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Angela Lopez ,As She Appears In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Angela Has Long Dark Brown Hair Angela Is Tan Skinned Angela Has Black Eyebrows And Dark Brown Eyeliner Angela Wore White Lenses And Black Eyes Angela Wore Light Red Lipstick Angela Wore An Dark Maroon Red Bandana Top With White Designs On It Showing Her Boobs And Tan Hourglass Curved Shaped Stomach Angela Wore Light Blue Jeans And Black Shoes Angela Wore Dark Golden Circle Earrings Angela Wore An Golden Christ Necklace Angela Has Tattoos On Her Neck And Tan Stomach

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Biography[]

Angela Lopez Is A Happy Mother Of 10 (Christie, Susanna, Mary, Erin, Candice, Candace, Melissa, Tiffany, Gretchen And Yvonne Lopez) And Lives In Compton All Her Life Angela Was Into Gangbanging One Day Angela Heard An Gun Shot And Rose Hoffman Rushes Out To See What It Was Jonathan Tells Them He's Been Shot Angela Began To Cry Unexpectedly Angela Bent Over And Asked What Can She Do To Help Jonathan Who Was Angry Says "Those Motherfuckers Must Pay For This" Angela Smiled And Said "No Problem There I'll Form A Female Gang" Which Rose Immediately Takes A Liking To That Idea So Both Mothers And Their Daughters Grabbed Their Guns And Hopped Into Angela's Lowrider And Pursue The Bloods And Crips Angela Referred Their Gang To As The Compton Rollers They Finally Reached East L.A Where The Crips And Bloods Were And They Shot The Gangs Leaving Them Dead Angela Then Has A Bigger Problem The Syndicate (The Suppression Squad) Is Raising The Violence But Luckily Angela And Her Compatriot Rose Were Ready To Take Them On With Their Guns Equipped

Grand Theft Auto (2014 Movie)[]

Oddly Enough It Is Actually Angela Who Is The Main Character The Plot Of The Movie Is Angela Finds Out That The Syndicate Has Put An Assassination Plan On Fat Tony Angela Who Was Afraid That Tony Would Get Murdered Rose Now Plays As Angela's Faithful Sidekick Together With Their Daughters Respectively They Raced Off To Stop The Assassination Plot From Happening

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Virgin Comics)[]

In 2004 The Comic Adaptation Of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Was Published It Now Featured A Diverse Plot After Angela Reunites With Her Mother Rachael Gives Angela Useful Hints