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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Angry Birds Rio: Wings of Hope written by MarioFan65.

This chapter is called "In and Out".


(Back at the Amazon Rainforest at the Spix's Macaw tribe, the birds are playing catch with Charlie, the anteater performing his tricks to the birds as Blu and the gang hang over in the pool)

  • Blu: *try the water* Ooh, cold.
  • Luiz: Cannonball! *jump in the water, splashing the birds*
  • Blu: Oh gosh.
  • Jewel: Luiz!
  • Luiz: The water is nice.
  • Nico: This is like the 18th time he splash into the water.
  • Rafael: We do not like water in here.
  • Nico: Which means, we're afraid of water!
  • Luiz: What?
  • Pedro: Birds are afraid of water. You didn't know that, don't you?
  • Luiz: I thought cats and meerkats are afraid of water.
  • Blu: We sorry to break to you Luiz. Please do not splash at the birds ever again.
  • Luiz: What? I thought it was funny.
  • Jewel: Blu, you like getting splashed with your friends.
  • Blu: I do. Not when it's cold like in the ice.
  • Luiz: We don't have snow in Rio.
  • Blu: In my hometown where i grew up, we have snow and i almost got splashed with the cold water in one of the pool's apartments. Jeez, that place was a blast in the past.
  • Rafael: You know my riddles.
  • Blu: That's right.
  • Rafael: Boom! You got it.
  • Nico: I'm telling you man. You got the moves.
  • Luiz: Man, you like it?
  • Nico: Uh uh, that's right.
  • Pedro: Leave it all to me.
  • Blu: No need to panic.
  • Pedro: All rights are reversed.
  • Nico: We all can chill and relax until the sun is down.
  • Luiz: Whatever you say boys.
  • Tiago: I am the mighty pirate! *splash in the water* Arrrgggg!
  • Bia: Tiago.
  • Tiago: Just acting like a pirate.
  • Carla: You're hyped up today.
  • Tiago: You know. Just playing my game.
  • Jewel: Kids will always be kids.
  • Blu: But when they grow up, they'll act more mature like us.
  • Jewel: Look at us now, we're grown in that way.
  • Luiz: So does me.
  • Blu: How the family doing?
  • Rafael: Didn't you ask me that already? They're doing fine. No big deal.
  • Jewel: Beautiful creatures.
  • Blu: The fun never stops.


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