Fan Fiction

An alternate universe or, shortened:, altverse fanfiction story is one that while based on a particular source material or source materials, features a divergence from the canonical plot during or before the original story.

Types of alternate universes[]

There are several different types of works on this, but the most common types includes

  • AU/R (alternate universe/reality)
    • In this one, the world, or more bluntly, universe, is different from the work. The physics, geography, technology are different from the works. This form of alt-universe is popular among fans, and those getting into careers as a writer.
      • For example, if magic didn't exist in the Harry Potter series.
    • Sometimes, in Real Person Fiction, celebrities in real-life (our world) would be like normal people, non-celebrities. In this, they tend to co-exist with normal.
      • EX: Instead of music, members of A*Teens or S Club 7 had careers as soldiers, firefighters, or having magically abilities and used them as a career choice.
    • Another example could be where the celebrities are from is different from real-life.
      • EX: S Club 7 being born in the United States (Fan-Fic; AU/R) rather than the Untied Kningdom (Real Life), or the A-Teens being born in the States, instead of Sweden.
  • AT (alternate timeline)
    • This does with a different timeline rather than canon or present time. Alternate history often comes from this concept when answering a ‘what if’ question, although few involves fan-fiction.
      • For example of a fan-fiction that does with Alt-History or timeline, Jimi Hendrix (who died in real-life) survives from his overdose and got sober.
  • AH (All-Human)
    • Canonical non-human characters in works are humans, yet still retain their names and traits.
      • For example, The Lion King characters were humans instead of animals.