"A Movie called Wreck it Ralph" by Tamama from Sgt. Frog anime is a "Wreck It Ralph" parody poem about Tamama's favorite Disney movie & heroine, Vanellope Von Schweetz.


"What can It be that calls me to watch this movie today? A video game movie? What else can I see? Am I a little angel, Sprouting Wings to soar? Was that a metaphor?

Hey look! There's Sonic The Hedgehog in it! Look!

I'm so happy & My excitement is rising. As I'm excited to watch this movie, "A Movie called Wreck it Ralph".

OMG, This movie is cool. I hate to see the real Vanellope suffer. But anyways, Sugar Rush world is super cool.

They have cute race cars, Pastel grass, Candy cane trees, & cotton candy clouds.

There's also a soda volcano. I'm so happy to see "Sugar Rush". Mints & Lollipops, also taste sweet, with a side of Lemonade. Some Saltwater Taffy. We'll I think It's Delicious.

But eating too much sweets might be bad for me in the long run.

But Either way, This movie is Amazing. It feels like My dreams are real at last. I've been waiting to see this film since 2013.

The real Vanellope is so cute, even though, she starts off as a Glitch, in this film called "Wreck It Ralph".

I know I should watch it again occasionally, this movie is filled with Crossovers, like Pacman & Beard Papa's. What would Keroro say if it turns out I watch, A movie called "Wreck it Ralph"?

"A Movie called Wreck It Ralph".

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