The man known as king has just obtained the last entities of the emotional spectrum, king now aboard his ship is heading for Earth. King is walking down a long all white shimmering metal hall way to a large crimson door that opens for him. The room is full of soldiers all kneeling to the direction of king, one soldier speaks. "FINALLY HES BACK" the voice says. King replies " Bankotsu why always so impatient?" bankotsu yells" BECAUSE ITS BORING SITTING HERE I WANNA FIGHT ALREADY!" another soldier speaks" How dare you speak to his majesty in such a casual manner, he brought you back to life, gave you more power then you've ever known, allows you everything your heart desires and all you do is complain" Bankotsu sighs and replies " you're so BOOOOOOO......RING Siegfried" Siegfried(SC) smirks" I can show you Im fun if you want to fight bankotsu you need to be reminded of who your superiors are" Eragon(2nd) intervenes "You both know the king doesn't like when we argue, remember he brought all of us here loved ones and all, he gave us power, and you..." king interrupts "Thats enough Eragon thank you for those wise words now you two should stop before i get mad" the two soldiers drop to their knees and both are groveling " IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN SIR!" king walks to his throne and sits down. King snaps his fingers and chairs appear behind each soldier " Sit all of you we have quite a while till we get to earth and i want all of you rested and ready when we get there and remember all of you a new age is just minutes away"- STORY WAS MADE AND PROPERTY OF FLAMESWORD300. THIS STORY WAS MADE FOR THE READERS ENJOYMENT I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS

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