your opponent", he said. He started beating them up. He beat them using the Nth metal maces. Nightwing just got an idea. He used his quickness to swing from roofs to walls using his rope. He dodged his boomerangs. Then, he threw Birdarangs at the Dimensiometer and it exploded.

Carl Sands falls to unconsciousness, saying his last words, "One day I'll make you pay".

"One day", Hawkgirl responded, smiling.

Now, they got their shadows back and exited the sewers.

"I am still curious about who's sending these villains to capture me", Hawkgirl wondered.

"Don't worry, sooner or later, we'll figure it out", Hawkman replied.

Meanwhile, Paran Dul saw what happened whole at a computer in her ship. She was disappointed. There are only three of her allies left for her to summon.

"I'm down to my last pieces", she said.


Villains:Paran Dul,Shadow-Thief,Dr. Phosphorus,Solomon Grundy

Cameos:Blackfire,Gentleman Ghost,Golden Eagle

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