Akame Ga Kill!: Kurotama is a continuation of the Anime Series Akame Ga Kill!. The Story is After dead of Esdeath and The Fallen Empire has arrived of Peace, but it was founded a secret evil organization called Black Soul. The Goal of the Black Soul is destory the Peace and bring The New Empire. Akame heard the rumors. She get to wise to Black Soul and destroy the organization. Incidentally her afflict terrible nightmares about her Dead Friends from Night Raid

Main character

  • Akame 
  • Shirome (Isn't my character and the author can this character remove, if he/she like)
  • Tinena 
  • Mero
  • Kano




  • One-Cut Killer: Murasame (Type: Katana) (Akame)
  • The Diamond Flame Sword: Ogienterza (Type: Red Diamond Katana) (Firu )
  • The Skeleton Man: Reaper (Type: Bone Ring ) (Firu )
  • The Killer claw: Asbiorever (Type: Claw) (Hakaso )
  • Zangetsu (Type: Katana) (Shirome)
  • Deathslaver: Mugetsu (Type: Sword) (Shirome)
  • The Hard Smash: Strongstone (Type: The combination between Hammer and morning star) ( Mero)
  • The Bloody Steel: Vampire Blade (Type: Bloody Machete) (Tinena )
  • The Migthy Book: Volumen (Type: Magic Book) (Kano)
  • Insanity Eye: EyeSaw (Type: Klass Eye) (Vic)
  • Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot (Type: Armor) (Wave)
  • Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema (Winged Teigu) (Run)

Danger Beasts

  • Goguhle/ Mother Goguhle
  • Fire Mammoth (Extinct)
  • Umonlikos


Black Soul:

  • Hakaso
  • Kalbi
  • Black Soul Guardians
  • The Gang (Group of Black Soul members)
  • Guardians with Superhuman Strength (by the experiment)

Skull Hunter: 


  1. Kill the Gang (Part 1)
  2. Kill the Gang (Part 2)
  3. Kill the Creature
  4. Kill the Base
  5. Kill the Psychopaths
  6. Kill the Amnesia
  7. Kill the Old Times
  8. Kill the Assassins Guild
  9. Kill the Reaper
  10. Kill the War
  11. Kill the Beast(Coming Soon)
  12. Kurotama


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