Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors: Two Worlds

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Comedy-Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science-Fiction

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Created by:
Pen Ward (originally), BunnyMaloneyFan (idea of series)

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The plot of the series is about when an evil alien wizard that looks like Catbug with an eyepatch and a red tattoo on his belly named Dargon the Terrible opens a portal that leads from the Adventure Time Universe to the Bravest Warriors Universe and vice-versa.



Finn is a 15-year-old human boy who goes on adventures with his best friend and adoptive brother, Jake the dog. He wears a white hat with two small bumps on it, and also a light blue T-shirt and darker blue shorts. He is usually seen with a green backpack that he carries a lot of things in. Finn is a very brave and righteous hero. He has a very strong sense of responsibility and becomes upset when he can't help anybody. When his universe got fused with the Bravest Warriors' universe, He ended up getting a crush on Plum, causing her to feel the same way about him. It is almost impossible for Finn to do anything evil or unjust, and will struggle greatly against doing such things.


Jake is a dog who has magical powers that allow him to shape-shift and stretch his body.

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