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Goku jumped onto a tree and grabed an apple and ate it, he started jumping from Tree from tre


e and then he got to a lake.

Goku jumped in, and got a bunch of fish.

Behind him was Gohan, he was an Adult

Behind Gohan was Goten, now a teenager

Goku sat down

Goten looked at a glowing orb in the trees "Look Dad!" Goten said

Goten jumped and fliped and caught it, he brung it over to Goku

The orb began to open sucking them in.

They landed in a tournament looking place, with palaces and other great fighters


Yoh grabed his sword as he was about the train, he screamed "AMIDAMARU!"

180px-Asakura Yoh Battle Uniform V 2.jpg

Then the ghost went into the sword, Morty was watching until he saw a little spark in there house

"Yoh I think there's something wrong in the house!" Morty screamed

Yoh went in a saw a orb, grabed it and it began to open.

Morty jumped in as he saw Yoh getting sucked in.

They landed in a tournament place.


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