The second story of the Alphys Crackfic Trifecta, Alphys Hoek is a blatant Ren & Stimpy homage written and directed by xandermartin98 in which Alphys is driven clinically insane by chronic overexposure to the infamously overzealous and perverted Undertale fanbase and ends up mentally deteriorating into what can only be described as essentially the female lizard equivalent to Ren Hoek.


This makes her a perfect candidate for the role of lead actor on Mettaton's new TV series, The Undertale Show, the pilot episodes of which are naturally parodies of Ren & Stimpy just as the entire story itself is.

Containing frequent mockeries of strange and bizarre fetishes as well as uncannily well-done parodies of scenes and episodes from its source material, Alphys Hoek is quite honestly the weakest of its trifecta but is still well worth a read just for its sheer WTF factor alone.

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