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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Angry Birds Rio: The Climate Breeze written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "The Cold".


(The story starts off in Bird Island with the birds making peace to each other as the eggs hatch in the nests and hop to see their parents)

  • Narrator: Long time ago. Bird Island was a island, inhabited by many birds alike. It is a peaceful island with flightless birds who pretend to fly like a duck and use a big slingshot when they tried to fly, but they ended up falling into the water like a chick. *most of the birds use slingshots to fly, but they all failed and fall into the water* In some cases, they watch and see if any predators come this way. The bugs are one of them. *see the mosquitos flying over the eggs as the birds started to get angry and beat up the mosquitos* Mosquitos! These birds doesn't like when bugs get into their eggs and lead them to beat them all up to death.

(Far away from Bird Island, we head across Eagle Island, a frozen island inhabited by other birds alike. Their purple eagle leader name is Zeta as she walk into the station to prepare another snowball hit.)

  • Zeta: Okay ladies and gentleman, we got work to do. I want everyone to test out our giant snowball and hit against that island over here, do we make it clear?
  • Glenn: Yes Zeta.
  • Steve: We make it all clear.
  • Zeta: Good. Now let's fire this snowball up like a rocket ship.
  • Glenn: Snowball in the hole!
  • Steve: *press the button*

(A giant snowball is shot as it headed to Bird Island, crash into the water, freezing everything as the birds scream and jump off the island, sailing through boats while they save their chicks from being frozen. Bird Island was cracked and frozen forever, leading to all life on the island to be frozen with ice and snow as the birds are forced to move to another island.)

  • Narrator: One day, a purple eagle launched a giant snowball which caused the birds to evacuate to their original home, forcing them to move out of their homes and see their precious island freeze to death like a snow mountain.

(Later on, the birds move on to another island as they build homes and nests for everyone to stay at. One day, they encounter the pigs and caused a war with the pigs, beating them up and knocking them all over the edges by using slingshots to hit them. The birds take charge of their nests to prevent from future attacks from the pigs.)

  • Narrator: One day, they moved to another island. They found peace, joy, love and care on the island. They built homes by using woods, stone and even ice. They used the wood sticks to make nests for their chicks and eggs. Suddenly, the pigs were looking for food to eat, but they got nothing but grass. They see the eggs and smells the eggs and they cause a war with the birds going after the eggs. The pigs were slammed, beat up and knock off by the edges with the help of the slingshots. As of today, they are in a island like never before with danger ahead from their neighbors. This is why they are in a dangerous island like Piggy Island!

(In the present day at Eagle Island, Zeta walk to her guards as she is about to walk into the station where the computers are being used to target on other places around Earth)

  • Zeta: Alright guards, make sure nobody sneak through the airs.
  • Axel: Yes Zeta.
  • Brad: Always reporting on duty.
  • Zeta: Well, well, well. What do we got here today?
  • Glenn: Zeta, i found cases of a unspecified planet.
  • Zeta: Ah. Accelerate the planet's location.
  • Glenn: It's not on here. It's in space. Look at this Ice Planet.
  • Zeta: You said it's a Ice Planet like the Red Planet being Mars. I see. Set target on the Ice Planet, we're going to make another blast to succeed our goal.
  • Birds: *set target on the Ice Planet*
  • Zeta: Once again, it is time to make another test on booming the snowball on one place to another. You know we love to do this all the way when we make fun of other people homes. Now fire!
  • Steve: Snowball in the hole!

(The giant snowball is shot into the Ice Planet. Out of Earth in outer space in the Ice Planet, the ice birds are cheering for their prince showing up in the ice castle, praised by many citizens alike.)

  • Ice Bird King: All hail Prince Ice!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Ice Bird: Thank you everyone. It is great to be here for my inauguration.
  • Ice Bird Queen: Say anything you like.
  • Ice Bird Princess: Show your speech.
  • Ice Bird: Okay. *clears throat* It is i to present you as your new prince. It is honor to do the authorities and see our great people on this planet. From Earth, to Mars, to the Ice Planet. I would like to thank everyone for coming and see me as your new prince. Let's get this party started!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Ice Bird: Thank you. Thank you. We'll be hitting on the rocks like ice. *see a giant snowball headed this way* Uh oh.
  • Ice Bird King: What's the matter son? Did you forgot your blue slush in your fridge?
  • Ice Bird: NO! Ice Meteor incoming!
  • Ice Bird King: We're going to be hit!
  • Everyone: *shocked as they see a giant snowball destroying the ice moon, forming ice rocks flying and blasting all over the ice as they scream and run*
  • Ice Bird: We gotta evacuate!
  • Ice Bird Princess: Head over to the other side!
  • Ice Bird: This planet is in danger! Who is trying to stalk on us! *see ice rocks destroying many homes* No no no! I can fix this!
  • Ice Bird King: Son, we must go!
  • Ice Bird: I can't leave without my people.
  • Ice Bird King: No one is going to be there for you. We must go together, like a family.
  • Ice Bird: I can't stand back my citizens. I can't leave them behind, screaming like chicks.
  • Ice Bird Queen: Son, look out!
  • Ice Bird: Oh no!

(A ice rocks crash the ground, splitting Ice Bird and his family up as Ice Bird is damaged and falling into the planet of Earth)

  • Ice Bird: Help me!
  • Ice Bird Queen: Ice!
  • Ice Bird King: No!
  • Ice Bird Princess: We must go. The ice rocks are attacking our beautiful planet!
  • Ice Bird King: I hope he's safe with the other birds from another planet. But we must make a move!
  • Ice Bird Queen: Head over to the caves!

(Ice Bird is crashing over to Earth with all the ice rocks falling over and approaching to the planet of Earth)



(On a cold day on Piggy Island, the birds put out more sticks for the nest for the eggs to cool on)

  • Red: Aw, the eggs are looking nice.
  • Chuck: One day, they'll be fast.
  • Stella: I hope they can blow bubbles like me.
  • Red: Maybe they can swing a little faster like Chuck.
  • Chuck: You know my moves.
  • Red: You're like the fastest of the group. No other bird can be faster than you.
  • Chuck: Uh uh. I'm the only fastest bird on Earth and the world prove that i'm faster than the pigs.
  • Red: You're not the only one. We are fast when we use the slingshot to break into the pigs' towers.
  • Chuck: No way. I'm more faster than the pigs.
  • Red: I bet you can be slow as a snail.
  • Chuck: Hey. Come on bird, i can speed up a bit better than this.
  • Red: In your book, Chuck.
  • Chuck: Awkward.
  • Jay: Come on man.
  • Jim: Give me the four-leaf treestar.
  • Jake: That special leaf is mine.
  • Jim: Give me that.
  • Jay: That was my snack.
  • Jake: I'm the king of leaves.
  • Jim: I'm the leaf eater.
  • Jay: So does a cowboy rider.
  • Bubbles: Yo, have anyone seen my treats?
  • Hal: I can't find my lollipop on the bag.
  • Bubbles: My mints are not in the bag too as well.
  • Red: What are you guys looking for?
  • Bubbles: We're trying to look for our candy.
  • Hal: Somebody ate it all.
  • Red: Oh. I almost forgot. You guys ate all the candy last night.
  • Bubbles: What? We did?
  • Hal: How come? What did we do to deserve this?
  • Red: You fell asleep like you forgot the day.
  • Bubbles: I have been up all day.
  • Hal: You must be a long bird Bubbles.
  • Bubbles: Hey, i'm not lone as a wolf.
  • Hal: Or a pig.
  • Bubbles: Pigs are very dumb.
  • Hal: They tried to take my chocolate bar once.
  • Bubbles: And steal my gummy birds.
  • Red: You must be hitting the spot then.
  • Bubbles: We're still the flock after all, am i right?
  • Red: Ugh, yes.
  • Hal: You always have us on our side.
  • Red: One of a kind, don't eat too much everyday.
  • Stella: Hey Red, check out this shooting star up in the sky.
  • Red: That's not a shooting star, it's a ice meteor heading this way!
  • Chuck: Here it goes!
  • Red: Oh no.

(The ice rocks crash into the pond, freezing where Ice Bird crashed)

  • Red: Did you see that?
  • Chuck: That was awesome. It crashed right where the pond is and freeze it like chrome.
  • Red: No, it's not okay. Some ice rock crashed into our watering hole. Come on! Let's go find out.
  • Jay: What happen red?
  • Jake: Did the pond sink all the water up?
  • Jim: Who could have done it?
  • Red: I'm a little upset right now. We don't have nothing, but staying on the nest, doing nothing. Let's go!
  • Stella: You don't have to rush us over.

(Ice Bird is seen, damaged on the destroyed pond as the birds check out Ice Bird flopping on the ice)

  • Red: Oh gosh. You know who it is. It's Ice Bird!
  • Chuck: Ice Bird? Didn't he beam us to space years ago?
  • Stella: I don't know what that is.
  • Red: Ice Bird, it's me, Red! Can you hear us?!
  • Bubbles: He's sleeping.
  • Hal: He crash landed into our pond!
  • Red: Get up Ice. It's us.
  • Ice Bird: *wake up* What happen here?
  • Matilda: He's in pain. Give him some water.
  • Jim: Yes girl.
  • Jake: We'll do the job.
  • Jay: Bring in the water.
  • Bomb: There's another pond right here we can go to. Come on.

(The birds pick up Ice Bird and place him on another pond as Red use the bowl to pour water on him)

  • Ice Bird: *cough*
  • Red: Are you okay Ice?
  • Ice Bird: I'm okay.
  • Chuck: He's feeling a lot better.
  • Red: What happen? Did you crash after a failed attempt to launch to another planet?
  • Ice Bird: There was a giant snowball that launched into our home planet and destroyed everything on the ground, leading to float and crash to your world.
  • Red: Oh no.
  • Bomb: What's wrong Red?
  • Red: That's what everyone has been talking about. The snowball effect on Bird Island.
  • Stella: Bird Island? I thought we share the same island as the pigs.
  • Red: Bird Island was the original home for the birds. We once lived a peaceful life on that island before that giant snowball crash and freeze everything on the island, forcing hundreds to move out of their home.
  • Chuck: And that's why our ancestors moved to the island where we have to fight the pigs for taking our eggs on what we called Piggy Island.
  • Jay: Are we going to space again?
  • Ice Bird: Not this time. I'm trying to warn you already. There's a bunch of ice meteor rocks approaching this way.
  • Red: Wait, what?
  • Chuck: No way. I thought you crashed.
  • Ice Bird: They are coming. I should have warned you when you saved me.
  • Stella: How does that effect the island?
  • Ice Bird: Oh no. Look!
  • Red: Not again.

(A bunch of ice meteor rocks crash into the island, hitting through the mountains and the hills)

  • Red: Meteor shower incoming!
  • Chuck: We gotta run!
  • Stella: We need to evacuate!
  • Jay: We can't leave now! What about the eggs?
  • Red: The eggs! No! We gotta save them!
  • Terence: *glare at the ice meteor rocks*
  • Hal: We'll make sure the eggs stay fine!

(While the ice meteor rocks are hitting Piggy Island, the birds run as their village break down a bunch of wood tops with the pigs running for their lives as the ice meteor rocks hit their castle as while)

  • King Pig: My castle! Who is trying to throw rocks on my castle?!
  • Chef Pig: King Pig, a bunch of meteor rocks are blasting the land.
  • King Pig: Who dare to mess with my beautiful island?!
  • Minion Pig #1: We gotta run!
  • Minion Pig #2: It's the end of the world!
  • King Pig: Are we near the end? Of course not. It only happens when a bunch of shooting stars fall off the rocks while a diamond.
  • Chef Pig: Hide in the basement!
  • King Pig: I'm on my way.

(The birds successful grab the nest with the eggs as they find a cave to hide in)

  • Red: Hide into that cave!
  • Chuck: We're hiding on that cave?
  • Red: It's the only place we can hide in. Now hide before the ice rocks hit us.
  • Ice Bird: You lead the way Red. We'll follow you.
  • Red: Make sure no one touch on my back.

(The birds hide on the cave with the eggs on the nest)

  • Jay: When will the meteor shower stop?
  • Red: I don't know. It's only a matter of fact when this dull shower will end.
  • Stella: It's hitting the ocean as well.
  • Matilda: The weather is getting cooler and cold.
  • Bubbles: This is probably why the meteor rocks are made of ice.
  • Hal: The ice are inside of the rocks.
  • Bomb: Man, they explode like a real TNT bomb.
  • Bubbles: Okay, let me see. *see the ice meteor rocks destroy the pile of candy* Wait a minute, is that MY CANDY?!
  • Red: It pops away.
  • Bubbles: NO! HO HO! Not my candy! Ah! It burns like gas.
  • Hal: You'll just grab a new one from your chest.
  • Bubbles: No! It's gone. All gone like coins. Screw you meteor shower of ice rocks! You'll pay for this!
  • Bomb: How long will this meteor shower stops?
  • Red: Oh well, it lasted for minutes and now, it's gone.
  • Bomb: Thank heavens.
  • Chuck: Look at the mess the rocks have made.

(The birds return outside as they see a lot of crashed grounds caused by the ice meteor rocks from the sky as the ice meteor shower is over)

  • Bubbles: No. They ruined my chocolate and gummy worms.
  • Stella: It's getting frozen in here.
  • Chuck: The island became a little chilly.
  • Terence: *growls*
  • Jay: What happen to my pillow?
  • Jim: It's all gone.
  • Jake: I only have a few cards left to build a house. Now it's messed up.
  • Jim: It's made of ice.
  • Matilda: We need help.
  • Red: How do we clean up this thing?
  • Chuck: It's going to take days to fix up the grounds on the island.
  • Bomb: The grass is cold, the weather is cold and the beach is cold.
  • Red: We need someone who can help get rid of this mess and stop the culprit who is responsible for this matter of cause.
  • Ice Bird: It came from your planet. Someone must have bomb a snowball to blast at my home planet.
  • Red: I know. Maybe Blu and the others from the Amazon Rainforest can help.
  • Stella: What? You're bringing Blu into this?
  • Red: He should help. He know the way to travel and find the one to stop who is responsible for the mess like we did with Nigel and King Pig a year ago.
  • Ice Bird: Blue is my favorite color. I'm all icy like my people.
  • Red: I'm talking about a bird named Blu.
  • Ice Bird: How do we get into Blu's location?
  • Red: It's on the Amazon Rainforest. We need to get ready to warp to the other world.
  • Chuck: Let's get to it.

(The birds put up all the machines and chips together to open the portal to the Amazon Rainforest by a big O-shaped machine)

  • Ice Bird: Wow. I didn't know we can do that.
  • Red: You crashed through a wormhole into our planet once. Remember?
  • Ice Bird: Yeah. I was getting a bit nervous when the pigs blast themselves into space.
  • Red: This adventure is different and it's going to get a little chilly in here.
  • Stella: Are you ready to warp?
  • Red: Yes. It's time to warp!
  • Chuck: Last one there is a old pig!

(The birds set up the slingshot and blast themselves into the portal. In another world at the Amazon Rainforest, Blu is returning from his hunt with a lot of fruits in the bag as they see a bunch of Spix's Macaws playing volleyball by flying. Some of the birds jump in the pool to play by floating. The Spix's Macaw chicks play catch with a orange at the sand fields.)

  • Tiago: Play ball! *hit the orange*
  • Bia: Hit ya. *hit the orange*
  • Carla: Don't forget me. *hit the orange*
  • Tiago: I'll be fast for nothing. *hit the orange*
  • Bia: Don't wait 'til we stop. *hit the orange*
  • Carla: Wombo combo! *hit the orange*
  • Tiago: *miss the orange as the orange hit the sand* I miss.
  • Carla: Ha! Nice try.
  • Tiago: But i wasn't ready.
  • Bia: You were ready the whole time. But you weren't looking.
  • Tiago: I was paying attention like always.
  • Bia: Remember the big noise at the boat?
  • Tiago: Yes. I was blamed for it.
  • Carla: You didn't do anything. We owe ya.
  • Blu: *arrive with the fruits on his bag* I'm back you guys.
  • Tiago: Blu!
  • Carla: Did you bring back any chips?
  • Blu: I didn't actually hunt for chips. This is a forest, not a flea supermarket.
  • Bia: You meant by a flea supermarket with all the fleas jumping all over our feathers.
  • Blu: No. Not that flea supermarket. I mean a actual supermarket outside with all the stands.
  • Jewel: *arrive* Blu, you're back.
  • Blu: Hey Jewel, i'm back from hunting.
  • Jewel: Ho ho ho. You're back from shopping.
  • Blu: I got oranges, bird seeds and a whole bunch of apples.
  • Tiago: Apples!
  • Bia: Do you have any pancakes?
  • Blu: Bia, we live in the Amazon Rainforest. The Rainforest isn't going to serve us a lot of flour to make all the pancakes in the world like putting a cherry on top of the cake to wrap up the day.
  • Jewel: Why don't we hang out at Rafael? I bet he got something good out of his log home.
  • Bia: Oh yeah. Let's check him out.
  • Blu: I hope he's not falling asleep as always.
  • Jewel: He better be up or else, Luiz would have to bark him off his leaf pile.
  • Tiago: Don't forget the bag.
  • Carla: We'll take care of it.

(Far out around the jungle side of the Amazon Rainforest, the bird flock with Ice Bird arrives at the rainforest)

  • Ice Bird: Oh wow. We're in a jungle.
  • Red: Welcome to the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Ice Bird: You call that a rainforest?
  • Stella: It is what it is.
  • Chuck: Big as a big top forest.
  • Terence: *glare at Chuck*
  • Chuck: Ah! Terence, you scared me.
  • Red: That's my big brother alright.
  • Bomb: It doesn't take few leaves to cover up the fresh shade.
  • Ice Bird: It's hot in here. What am i feeling?
  • Stella: It's suppose to be hot.
  • Matilda: It's always hot in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Jim: We should have been in Rio instead.
  • Jay: Look at all the fiesta and samba they do in the streets.
  • Jake: The party never stops 'til the next day come.
  • Hal: Where do we have to pick up again?
  • Bubbles: The blue color and that's the sky.
  • Red: Blu. We need to go find Blu.
  • Ice Bird: Oh yeah. Blu. Did you mean the blue sky or the bird?
  • Chuck: The bird? Why do you get curious at things when you never heard of things before?
  • Ice Bird: There is always a first time and a second time.
  • Red: Now you're guessing.
  • Ice Bird: Guessing? Don't blame me.
  • Red: Let's go my friend. Blu better be somewhere around this area.
  • Chuck: Don't forget to look for directions.
  • Ice Bird: One direction or another.

(At Rafael's log home, Rafael is still sleeping in his leaf pile as Blu's family came by to check on home)

  • Blu: Oh, there he goes.
  • Jewel: Wake up Rafael.
  • Rafael: *wake up* Whoa! What happen? Who turn on the lights?
  • Blu: Rafael, it's us.
  • Rafael: Oh, when i first saw you, i thought you were some sort of ghost.
  • Blu: Would you like to have some breakfast with us?
  • Rafael: Oh sure. What are you talking about? I hope you save room for some dessert.
  • Blu: I brought in dessert. You may like it.
  • Rafael: Alright. I'm in.

(At the stack area, Blu and his friends join in for a morning breakfast with a mat on the ground)

  • Nico: Yo! We're here.
  • Pedro: What does it smell in here?
  • Blu: Hey Nico and Pedro, i didn't see you there.
  • Nico: You're having breakfast without us?
  • Blu: Yes. You can join in.
  • Pedro: Yes! We were invited all along.
  • Luiz: You guys brought me into the party.
  • Blu: Yes we did Luiz. And we didn't left you out for here.
  • Luiz: Ha ha. I knew i would trust you on that one.
  • Blu: Breakfast is served and let's eat.
  • Luiz: Dig in your fruits.
  • Everyone: *eat the fruits*
  • Tiago: Yummy.
  • Bia: Taste so well.
  • Carla: It taste like love.
  • Nico: This is so good in a little bird's tummy.
  • Pedro: You know my man.
  • Nico: Anything taste great with grapes.
  • Luiz: Gosh, why does the strawberries taste so wonderful?
  • Blu: Cause birds like fruits?
  • Luiz: No. It's delicious man. I wish i can mix it all up with dog food.
  • Jewel: Dog food?
  • Blu: Dog food goes well with fruit. Arf!
  • Eva: *arrive with the kids* Rafael!
  • Rafael: Oh hey Eva. What took you so long? What's with the mad face?
  • Eva: Why didn't you wait for me to eat!?
  • Rafael: I was sleeping while you and the kids were out.
  • Toucan Kid #1: We're hungry.
  • Toucan Kid #2: What is that on the pile?
  • Blu: Fruits for everyone. If you like.
  • Toucan Kid #3: Oh boy. Fruits.
  • Toucan Kid #4: Let's get them. *he and his siblings eat all the fruits*
  • Tiago: Hey, take it easy.
  • Bia: Save room!
  • Carla: Kids are just kids.
  • Nico: No! My oranges!
  • Pedro: Hey, i was about to eat the banana.
  • Rafael: Take it easy kid. It does bite a little soft.
  • Eva: Rafael, i'm going to kick your feathers.
  • Rafael: Nah, you don't have to.
  • Luiz: Alright. I'm hitting the spot in the circle.
  • Blu: This is like eating all the fruits in the fruit market.
  • Jewel: At least, you collect some throughout the rainforest.
  • Blu: I did and i'm just proud of myself.
  • Jewel: You're a good bird.
  • Blu: Thanks a bunch.
  • Nico: I love my fruits.
  • Pedro: You know what they say.
  • Nico: The bestest friends ever.
  • Pedro: Ha. I love it.

(Back with the bird flock with Ice Bird, they are hopping to search for the Spix's Macaw location)

  • Red: Did you see any loveable chuck of a Spix's Macaw feather around here?
  • Ice Bird: The logs are flexible in here.
  • Chuck: It's a jungle out here.
  • Bomb: It look like a jungle.
  • Chuck: But it's the Amazon Rainforest. The Rainforest is not just going to rain on us or throw spears at us.
  • Bomb: Or not.
  • Chuck: Uh oh.

(The Scarlet Macaw tribe came in with their masks and spears on)

  • Tribesbird #1: Shoot!
  • Ice Bird: Let's run!
  • Tribesbirds: *shoot spears at the flock*
  • Chuck: Ah!
  • Stella: Make a way out of there!
  • Jim: We're all gonna die!
  • Bomb: Dead end! The logs are blocking the way.
  • Red: Big brother, smash them out.
  • Terence: *break the log trap to make the birds go*
  • Red: Yeah! That's some jailbreak!
  • Tribesbird #2: They're escaping!
  • Tribesbird #3: We must go after the square shaped bird.
  • Tribesbird #4: Give me your ice bird!
  • Ice Bird: Not a chance! *freeze around the trees*
  • Tribesbird #1: Hey! You can't freeze our village.
  • Ice Bird: Village? This is a trap zone.
  • Stella: Bubble trap! *blow bubbles to trap the tribesbirds*
  • Tribesbird #5: I'm flying. Weeeee!!
  • Tribesbird #6: I'm trap!
  • Tribesbird #7: Get me out of here!
  • Bomb: It's gonna blow! *he and his birds get trapped by a net*
  • Red: No! We were so close on getting out.
  • Ice Bird: It's the death trap!
  • Tribesbirds: *chant at the bird flock who are trapped on the net*
  • Chuck: I don't like the sound of chanting.
  • Jake: What did we do to deserve this?
  • Ice Bird: You know, the first time coming here when a bunch of strangers with masks try to throw sharp sticks at us.
  • Matilda: They're biased on birds they don't know.
  • Red: The last time we saw them, they were teasing at us. Who is the Scarlet Macaw that trap us on this rope net?
  • Felipe: *fly to the trapped bird flock* Ha ha ha. What do we got here strangers?
  • Red: What the? You met us before.
  • Felipe: You must be the original Angry Bird around here.
  • Red: *angry* You don't like me when i'm angry.
  • Felipe: Let me tell you something for you guys, why are you trespassing our village?
  • Ice Bird: We're sorry. We didn't mean to trespass your village.
  • Felipe: I know you guys. I didn't know there was a felony on our spot and i have to trap you guys to get you guys out from that stranger.
  • Ice Bird: Stranger? I'm a friend of them. We met in space.
  • Felipe: You guys met in space when the monkeys are launching themselves from the rockets? *laugh with the tribe*
  • Red: Stop being that serious.
  • Felipe: Whatever birds. We're just playing with you.
  • Ice Bird: You play with us, we play with you back.
  • Felipe: Ha ha. I like it. Release them out.
  • Tribesbirds: *release the birds out of the nets*
  • Bomb: I was just about to explode.
  • Terence: *glare*
  • Felipe: You guys are good to go.
  • Red: Thanks a lot. By the way, do you know how to get to Blu's location?
  • Felipe: What? No way. Why would we take you to Blu's location?
  • Chuck: There was a series of flying rocks blasting in our home. I feel like the island is ending on us.
  • Felipe: So you evacuated your home from the rocks falling into your island, did you?
  • Chuck: Yes we did.
  • Felipe: And so.
  • Bomb: What are you going to offer us?
  • Felipe: Ugh. Just go. And please do not take the fruits away from our village.
  • Red: We will.
  • Ice Bird: We promise.
  • Stella: Thanks for freeing us.
  • Matilda: Now we'll make our way to the Spix's Macaw tribe.
  • Felipe: Such a lazy bum.

(Back at the Spix's Macaw tribe in the picnic area, the gang is done eating their breakfast with all the fruits together)

  • Blu: Man, i ate a lot.
  • Jewel: Way to go, water boy.
  • Blu: I don't swim in water. Water is not good for the feathers.
  • Tiago: I'm a fruit monster. Rawr!
  • Bia: No you're not Tiago.
  • Carla: It's fun hanging out with you guys.
  • Nico: Gotta keep my swag on.
  • Pedro: You know when the next party is going to come and when the rainforest is going to host their next talent show.
  • Luiz: It's the new year y'all. We better get fired up to something.
  • Rafael: I'm fired up for this jungle.
  • Eva: We moved here since you brought us to that talent show.
  • Rafael: I know baby. I can get used into dancing and singing throughout the carnival.
  • Eva: They never did carnival in the rainforest.
  • Blu: Cause it's a rainforest. It's always a jungle out there like Eduardo said.
  • Jewel: You seen crocodiles, monkeys, other macaws, turtles, flamingos and all the other animals like chickens walking around you.
  • Blu: If Linda and Tulio were here, they would give us some nice goodies.
  • Jewel: Any goodies you ask for.

(Back with the bird flock, they are making their way to the Spix's Macaw tribe)

  • Red: We're on our way to the tribe.
  • Ice Bird: Is it really a tribe? Like the last one we got trapped to?
  • Red: It's a different one. Don't worry, we're friends with them.
  • Ice Bird: You guys were friends with the other tribe?
  • Chuck: The first time we met them, i thought they were fierce.
  • Bomb: We were about to get trapped in one of the nets, but they didn't let us.
  • Ice Bird: I bet these guys don't hold spears on us and trap us in their so-called cages.
  • Spix's Macaw #1: Or not.
  • Ice Bird: Not again.
  • Spix's Macaws: *land in a circle to block the bird flock*
  • Stella: Hey, we were just passing through.
  • Spix's Macaw #2: We're trying to get you away from that strange bird.
  • Ice Bird: Strange? I'm new here.
  • Spix's Macaw #3: Well hello strange one. You must be looking for trouble, do you?
  • Ice Bird: Of course not.
  • Spix's Macaw #4: Trying to trespass our tribe. Eduardo, come here. Show these guys what they got.
  • Eduardo: *land down* Well, well, well. What do we got here?
  • Jay: We're sorry. We didn't know you rule the tribe.
  • Eduardo: Ah, Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda!
  • Red: Hey Eduardo. It's good to see you.
  • Chuck: Smooth with the cool guys.
  • Bomb: It goes boom boom boom.
  • Matilda: Anything you like to offer us.
  • Ice Bird: Wait wait wait, you're not going to kill us?
  • Eduardo: No. But you look new to me. Are you with these guys?
  • Ice Bird: Yes. I'm with them.
  • Hal: He's our friend from space.
  • Eduardo: Oh, a friend from space. Isn't it one of those flying rocks everyone has been talking about?
  • Stella: It been a tragedy. There were flying rocks crashing into our home.
  • Eduardo: Oh no. I'm very sorry to hear. Release the birds.
  • Spix's Macaw #1: They're good to go.
  • Spix's Macaw #2: Is your home safe?
  • Red: Yes. It is safe and steady, despite the flying rock attacks. Anyways, do you know where Blu and the others are?
  • Eduardo: Oh yes. Blu and the others are having a picnic around the green fields. Feel free to visit them any time you like.
  • Red: You are welcome.
  • Ice Bird: It's nice meeting you sir.
  • Eduardo: Excuse me? You just call me sir.
  • Ice Bird: Well, it's a pleasure to have a great group of birds. He he.
  • Eduardo: Just go.
  • Bubbles: Thanks for the visit.
  • Hal: I hope you have a great day.
  • Eduardo: Ha ha ha. Let's get back to work you guys. If there's human things around here, you'll just pick them right up.
  • Spix's Macaw #1: Yes boss.
  • Spix's Macaw #2: We'll do our job.
  • Eduardo: Time to fly up! *fly with his tribe*

(The bird flock continue to hop through the whole Spix's Macaw tribe as they search for Blu's friends)

  • Red: We're on our way to find Blu.
  • Chuck: Finally. No more stopping by distractions.
  • Ice Bird: You know why i hate stopping by places before the actual place to go.
  • Stella: I know you're not big in this type of stuff.
  • Ice Bird: At my world, we just go with the flow on where we have to go.
  • Bubbles: I thought you mean going with the flow like surfing through the waves at the beach.
  • Ice Bird: Uh, no. We do not surf at the Ice Planet.
  • Hal: Do you like sleigh or ride on hills?
  • Ice Bird: Of course, i do that back at my world.
  • Bomb: Anything you like, you just ask what you want.
  • Red: There he is. I just found him over at the picnic with all of his friends.
  • Ice Bird: Wait, where?
  • Chuck: Right where the picnic mat is.
  • Bomb: Okay. Let's go greet them.

(Blu and his friends are wrapping up the picnic as the bird flock came by to visit)

  • Red: Well, well, well. Look who's finally here to show up?
  • Blu: Hey, it's the Angry Birds! Long time, no see. I haven't seen you guys for a while.
  • Nico: Yo! What's up?! Down high, too low, up high, balance the bottom.
  • Pedro: I know you kept all of that move going.
  • Red: It's nice seeing you guys again.
  • Chuck: Is that fruit? And you ate them all?
  • Jewel: Yeah. You miss out on the whole picnic prior to your arrival.
  • Luiz: Whoa, who is this new guy with the square-shaped ice head?
  • Ice Bird: Oh, my name is Ice. But my friends known to call me the Ice Bird.
  • Tiago: You got any souvenirs back home?
  • Red: We didn't bring any back home.
  • Stella: It been a tragic day. A bunch of flying rocks crashed into our island and we survived through the madness of the flying rocks tragedy.
  • Blu: Ouch.
  • Nico: That gotta hurt.
  • Rafael: Mama mia.
  • Eva: Por favor.
  • Rafael: That's some Déjà vu going on around here.
  • Jim: We're going to be freezing like polar bears.
  • Nico: At least, you have us.
  • Pedro: You can't just get angry about it.
  • Bomb: I can cool myself a bit, but i'm going to blow myself up afterwards.
  • Blu: Oh tell me about it, how did the neighbors go after the big flying rock attacks?
  • Stella: Everything went fine after the flying rock attacks. Except, the birds were sad that their homes were destroyed from the effect of the meteor rocks.
  • Nico: Oh come on. I don't want to be waiting in vain for the next five years. Give us a break.
  • Pedro: While we walk, we'll have this conversation during our little tour.
  • Red: Okay. We'll continue from here.

(The birds and Luiz walk throughout the Amazon Forest, discussing the events of the ice meteor shower in Piggy Island)

  • Blu: What was the cause of the ice meteor shower? Did the pigs strike every single laser to blast the ice meteor rocks on the birds?
  • Red: The pigs got nothing to do with it. Well, if the pigs were involved, we'll be screwed up than ever.
  • Chuck: I hate those pigs.
  • Bomb: They try to steal the eggs and fry them up scrambled like smashed pebbles.
  • Jewel: You can't do anything about it. You just have to go with the time.
  • Bomb: I almost miss out on my morning breakfast of my latest banana meal.
  • Hal: We faced big challenges like jungle, mountains, snow areas and you name it, undergrounds.
  • Blu: Going underground is like going down under.
  • Nico: Oh tell me about it. Can you take a mine cart to ride through the tracks?
  • Pedro: Nico, you are killing me.
  • Nico: Never forget the day i got this cap from a soda bottle.
  • Ice Bird: What is the jungle is like for you guys?
  • Nico: Oh, it's big and not just the jungle. It's the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Pedro: This forest got big trees, a big river and a whole lot of birds living in our side.
  • Blu: We protect the trees from the loggers whether or not, they try to cut them all out and try to turn it into a dessert.
  • Red: Yikes! We can't live out on a dessert like this.
  • Nico: Don't go through hot places. You'll burn yourself like a feather burning from the fire.
  • Terence: *glare*
  • Bubbles: A jungle is always a jungle. Am i right?
  • Nico: Yes. We also got songs to play like samba and jamaican.
  • Pedro: I love these type of music. We'll be rocking out like the blues.
  • Nico: Hear us play some jamican music, shall we?
  • Bubbles: Yes. Go for it.
  • Ice Bird: Oh boy. I like the sound of different type of music.
  • Nico: I don't wanna wait in vain for your love.
  • Pedro: I don't wanna wait in vain for your love.
  • Nico:

From the very first time I placed my eyes on you, bird

My heart says follow through

  • Pedro:

But I know, now, that I'm way down on your line

But the waitin' feel is fine

  • Nico:

So don't treat me like a puppet on a string

'Cause I know how to do my thing

  • Pedro:

Don't talk to me as if you think I'm dumb

I wanna know when you're gonna come

  • Bomb: Oh yeah.
  • Nico:

See, I don't wanna wait in vain for your love

I don't wanna wait in vain for your love

I don't wanna wait in vain for your love

  • Pedro:

'Cause if summer is here I'm still waiting there

  • Red:

Winter is here

And I'm still waiting there

  • Blu:

Like he said

It's been three days since I'm flyin' on your log

And I still can knock some more

  • Nico:

Ooh bird, ooh bird, is it feasible?

I wanna know now, for I to knock some more

  • Pedro:

Ya see, in life I know there's lots of grief

But your love is my relief

Tears in my eyes burn, tears in my eyes burn

While I'm waiting, while I'm waiting for my turn


  • Nico:

I don't wanna wait in vain for your love

I don't wanna wait in vain for your love

  • Pedro:

I don't wanna wait in vain for your love

I don't wanna wait in vain for your love

  • Everyone:

I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna

I don't wanna wait in vain, no

I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna

I don't wanna wait in vain, no

  • Nico: Oh! Tell me about it.
  • Blu: No no no, I, no I. I don't wanna wait in vain.
  • Rafael:

It's your love that I'm waiting on

It's my love that you're running from

  • Eva:

It's your love that I'm waiting on

It's my love that you're running from

  • Nico: Ha ha ha. I don't wanna wait in vain forever.
  • Pedro: It could take three more years to wait in vain if the snow comes.
  • Red: I don't wanna be frozen as a fish.
  • Nico: That's right brother.
  • Pedro: Kicking like fine box.
  • Ice Bird: You know when to wait, then go within your daily schedule.
  • Blu: I can get used to swinging on a slingshot.
  • Everyone: *laugh at Blu*
  • Blu: What? What did i say?
  • Red: Nothing. You're just being funny.
  • Blu: Thank you.
  • Red: Whatever.


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