Angelic Holy Warrior & The Divine Holy Dragon Goddesses: The Fifth Seraph & Archangel of Twilight, Force & Combat, The Infinite Holy Dragon God & The True Holy Dragon God Emperor is a Highschool DxD & Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover story.


Not long after he averted Third Impact. Shinji Strada is forced back into the supernatural world after Lady Gariel angelized him into her joker and awakening his true angelic heritage. Now as a Seraph & Archangel, wielding the absolute strongest of the 13 longinus, True Longinus. and with his Brave Saints at his side, Shinji will make his mark on the world as a warrior of light and show all the enemies of Heaven to respect and fear of might of The Angels.


Fallen Angels



Mythological Deities

Other Creatures

Jurai Empire

Holy Knights


Silver Millennium Moon Kingdom

Time Space Administration Bureau


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