This article is about the relationship between Alejandro and Vanessa. It is revealed Vanessa has a crush on Alejandro in Disreplace that Time Bomb.

Crackers or Wackers

Disreplace that Time Bomb

Vanessa asks Alejandro for a ride in his new car, only he ignores her and zooms by.

Nothing's Worth The Wait

Vanessa kisses Alejandro on the lips and says that she likes him while they're playing 7 Minutes In Heaven.

The Final Concert

Vanessa cries when she thought she would be seperated from Alejandro.

Hollywood World

We Will Be The Movies

Vanessa and Alejandro kiss when Teresa's plan works.

Alejandro and Vanessa

Alejandro and Vanessa star in a comedy show.

Not Always....

Alejandro and Vanessa break up, but eventually get back together.


When Alejandro gets to join the competition, and Vanessa does not, Vanessa cries and wishes Alejandro good luck.

Handsome vs. Handsome vs. Handsome vs. Cute

Vanessa is frustrated when she finds out that Alejandro is in a Pokemon tournament for Haruhi's love.


Alejandro breaks up with Vanessa at the beginning of the episode to ask Heather out. However, throughout the episode, Alejandro shows signs of regret, and, after breaking up with Heather, gets back with Vanessa and promises never to flirt with any girls besides her again.

Total Cartoon Teams

TCT Aftermath 1

Vanessa shows major jealousy about Courtney flirting with Alejandro throughout the episode.

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