A New Enemy Approaches: Part 2

This is the third episode of Total Drama Before Time. It continues where A New Enemy Approaches: Part 1 left off.


With Team Galactic having things according to plan, things won't run very smoothly. Wiil Tria and Tricia tell Cera the truth about Topsy, or will one of the members of Team Galactic spill the beans? Will Beth save Chomper? How will Ash and co. stop Team Galactic? When will the TDI characters meet the LBT characters? Who is watching Ash and co.?



  • Happy Gilmore: You're gonna die clown!

  • Peter: Not to be a pest, but can you do me a favor, uh you see that fire extinguisher there?

  • (flashback starts)
  • Fidget: (while holding Olivia)The girl! The girl!
  • (flashback ends)
  • Paul: He is just a lowlife scondrol. A weakling.


Power Puke.png
Lindsay Puking
Warning! This episode contains puking.
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