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Alexis Perry

Alexis was born in the Bronx, New York in 1987. Since childhood, Alexis has been into martial arts, law enforcement and was usually a loner. By middle school, with emotional and mental issues, her rage disorder and among other things, she ended up placed in several different schools. In summer 2004, Alexis became a vampire slayer after vampires released a spell, that made all potentials revert back to normal people. Alexis was one of a few girls that became slayers after the reversal spell. After this occurred, the original gang was forced to try to locate remaining slayers. Giles found out about a girl located in Orange County, New York, who soon was found out to be Alexis. Alexis was located, in which Giles began working at a library at her school. Alexis, with the help of Buffy and Faith and the rest of the group, quickly learned to be a slayer. She caught on quickly. Alexis later gained the power of two other groups besides the Slayer’s Council. One, the local Cheyenne Native American tribe and the other, the Shao Lin Monks of Tibet. With new powers installed, Alexis became the ultimate force on Earth. Throughout her time of being a slayer, she adopts a son who if killed in sacrifice to the devil, the planet will be destroyed. She becomes a police officer, loses her mother to a cult and nearly loses friends and family to the evil she fights. In the end, Alexis sacrifices her own life and safety to destroy all the forces of darkness on Earth, permanently.

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