Steve crouched behind a block of dirt as he observed a rather sexy Enderwoman. She moved fluidly as she stacked blocks mishappenly in a pile. She bent over to pick up another block in the large cave, setting the bulge in his pants to grow large and he got sweaty. He could no long wait and he charged quitly but quickly at the Enderwoman. But she was prepared and grabed him and swung him at a cave wall, and he tumbled back first to the ground. The Enderwoman looked down at him curiously and he knew he was about to die but she caught a look at the shrinking bulge in his pants and she rubbed the region and it grew along with the minecraftians groan. She looked at him deviantly and tore of his pants revealing the erect penis of the man.

She spread her long legs across Steves chest, and Steve had caught a glimpse of the moist purple opening of the female and smiled at what was going to happen. They both stared at each other and the womans long arms stroked the mans face. As she slid down to his nether regions, he wrapped his arms around her waist as she rubbed her genitals against his. They both blushed as she slowly slid up from her position, aligned herslef with his cock and slammed down on his cock, it sliding inside of her, The both groaned out of the sudden action and savored the peneteration. They both then maintained the rhythm of their natural instincts, the woman sliding up and down the shaft of the panting human. Steve felt even more as the strange and unbelievably satisfiying texture of her vagina. About two minutes later, they both sped up as the orgasms were imminent. Close to cuming, the Enderwoman slid off the nearly cumming human and stroked his cock then suckig on the lenght quickly.

Steve moaned as his cum filled the Enderwomans mouth, which she swallowed lovingly. They both panted and looked at each other, both cofused at the events that just happened. So they just slept.