Fan Fiction

Amu Hojo (アム 補助 Hojo Amu?) is a fan-fiction character by Chelyr of what if Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (Emu Hojo) had a sister.


When Amu was young, her mother died from an unknown cause. She only had her brother and father but her father would usually be busy at work. One day, Emu and her received a game in beta, which was infected with the Bugster virus, from Kuroto Dan. Amu was unknowingly infected by the Bugster Virus and her right eye turned red which was followed by a shadow always following her (and talking).



At first, both had a very best friend kind of relationship since Amu would always be bullied at school for her eye. They loved to play with each other until that day when she read the letter. Thus, they started being cold at each other. However, at the end they would mend their relationship after they both remembered the promise they made.

Kiyonaga Hojo

Amu and her father doesn’t have a usual parent-child relationship. Since Kiyonaga Hojo comes late from work, Amu hated him for not playing or taking care of her. Their relationship would only get worser throughout the years to come.

Emu Hojo

Amu looks up on her brother for he is the one who always takes care of her ever since their mother died. Emu is always the one who takes cares of the bullies for her which makes her elated. Since he always takes care of her, Amu feels like she is just making her brother carry a burden for her as she is not confident enough to stand up to them.


The name of Amu was originally supposed to be Lila for its dark meaning but was changed to Amu since the name was similar to Emu. After playing Honkai Impact 3, the shadow (Bugster Virus) was chosen to be like the spirit of the 3rd Herrscher in Kiana.