Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series, written in a thankfully ironic manner by xandermartin98, is none other than the progenitor of quite possibly the all-time worst shipping in all of video game history (Alphys X Amalgamates, as the title clearly states) and is easily, without a doubt, the single most disturbing Undertale fanfic ever, crackfic or not. Naturally, it is also the third and therefore last story of the Alphys Crackfic Trifecta.


Living up to its title's usage of the word degenerate to a rather nightmarishly extreme degree, the admittedly infamous series revolves around Alphys, the accidental creator (and therefore scientific mother) of the Amalgamates, engaging in horrifyingly intimate and downright vomit-inducing sexual relations with said barely-sentient eldritch bio-fusion abominations.

With the exception of An Alphamalg Sleepover, the series was originally known for gradually and progressively becoming more and more disturbing with each chapter that was produced; however, when it was finally compiled together into one big story, the official timeline for it was severely altered, resulting in noticably bizarre tonal shifts such as AAS becoming the finale.

Examples of notably disturbing imagery from Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series include:

  • Alphys breastfeeding Snowdrake's Mother
  • Lemon Bread raping Alphys with his abnormally large penis
  • Reaper Bird inserting Alphys directly into its vagina
  • The Amalgamates dipping Alphys in their own semen
  • Snowdrake's Mother licking the inside of Alphys' anus
  • Alphys milking Endogeny like a cow's udder
  • Lemon Bread chewing Alphys up with his teeth
  • Reaper Bird defecating directly into Alphys' mouth
  • Endogeny using its facial orifice to fellate Alphys
  • Alphys eating the sperm-pus from Lemon Bread's pimples
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