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Alvin and Brittany: Into the Mystic is a fan-fiction story written by William Raymer in 2006. It is recognized as Book Zero-Beta of the author's Chipmunk Tour Saga series of stories. It also takes place six months after Book Zero-Alpha, A Goofy Wedding: The Ultimate Disney Fanfic.


It is 20 years after the events of The Chipmunk Adventure. Alvin and Brittany have been boyfriend and girlfriend for 19 of those years, since a screening of an animated film based on those events.

Alvin has decided that, on this night, he will propose to Brittany at a charity screening of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. Meanwhile, Brittany is visiting Inspector Jamal prior to her arrival at the screening.

After Brittany's arrival at the theater, the screening begins with Alvin nervously awaiting the moment of proposal. After the screening is complete, we learn that the theater where the Donner Cut screening occurred is also where the animated Chipmunk Adventure premiered-and, therefore, where Alvin and Brittany's relationship began.

Alvin then proposes to Brittany, who accepts.

The next day, Alvin calls into a popular radio show and tells the show's host that—per a promise made to him years before—the wedding would take place on the radio host's next birthday.

Later, Brittany meets an old friend at the store—Roxanne Goof from A Goofy Wedding. Meanwhile, Alvin runs into Roxanne's husband, Max, at a bar. Max and Roxanne each agree to help their counterpart plan their parts of the wedding festivities.

On the day of the wedding, we learn that Brittany was kidnapped by Klaus and Claudia Furstein, the villains of The Chipmunk Adventure. Alvin implores the Toon Force Power Rangers, whom he had learned were in attendance, to rescue Brittany.

Hours later, we learn that the Toon Force Rangers were successful in rescuing Brittany—Klaus and Claudia dying in a plane crash in the process.

As Brittany recovers in a hospital, Alvin learns of the Toon Force Rangers' identities. After the Toon Force escorts the Chipmunks and Chipettes to the Astro MegaShip II for a tour, Alvin and Brittany reassure Max, Roxanne and the rest of the Toon Force that they would keep their true identities secret.

The Toon Force are then invited to join a concert tour the Chipmunks and Chipettes are going to go on for the 20th anniversary of The Chipmunk Adventure--but not before Alvin and Brittany...finally...become husband and wife.

Let the Chipmunk Tour Saga begin...

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Max Goof, Roxanne Martin-Goof, Lizzie McGuire, Ren and Louis Stevens, Hannah Montana-Owned by Disney Enterprises, Inc.

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Jason Archer (the radio disc jockey)-Owned by the Author.

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