Aeon Grand Masters & Supreme Royal Monarchs of The Spiritual & Supernatural Worlds & The Vast Extraterrestrial Alien Galaxies / Revolutionary Neo Sailor Guardians & Protectors of The Imperial & Glorious New Moon Kingdom of The Platinum Millennium is a fan fictional alternate universal retelling of Sailor Moon.

The Sailor Team are the main heroines.

The Silver Millennium still exists, but has been reborn into the Platinum Millennium after The war against The Predare Empire.

Princess Serenity has an older sister who is the princess of The Sun Kingdom.

The Neo Soldiers are Princess Serenity'sbodyguards and the true princesses of The Solar System. The canon Sailor Scouts are from noble families and are apart of The Dark Scouts.

This story is acomplete deconstruction and reconstruction of The Sailor Moon anime with the additions of Excessive Violennce and Crude Humor.

Rias Gremory is the descendant of The Queen of The Underworld & Mother of All Devils, Queen Lilith. is called The Princess of All Devils, Hell's Most Beautiful Female Devil, The Strongest Woman in The Underworld, The Ultimate Queen, The Crimson Darkness and The Crimson Shadow.

Medaka Kurokami is an Archangel class Fallen Angel, One of The Six Great Evil Gods of The Six True Fallen Angels. She is also The creator of The Dusk Paradise System. Medaka is called The Queen of Light & Darkness, Grigori's Ultimate Goddess, The Fallen Angel Goddess of Creation & Destruction.

Kagome Higurashi is the daughter of The Original God, She is an Archangel class Angel. She is said to be more powerful than her father. Kagome is called The Holy General, Heaven's Ace of Aces, The Saint of Divinity, Guardian of The Holy Light and The Strongest & Most Beautiful Woman in Heaven.


Sailor Team

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Heaevnly Dragons

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Gotei 13


  • Shinji Ikari was adopted Into The King ranked Belial family after they won The lottery. Diehauser doe not betray The Underworld and join Khaos Briagde. The Belial clan wieldsapowerful ability rivaling The Great King ranked Bael clan's Power of Destruction, it is called Time Dilation.
  • Shinji gets The Divine Dividing and Rias gets The Night Reflection sacred gear from Shinji as a gift
  • Lilanne von Phoenix is The daughter of The Supreme Ruler of The Underworld, Catherine Rose Hinsoma. Lilanne is delcared The most powerful female devil in Underworld surpassing her mother in terms in strength. Lilanne improved The Underworld.
  • The Belial family was promoted to The status of Great King because of Shinji's actions.
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