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Alberto Caruso
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Vampire King
Motif: Knight
Christian Crusader
Rider Type: Anti-Hero (First)
Hero (Current)
Villain (novel)
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 25 (Kamen Rider Vampire King)
Actor: Ludi Lin

“"Please! Return the life you took or else!”
—Alberto's catchphrase, said before battle.

Alberto Caruso is a 28 Year old elite member of the Wonderful Blue Sky Organization and the main user of Kamen Rider XYZ the secondary rider of Kamen Rider: Vampire King.


Alberto encounters Tyler when he is after a German fugitive, gaining the young man's praise for his confident exterior. When he learns Vampire King has returned and that Kenny had known all along, he demands permission to take Vampire King out with the XYZ System. However, Kenny assigns him the task of keeping Mira safe, deciding to use that to have Vampire King come to him and kill him. However, when Mira threatens to file a restraining order, Alberto uses Tyler to do the job for him instead. When he finally faces Vampire King, Alberto is about to become XYZ without permission until the Sheep Fangire kidnaps Mira in the confusion. He is currently unaware that the person he is mentoring, Tyler, is the individual he is trying to kill. When encountering Vampire King, Tyler manages to evade him, not engaging in any form of combat against the person he looks up to. However, when he was ultimately left with no choice, Tyler reluctantly transforms into Vampire King and soundly defeats XYZ. Since then, Alberto becomes mentally unstable to the point of attacking criminals without mercy while proclaiming that the XYZ System lost, not himself. Attempting to snap Alberto back to his usual self, Kenny presents him the Powerd Ixer, which is completed by the time the Lion Fangire fully reawakens. Unfortunately, Alberto's encounter with the Seastar Fangire only drove Alberto even more insane as he became obsessed with obtaining one of the Fangire's buttons as a memento of defeating him. Alberto eventually got the button and added it to his collection, seemingly snapping back to reality.

After unsuccessfully trying to find out who Vampire King really is by way of a fortune teller Val Buan knew, Alberto scolds Val for calling him 'old man' repeatedly (even though there is only a year's difference between them in age) and fights with Mira against the Ladybug Fangire, with him and Val being kidnapped in the process before he shatters the Ladybug Fangire, forced to work with Vampire King to destroy the Six Pillars Sabbath born from the remains. Since the Ladybug Fangire incident, Alberto gains the admiration of Val who desires to be his apprentice to perfect his musical skills. While eavesdropping on a conversation between Mira and Kenny regarding his erratic behavior, Alberto finds out that a new upgrade being developed for the XYZ System, and is even more pleased that he will retain the XYZ System even after losing it briefly to Dáire Lister, the Spider Fangire. Though he came close to being removed as XYZ's user, Alberto succeeds in fooling Kenny to let him stay as the user by pretending to admit he was flawed, becoming the first to use the upgraded XYZ System and its stronger form, Rising XYZ.

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