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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Angry Birds Rio: The Climate Breeze written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "Climate Change".


(Back at Piggy Island, the pigs get off the basement as they leave the castle to see all the damaged on the ground with frozen spots all over the island)

  • King Pig: Wow. Did not see the end of the meteor shower.
  • Chef Pig: Do i sense a freezing cold temperature around this area?
  • King Pig: Where is that cold weather coming from?
  • Minion Pig #1: Boss, we're in a warm island. It's not suppose to look that cold.
  • King Pig: Who has the air freezer on? Anyone? Nobody?
  • Minion Pig #2: It wasn't me.
  • Minion Pig #3: The air conditioner was on the whole time in the castle.
  • King Pig: *feel the air* It's cold. Please come over to the holes and check on the ice situation on the grounds.
  • Minion Pig #4: Aye aye King Pig.
  • Minion Pig #1: We'll be on our way.

(The pigs discover all the ice around Piggy Island as ice holes are seen throughout the place with ice meteor rocks standing on the ground)

  • King Pig: I see ice rocks standing on the ground. It also comes with snow.
  • Chef Pig: They damage everything on the ground.
  • Minion Pig #1: What does it taste like?
  • Minion Pig #2: *taste the ice meteor rock* Eh, it taste like a little candy inside.
  • Minion Pig #3: Doesn't taste like candy to me.
  • Minion Pig #4: It's all icy on the rock.
  • Chef Pig: Boss, it seem that the ice came right out of the rocks.
  • King Pig: Whoever caused the ice rocks to fall into our island is going to pay for their crimes.
  • Chef Pig: Who's the criminal responsible for the mess on the ground?
  • King Pig: *sniff* The birds.
  • Minion Pig #1: The birds are the cause of the flying rocks to blast into our island?
  • King Pig: We share the same island together. No matter what, they're responsible for their messes after using a stupid slingshot to beam themselves into space.
  • Chef Pig: Doesn't feel fluff to me.
  • King Pig: Keep breaking the rocks to look for ice parts. You'll see some treasure inside of those giant rocks.
  • Minion Pig #1: It's hard to break them out on the inside.
  • Minion Pig #2: Too sharp.
  • King Pig: It smell like sweet revenge in here.
  • Chef Pig: We got a idea. Why not we find Nigel and Gaby to get revenge on the birds?
  • King Pig: Ah, great idea. We'll find the birds' devices and track them down with their little Amazon friends.
  • Chef Pig: Oi. We'll do that.
  • King Pig: Minions, report to the birds' location. Go set up the big portal near to the bushes.

(At the birds' location, the pigs see all the devices placed on the ground as they look into the O-shaped portal in reference)

  • King Pig: Ooh, someone is going to warp through the hole like a bubble.
  • Chef Pig: We got a lot to prepare.
  • Minion Pig #1: It's all prepared king.
  • Minion Pig #2: We'll be good to go.
  • Minion Pig #3: No slingshot needed.
  • King Pig: Aye aye. Now press the button to go into the next world.
  • Minion Pig #1: *press the button to open the portal to the Amazon Rainforest* Alright, it's open.
  • King Pig: Great. Now let's go catch up with Nigel and Gaby.

(The pigs enter the portal to Amazon Rainforest, only to be watched by Zeta and her workers at the station of Eagle Island on the screens)

  • Zeta: Ho ho, what is going on around here?
  • Glenn: The green pigs headed into the portal to the next world.
  • Zeta: I wonder what the next world got to do with it.
  • Axel: We'll just study that world where they going.
  • Zeta: Give me some information on that world. I would love to throw a giant snowball on their faces once we open a big portal to the strange world.
  • Glenn: We're on duty.
  • Steve: It's just getting started.
  • Zeta: You'll see the fate of your lives, birds and pigs. *evil laugh*

(Back at the Amazon Rainforest, the pigs arrive by warping from a portal)

  • King Pig: Whoa, we're here.
  • Chef Pig: Same old jungle.
  • King Pig: It's a Rainforest. A lot of people keep saying that it's a jungle. How it is a jungle if it's a rainforest with a lot of bugs and animals living in harmony?
  • Minion Pig #1: No birds are out in a morning like this.
  • Minion Pig #2: We'll just have to keep on looking.
  • Minion Pig #3: Hot day today.
  • King Pig: Keep going. Nigel and Gaby are somewhere around this rainforest. Let's go.
  • Chef Pig: No stopping by breaks.
  • King Pig: If ony you needed to use the rest-stop. Go rest on the pond where the piranhas are.
  • Chef Pig: Ha ha.

(While the pigs explore through the Amazon Rainforest, Zeta and her workers prepare the giant snowball on the station of Eagle Island while Steve set stage to open up a portal to the Amazon Rainforest)

  • Zeta: We just found data on the other world. It is the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Steve: The Amazon Rainforest? It doesn't look like a rainforest to me. It's just a river with a jungle on both sides.
  • Zeta: I see your point. Once we get the portal opened up, we're going to bomb up that snowball and blast it into their world.
  • Glenn: It's going to boom like ice.
  • Axel: I can't wait for the snowball to freeze the whole Amazon Rainforest.
  • Zeta: Okay! Get the engines going, the power going and the freezer going! We're going to blast that big snowmageddon into the forest. Are you ready?
  • Everyone: Yes Zeta!
  • Zeta: Alright. Now blast that big snowball to the hole!
  • Glenn: Snowball in the hole!

(The workers set up the big portal and launch the big snowball into the Amazon Rainforest as the big snowball crash into the ground, bringing in the cold breeze all over the whole rainforest. While the birds are exploring, they see the big breeze spreading all over the rainforest with snow.)

  • Blu: Whoa. What is that big sneeze doing in the jungle?
  • Red: Snowstorm!
  • Blu: Snowstorm? We're in the hot side of the world. We might be seeing a tornado somewhere with the hurricane falling behind.
  • Jewel: We have to hide!
  • Nico: Snow blizzard incoming!
  • Pedro: Run for your lives!
  • Chuck: Make way to the hole!
  • Stella: Hide on that cave over here!
  • Ice Bird: I didn't except for a snowball to crash over to the rainforest!

(The birds hide in the cave as the snow breeze all over the place. With the pigs, they saw the big breeze approaching to their way.)

  • King Pig: Ho ho ho. What do we got in here?
  • Chef Pig: There's a big breeze headed this way!
  • King Pig: What?
  • Minion Pig #1: Snowstorm approaching!
  • Minion Pig #2: We're all gonna freeze!
  • Chef Pig: There it goes!

(The big breeze affect the pigs. All over the rainforest, the birds saw the big breeze headed to their territory with one Spix's Macaw shouting "Incoming snow breeze!". Then, all the animals and birds in the rainforest run from the big breeze as the whole Amazon Rainforest infect everything with snow covered up with the river freezing to ice. The birds are still hiding on the cave as the big breeze has already affected all of the land in the area with snow.)

  • Red: What happen?
  • Blu: It's all frozen.
  • Chuck: Wow. Did not see that coming.
  • Ice Bird: Is it me or the snowstorm brought out a giant snowball to your home?
  • Jewel: No. My family.
  • Blu: What about your family?
  • Jewel: They must be back there. Everything is frozen there. Come on, we need to catch up with the gang.
  • Tiago: Our grandpa must be in danger.
  • Bia: Even our paternal aunt.
  • Carla: Something is not right.
  • Stella: It's freezing in here.
  • Nico: Man. I can't keep up with my legs.
  • Pedro: My belly is grumbling for another meal of strawberries.

(Meanwhile, the pigs shake themselves after the big breeze that caused the whole Amazon Rainforest to be covered up with snow)

  • King Pig: Wow. What was that?
  • Chef Pig: How did a bunch of sand get into our way?
  • Minion Pig #1: The sandstorm must have hit us with some returns.
  • Minion Pig #2: Look at all the snow.
  • King Pig: Snow? No no, it can't be real. How did the snow effect the whole jungle?
  • Chef Pig: It's all icy.
  • Minion Pig #2: Soft snow, isn't it?
  • King Pig: I bet the snow is trying to cool us down. But we're not stopping until we find what we're looking for.
  • Chef Pig: Keep it moving you pigs.
  • Minion Pig #1: I'll be going for a milestone.

(Back at Eagle Island, Zeta and her workers cheer for the giant snowball's hit on the Amazon Rainforest)

  • Zeta: We did it! We blast that giant snowball to their world!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Axel: They really deserve it.
  • Glenn: They're going to be freezing like ice birds on the ground.
  • Steve: What is the next step after we freeze the Amazon Rainforest?
  • Zeta: Now. All i need is to open up a portal to their world so we can relax for our upcoming vacation.
  • Glenn: We're going on vacation?
  • Zeta: Pack your bags. We're getting ready to set our stop on the Amazon.
  • Axel: You just freeze the entire place.
  • Zeta: I'll set up a lair there and treat the animals there as my new minions! Then, i will freeze their world into ice and serve me any good from that world they live in.
  • Steve: I'll go prepare the portal.
  • Glenn: We all deserve a break.
  • Zeta: A break is always a good thing after doing all the hard work from the lab. We're just getting started.

(Back at the Amazon Rainforest on a big log home, Nigel sleep upside down from a branch as Gabi, dart poisonous frog jump from her leaf pile and wake up Nigel from sleeping)

  • Gabi: Wake up sleepy head!
  • Nigel: *wake up* Is it morning already? I must have sleep on a bad time.
  • Gabi: Morning Nigel.
  • Nigel: Hello my sweet Gabi. Today is another day to seek revenge on those Spix's Macaw. *check outside* What is this? Are my eyes off?
  • Gabi: Ooh, it's snowing in here.
  • Nigel: It's not snow. It's frozen. Everything in the rainforest is frozen. Didn't i wish for something last night?
  • Gabi: You didn't wish what you wish for. You wished for Blu's friends to be dead on a cold temperature the other day.
  • Nigel: Ah, yes. The big cold weather has effected all of Blu's friends. They finally deserve it after years of ruining my beloved acting career!
  • King Pig: *arrive with his pigs* Hello there Nigel. There seem to be a whole bunch of snow around your home. What cause you to bring the snow to the whole rainforest?
  • Nigel: I didn't start all of this. The snowstorm did.
  • King Pig: The snowstorm did it? Wow. I thought they can only go through all the snow places in the whole entire planet.
  • Nigel: What do you want for me?
  • Gabi: Wanna go shoot some poison at the Spix's Macaw tribe?
  • Minion Pig #1: We were about to say the same thing.
  • Minion Pig #2: Unless the Angry Birds are there.
  • Nigel: The Angry Birds don't stand a chance against my home.
  • King Pig: Alright. You're rehired. All we gonna do is prepare a fortress and throw some snowballs at them.
  • Nigel: We're going to need a lot more ice blocks on our castle than the last one we did for the final battle. *land on King Pig's crown* When i finally get my feathers on those birds, the first thing to do is choke Blu's neck to death. Do you understand?!
  • King Pig: Yes. Can you please get off my crown. I can't see from my eye vision.
  • Nigel: Alright. *fly* Just a pretty pig from a castle.
  • Chef Pig: Where do you want us to go?
  • Nigel: Follow me! We're going to teach those Spix's Macaws a big lesson!
  • King Pig: Ha ha ha. This is a perfect time to get rid of those birds.
  • Gabi: Wait for us.
  • Chef Pig: We'll be cooking up with fish.
  • Minion Pig #1: Last one there is a bird's nest with eggs.

(The Scarlet Macaw Tribe see the effect of the Amazon Rainforest being covered up in snow)

  • Felipe: What happen in here?
  • Tito: Every is all frozen.
  • Cesar: It's snowing in here.
  • Antonio: What happen to our food?
  • Mario: That big freeze has frozen everything in the Amazon. There's nothing we can do about it.
  • Felipe: Something's a little fishy in the other side of the rainforest.

(Back at the Spix's Macaw tribe, the Spix's Macaw look at all the snow being covered up in the village as the waterfall is frozen all over the place)

  • Eduardo: Tell me what lead to our tribe to be frozen?
  • Blue Sentry: It's freezing out there. I don't know how the big weather cause everything to froze?
  • Mimi: I can't stand the hard weather.
  • Old Bird: All of this frozen stuff is going to make me. *walk and fall off a branch* Fall!
  • Peri: Oi, that's too much snow.
  • Spix's Macaw #1: Eduardo! The water is frozen!
  • Spix's Macaw #2: The waterfall freeze everything. Now we can't drink!
  • Roberto: How are we going to perform with all of that snow in our territory?!
  • Eduardo: There is only one way. We either move, or we'll find a place to cool down until all the snow melt into water.
  • Roberto: The jungle formed all the snow into caves. It's going to be hard for us to find warm air until the heat melt it all down.

Blu: *arrive with the group* Maybe we can help.

  • Mimi: Blu!
  • Red: We're here.
  • Ice Bird: Oh my, it did effect your territory.
  • Eduardo: You! The one with the ice-shaped square. What did you do to the territory?!
  • Ice Bird: I didn't do anything. We saw a big snowball crash by and freeze your world apart.
  • Eduardo: You feel like ice in here. The snow has a connection in you.
  • Ice Bird: Just because i'm made of us doesn't mean i'm the one that caused all of that snow crashing.
  • Chuck: Whoa, it feel a lot like Christmas.
  • Nico: Make me wanna go back a month later to see all the decorations set up.
  • Pedro: You can't have Christmas without snow, son.
  • Eduardo: First of all, we do not celebrate holidays in here. Too much of this human stuff like the soda cap on your head.
  • Nico: Hey.
  • Terence: *glare*
  • Stella: No need for harm to the village.
  • Eduardo: When you guys left, did you see all the snow effecting the whole jungle?
  • Jewel: Yes. We did saw the snow affecting the whole jungle.
  • Matilda: Who is the cause of this snow effect?
  • Blu: Don't tell me it was Nigel and King Pig all together.
  • Bomb: Oh no. You tell me. They done their little dirty tricks to the jungle last year.
  • Luiz: I can't hold it any longer. It's like freezing in the middle of the jungle!
  • Blu: We need to find fresh air. Go find one of the hot tubs in the jungle. We'll cool down in our bodies.
  • Eduardo: We're birds. We can't go into the water. Also, the hot tubs are frozen. So the ice can't melt down into water like a egg being cooked on the pan.
  • Mimi: Yikes! I don't want my eggs to boil into a soft one.
  • Red: I would rather beat up a pig than being mosquitos every Sunday.

(A helicopter fly by in front of the whole Spix's Macaw tribe)

  • Red: There's the helicopter!
  • Blu: It's flying by the whole tribe.
  • Pedro: We need help. Maybe we found help. Come on!
  • Nico: Follow that helicopter.
  • Eduardo: We need their attention now!
  • Mimi: Fly faster!

(The helicopter fly all over the Amazon Rainforest with scientists inside reporting on the whole snow effect with the scientist recording all the footage on the snow)

  • Scientist #1: *piloting the helicopter* Look at all the snow in the Amazon Rainforest. Never seen all of that snow being covered up in a jungle.
  • Scientist #2: I'm reporting in the snow in the whole rainforest.
  • Scientist #3: The river's frozen, the waterfall's frozen. Everything else is frozen in here.
  • Scientist #1: It feel like living in Alaska all over here.
  • Scientist #2: Texas got snow, New York got snow, Everything in America got snow, except for Florida which is the Sunshine State.
  • Scientist #3: I could be walking on sunshine, if it was summer already in June. Anyways, i would be relaxing in the Bahamas with the parrots.

(At the camp site, the explorers are looking at all the snow as the reporter came to check in on the snow effect in the Amazon Rainforest)

  • Explorer #1: *check his laptop to open the map of the whole jungle* Everything in here is in low temperature.
  • Explorer #2: The fahrenheit in here is pretty bad.
  • Explorer #3: No matter how the cold freeze the animals in here, it feel strange to have snow in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Explorer #4: We got our jackets on.
  • Explorer #1: That's good to know.

(The birds hide on the snow hills as they spy to check on the explorers on what they're up to)

  • Blu: There's the humans.
  • Red: Are they involved with the snow effect?
  • Ice Bird: What are those creatures?
  • Jewel: They're humans. They explore through places, help out the animals and work in different jobs.
  • Ice Bird: Are they animals?
  • Luiz: That's what humans are for. I even left Rio to live out in the Amazon with you guys.
  • Blu: Travelling take forever to get to places all over the world.
  • Mimi: Ooh, what are they saying?
  • Blu: Let's listen.

(The reporter check on the whole place as he got something in mind to make a announcement for)

  • Reporter: Ah, i got an idea. Since the snow came all over the jungle, how about we do a Winter Festival here.
  • Explorer #1: A Winter Festival?
  • Reporter: Like every other Winter Festival placed all over the world, we'll do a event in here like the plains.
  • Explorer #2: I don't think it's a good idea to cut up the trees inside of the ice.
  • Reporter: We'll find a plain one somewhere around the whole jungle. The loggers were once infamous for cutting up the trees that lead to the animals to war out with the loggers while their big boss got eaten up by a giant snake.
  • Explorer #3: We'll prepare for that.
  • Explorer #4: You know when a snow day is going to be good.
  • Reporter: Let's get everything prepared for the festival.

(The birds reacted to the idea of a Winter Festival on the Amazon Rainforest)

  • Blu: They're doing a Winter Festival on the Amazon?
  • Red: No way. We all would be sliding, playing and doing snowball fights all over the place.
  • Nico: That's crazy.
  • Bomb: Totally bombs.
  • Hal: It's the goat.
  • Eduardo: A Winter Festival? You don't believe me.
  • Bomb: It's going to be fun, trust me.
  • Pedro: It's going to rock the whole ice out.
  • Roberto: Where are they going to have the Winter Festival in?
  • Red: Follow me. You know when it's setting up.
  • Bubbles: I always trust you on your back.

(The news reporter came in live on the whole snow effect on the Amazon Rainforest as the Winter Festival is set up at the plain area with sculpturers making ice statues out of birds)

  • News Reporter: We report in live that a big snow effect has caused all of the Amazon Rainforest to be covered up in snow. We have never seen an entire rainforest being all covered in snow. In good news, we got a Winter Festival being set up at the field and everyone is excited to throw all the snowballs around the field. We also got special guests joining with us. Meet Linda and Tulio, famous explorers who found the lost Spix's Macaws and found their species in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Linda: Hello. It's so freezing in here. Never seen a rainforest that has snow in it, especially in the winter season.
  • Tulio: Oof, it's cold out here. Who put on the cold temperature?
  • News Reporter: You have been wondering. The snowstorm must have bring out the cold in the rainforest and brought out fun in it. Look at all the children celebrating with snow and playing with all of the snow.

(A lot of children are sliding in the snow hills as they are seen throwing snowballs at each other. They make a bunch of snowman with their parents and make snow castles all over the snow. The birds hang out around the snow field in the Amazon Rainforest.)

  • Red: There's a lot of snow in here.
  • Blu: This look like a good place to play around.
  • Jim: I wanna play.
  • Jay: Count me in.
  • Jake: Time for fun!
  • Jewel: Go ahead kids. Play in the snow all you want.
  • Carla: Yay!
  • Bia: It's snowing time!
  • Tiago: It's cool in the cold.
  • Luiz: Kids are always kids man.
  • Nico: Let's go play a snowball fight!
  • Pedro: Come on now!
  • Eduardo: I'm a pop-pop and i got my snowball on you!

(Throughout the snow field, Red, Chuck, Bomb and Matilda play a snowball fight together as Terence sit on the water puddle, showing a glare face. Hal, Bubbles, Nico and Pedro fly around the snow tunnels on the big hill.)

  • Nico: Ha ha ha. Catch me as you can!
  • Pedro: I am the tunnel master!
  • Hal: *fly around* Boomerang incoming!
  • Bubbles: *puff out* I'm the king of the snow!
  • Nico: Whoa! You puff out the tunnel!
  • Bubbles: Told you i was going to blast the whole snow tunnel out.
  • Pedro: Man, you're dunk.
  • Bubbles: I wouldn't smell like a funky bird in here.
  • Nico: My man. Boom!

(Blu and the others relax on the snow chairs as they open up their leaves to feel the sun in the snow)

  • Blu: This is the life.
  • Luiz: It's like relaxing on the beach back in Rio.
  • Eduardo: How does it feel to enjoy the view?
  • Stella: Oh, it's wonderful. No distractions, no bump outs and no traps in the bubbles.
  • Eduardo: Ha. I wouldn't get stuck on a bubble in one of those human things if i were one of them.
  • Roberto: It feel chunky in that seat.
  • Mimi: It's a little warm in here.
  • Peri: Ha. You just made my day with all the cold stuff in the place.
  • Ice Bird: The time has come. Who is up for a soccer game?
  • Everyone: What?!
  • Ice Bird: I mean, a actual soccer game. You know, like kicking the ball and going through the goal in the nets.
  • Blu: You mean with a nut?
  • Ice Bird: You play it with a ball. That's how the game works.
  • Jewel: We faced the Red Macaws in the Pit of Doom with that brazilian nut.
  • Ice Bird: You used a nut to kick? They break fast like acorns on the tree.
  • Blu: I'll show you a real name of soccer. Hey guys, we're going to play a game of kicking the nut.
  • Red: No way.
  • Chuck: We're going to kick the nut like we did last time?
  • Nico: I'm up for the game.
  • Pedro: What are we gonna do? Split up in two groups and compete like we did with the Red Macaws?
  • Eduardo: It's a free game. No real game in the Pit of Doom. It's a game just for fun.
  • Pedro: A game just for fun. I'm in.
  • Hal: Shut up and take my feathers!
  • Bubbles: It's on.
  • Red: We're ready to play big.
  • Chuck: I'm in for the goal.
  • Eduardo: Are you ready to play?
  • Ice Bird: Yes we are.
  • Roberto: The one with the most points win a medal.
  • Blu: What? I thought you guys hated human things since they encounter your tribe every year.
  • Roberto: It's different. We use a acorn as a reward.
  • Blu: Oh boy, i would have freak out over a real medal.
  • Red: Round one with the nut.
  • Jewel: Bring in the nut.
  • Stella: *blow a bubble to bring the nut over as the bubble pop with the nut falling on her* Gotcha.
  • Jewel: Kick it to us and we'll play.
  • Stella: Play nut! *kick the nut to Jewel*
  • Jewel: Here we go! *kick the nut to Pedro*
  • Pedro: It's game time! *kick the nut*

(The background song "Ba-Ba-Ba Bavaria" by Loco Loco, albeit, a cover, and much more of a remix plays as the birds and Luiz begin to play the nut all over the snow field)

  • Blu: Here come the mighty Blu! *kick the nut to Red*
  • Red: Hut! *kick the nut to Jewel*
  • Jewel: Don't wait 'til the game is over! *kick the nut to Eduardo*
  • Eduardo: Pop pop! *kick the nut to Mimi*
  • Mimi: Ha! *kick the nut to Luiz*
  • Luiz: One nut for a hit! *kick the nut to Hal*
  • Hal: Boomerang! *kick the nut to Bubbles*
  • Bubbles: Bong! *kick the nut to Stella*
  • Stella: Woo hoo! *kick the nut to Roberto*
  • Roberto: Go soccer! *kick the nut to Matilda*
  • Matilda: Here you have it Terence! *kick the nut to Terence*
  • Terence: *kick the nut to the Blues*
  • Jay: *kick the nut with his brothers* Ha ha ha. It's like catching the nut.
  • Jim: I love this game.
  • Jake: Bong bong bong.
  • Blu: Any day now boys.
  • Jewel: You're having fun with this game.
  • Jay: Woo hoo! *kick the nut to Blu*
  • Blu: *miss the nut kick* Whoops, i miss.
  • Pedro: Great game you guys.
  • Nico: The best game ever to play in the snow.
  • Blu: Yeah, i can get used into kicking the nut if i were you guys.
  • Pedro: We all kick it together.
  • Red: That's how friends play and kick the nut together.
  • Nico: This never get old.
  • Luiz: No wrong hits.
  • Blu: If we were on teams, we would have lose over the wrong team.
  • Roberto: I'm still mad about our defeat in the Pit of Doom.
  • Blu: I did apologize for it.
  • Eduardo: We're always proud to have a pal like you.
  • Blu: You guys are the greatest friends i've ever met.
  • Chuck: So does a family like you.
  • Bubbles: I would have been kicking a mint if we were back home.
  • Hal: Soccer never get old in the snow.
  • Everyone: *laughs*

(After a game of kicking the nut, the background song end and back with the pigs, Nigel and Gabi, they continue to search around the ice cavern as they see a bunch of frozen cranberries all over the frozen trees)

  • Nigel: Poor little fruits, they never seem to grow.
  • King Pig: We should eat them.
  • Nigel: No. Don't touch. All frozen solid.
  • King Pig: Oh, i was getting hungry.
  • Chef Pig: I wouldn't survive the day on a empty stomach.
  • Minion Pig #1: Me either.
  • Minion Pig #2: I'm watching my diet.
  • Gabi: Where are the birds? Aren't we suppose to watch over them?
  • Nigel: Time will tell. We'll get rid of the birds once we explore through the whole area.
  • King Pig: Once we find Red and Blu, i'll send them over to the peaking order.
  • Nigel: Not a problem, i'll be pooping into their party once i get here. *evil laugh*
  • King Pig: *laugh*
  • Chef Pig: *laugh*
  • Gabi: Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Nigel: Are you done?
  • Gabi: Yes.
  • Nigel: Good. Now let's keep on moving.

(Back at Eagle Island, the eagles, security guards and Zeta pack their bags as a portal to the Amazon Rainforest is being all set up to warp)

  • Zeta: Alright guards, the whole portal is being ready to warp. Get ready for the biggest vacation in all of eternity!
  • Brad: I can't wait.
  • Carl: How long we are going to stay here for?
  • Zeta: Quite a whole day. Maybe a few days.
  • Jerry: I would love to relax on the spa.
  • Steve: Zeta, the whole portal is ready to warp.
  • Zeta: Great. But where is my daughter?!
  • Debbie: I'm right here!
  • Zeta: Debbie, my little sweetheart.
  • Debbie: I got our bags ready to shine.
  • Zeta: Amazing. Let's go alright. One of you guys take control of the snowballs while we're out to relax.
  • Kira: Yes Zeta.
  • Hank: It's our pleasure to do so.
  • Glenn: Home is where the heart is.
  • Zeta: That's the most important line of our lives. Right now, let's go warp to the Amazon Rainforest, or i should say, the Amazon Snowforest. Let's go.
  • Carl: Time for vacation.

(The eagles warp to the Amazon Rainforest in the snowy side of the forest as they see a frozen lake on their way)

  • Zeta: Everything look frozen.
  • Carl: You froze it all up.
  • Debbie: I did not expect to see it all frozen.
  • Zeta: If there is only something i would go to, i recommend the biggest snow cavern on the other side.
  • Carl: Whoa. This is where we're staying?
  • Zeta: This is our vacation spot. Let's go.
  • Carl: My pleasure!
  • Debbie: The real vacation begins.

(The eagles hang out on the biggest snow cavern in the Amazon Rainforest. The background song "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett play as Debbie relax on the frozen pool with her coconut drink.)

  • Zeta: Ah, hitting the spot.

(The security guards relax on the hot tub on the cold area)

  • Axel: I am flexible.
  • Carl: Good old snow cavern.
  • Brad: It's made of snow in here.
  • Carl: This place is forever frozen as in snow.

(Zeta go to the icy bathroom to get her teeth brushed in)

  • Zeta: There goes my toothpaste. *brush teeth*

(Zeta then open up the shower in the tub)

  • Zeta: Woo. Yes! Hot shower. There we go.

(Zeta is doing some sit ups with Debbie chanting for her)

  • Debbie: Go, Zeta. You killing it. Go, Zeta. You killing it. Woo! Zeta! Come on, baby. Go get it. Let's go get it.
  • Zeta: I can't take it any longer.

(Zeta walk her frozen dog on the snowy plains of the Amazon Rainforest)

  • Zeta: Wanna go get the stick? Go grab the stick! *throw the stick* Come on.
  • Baby: *frozen*
  • Zeta: That's more like it.

(Zeta and her eagles are about to eat frozen fish on their plates)

  • Zeta: Come on, any day now.
  • Axel: They're frozen.
  • Brad: I don't think i can tap this any longer.
  • Carl: It's hard to break out.
  • Debbie: They been frozen since we launched that giant snowball to their world.
  • Zeta: Ugh, I'm done. I'm done living on this frozen, seal-infested arctic of an rainforest. Let's fire another ice ball back home!
  • Carl: Whoa whoa whoa, didn't we already fire another ice ball back home?
  • Zeta: I wanna launch another one. Somewhere on the hot islands!
  • Debbie: That is going to freeze up the whole planet apart.
  • Zeta: No one tell me what to do. If i were queen, i'll give the birds orders and teach them on their back.
  • Carl: You're not that serious, are you?
  • Zeta: Of course not. I swear to god, if a bird come close to our hideout, i'm freezing that bird up.
  • Axel: Don't ask me.
  • Debbie: You sound a little too harsh on that.
  • Zeta: I'm ain't getting my high hopes up 'til the snow is melted.
  • Carl: At your service.
  • Zeta: I can only plan orders if one of the birds threaten to come near our spot.
  • Debbie: Whatever you say mom.
  • Zeta: Good. Now let's go catch some frozen fish on the river.
  • Axel: If you say so.
  • Zeta: It's just the beginning to freeze up that core.

(The background song end and back at the birds, they are relaxing through a frozen pool on the other side of the Amazon Rainforest)

  • Blu: Ah, cold day we're having.
  • Jewel: It doesn't freeze up in here.
  • Red: With all the snow added, it's getting warmer now.
  • Chuck: I should have jump into that hot tub if we were in the hot tub right now.
  • Nico: Keep asking. We'll jump for more.
  • Pedro: The water is frozen. We can't even jump to that thing right now.
  • Red: It's impossible to swim through.
  • Bomb: Not even without a chance.
  • Kipo: *arrive to inform the news* Nico and Pedro, it's snowing out here!
  • Nico: Oh great Kipo. Anything you like to tell us.
  • Kipo: There's a party going on in the snow cavern. You should come.
  • Blu: A party to go to? Eh, why not?
  • Kipo: Everyone is invited to come. Let's go.
  • Stella: I'm up for a party.
  • Eduardo: We'll celebrate with beautiful creatures.
  • Kipo: Let's go. The snow cavern is on the other side.
  • Nico: Viva la party baby.
  • Bubbles: I hope they serve a lot of candy inside.

(The birds made it to the snow cavern where the party is being held)

  • Blue-and-gold Macaw #1: It's party time!
  • Blue-and-gold Macaw #2: Best party of our lives.
  • Kipo: Here we are. The party!
  • Jewel: Whoa.
  • Red: How did they set it all up?
  • Rafael: That big breeze must have freeze the whole jungle up and this is why we got all the cold stuff inside.
  • Nico: It must be a celebration then.
  • Pedro: Special announcement coming up!
  • Bomb: Go for it man.
  • Nico: *fly around to make a announcement* Ladies and gentleman, are you enjoying the party today?
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Nico: Listen all up, it's getting cold in here. The cold weather never stop in the whole Amazon Rainforest.
  • Pedro: Today is a special day. The snow is covering up the trees and is effecting our wild life in here. We got a lot of special guests joining with us today and here they are.
  • Everyone: *clap*
  • Ice Bird: Hello.
  • Matilda: Nice to see you.
  • Nico: We are ready to party. Are you ready?
  • Pedro: Yes. Let's perform.
  • Nico: Party in Ipanema, baby!
  • Everyone: *hit the drums*
  • Nico:

Party in Ipanema, baby!

I wanna party,

I wanna samba,

I wanna party,

I wanna samba,

I wanna party,

And live my life, my life

I wanna party, party

And fly...

  • Pedro: Hey! I'ma fly, fly just like a bird.
  • Nico: But you are a bird!
  • Pedro: Oh yeah, you're right, so let me fly just like a rocket, then.
  • Nico: Okay!
  • Pedro: Fly so high where I need to come down for oxygen.
  • Everyone: Hey!
  • Nico: 'Cause once we start it, baby, ain't no, ain't no stoppin' then.
  • Everyone: Hey!
  • Pedro:

'Cause I just want to live my life and party, hey!

All I want is to be free and rock my body, okay

Ain't nowhere 'round the world that I wanna live my life

In Rio, 'cause in Rio, 'cause I Rio-realize that

  • Everyone: *dance*
  • Nico:

I wanna party, party

I wanna samba, party

I wanna party, party

And fly...

  • Pedro: *move around while dancing*

I'm that samba, samba, masta, masta, masta, masta, masta

Who shouts out I'ma get your blasta, blasta, blasta, blasta, blasta

You dance fast, but I dance fasta, fasta, fasta, fasta, fasta

You too slow, you need to catch up, you can dance and dance if you wanna...

  • Nico:

I wanna party, party

I wanna samba, party

I wanna party, party

I wanna samba, party

I wanna party, party

And live my life, my life

I wanna party, party

And fly...

  • Everyone:

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *squawk*

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *squawk*

  • Jewel: *fly and sing*

Laya, laya, laya, laya...

Laya, laya, laya, laya, laya, laya, laya, laya...

  • Everyone:

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *squawk*

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *squawk*

Hey, hey, hey, hey

  • Red:

All the birds of a feather

Do what we love most of all

  • Chuck: Let's go!
  • Bomb:

Moon and the stars

Strumming guitars

That's why we love Carnival

  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Nico: Yeah! Rock on!
  • Pedro: We're hitting the spot.
  • Bomb: The best show in our lives.
  • Blu: We rock on the party in the snow cavern.
  • Mimi: I love you guys a lot.
  • Everyone: *cheers*


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