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Black Widow As She Appears In 3D Animation Model Black Widow Has Long Downward Light Black Hair Black Widow Was Pale White Skinned Black Widow Has Black Eyebrows Black Widow Has Dark White Lenses With White Irises Black Widow Wore An Black And Dark Grey Mask Over Her Mouth Black Widow Wore An Black And Dark Grey Open Shirt With Black Shoulder Pads With Two Black Wires Crossing Showing Her Dark Grey White Boobs And Dark Pale White Curved Stomach With Light Brown Belly Button Black Widow Wore Black Leather Pants Showing Her Huge Firm Ass Black Widow Wore Black High Boots Black Widow Wore Black Long Pads On Her Arms Black Widow Has Pale White Hands Black Widow Wore Black Fingernails Black Widow Has An Sword With Dark Maroon Red And Dark Orange Diamond Handle Behind Her Back

Angelique's Family Life And History

Angelique Hutchinson And Her Daughters Julie, Sasha, Desiree, Michelle, Felicia, Alicia, Denise, Janet, Janice, Cindy, Kathleen, Lisa, Maggie, Marisol, Alexandra, Alexa, Angelina, Angela, Nikki, Nicole, Jennifer, Cassandra, Rosalina, Rosa, Rosie, Amber, Megan, Morgan, Laura, Lauren, Stephanie, Gretchen, Rachael, Annabelle, Anna, Lindsay, Mindy, Mandy, Becky, Marianne, Marianna, Rose, Rosanna, Rosemary, Miranda, Melissa, Alyssa, Mary, Jennie, Jenny, Roxanna, Roxanne, Christina, Lynn, Heather, Holly And Martha Hutchinson And Angelique's Friends Sandra, Sandy, Krystal, Susanna, Susan, Tiffany, Lorelei, Bethany, Hannah, Victoria, Veronica, Molly, Danica, Desiree, Jade, Vanessa, Frenchie, Lilly, Lillian, Christie, Kirsten, Rosa, Rochelle, Kylie, Kyla, Kayla And Layla Hutchinson Were Ancient Powerful Female Ninjas Whose Body Parts Can't Be Ripped Off Black Widow Made Her First Appearance Mortal Kombat: The New Conquest Where She Was Voiced By Kelly Richards Black Widow Was A Legendary Heroic Female Ninja Who Was Resting Peacefully In Her Home In Otherrealm Until Raiden Contacted Her Informing Her That The Tarkatan Forces Were Invading Earthrealm Black Widow Sensed That The Tarkatans Were Invading Earthrealm Black Widow Runs Into Mileena Who Greets Her Warmly Interestingly Enough Mileena Also Had The Exact Look As Black Widow With Mileena On Her Side Black Widow Vows To End Shao Kahn's Attempt To Conquer Earthrealm Mileena Showed Off Her Excellent Combat Skills During The Battle With The Tarkatan Army Mileena's Younger Sister Kitana Also Joins In We Are Also Introduced To Khameleon Who Now Has Her Real Body And Khameleon's Faithful Sister Chloe The Female Ninjas Arrived In The Outworld 

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